Tales of Magic Swordsman
120 Shallow Lake 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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120 Shallow Lake 1

"Hey, here is you money. Come, let us talk for a few minutes. I want to know you more." The rich man said that.

Auron grabbed the money and furrowed his brows. After he was betrayed, he became more careful especially with this kind of approached.

"There seems something fishy about this. He evens pay me more that what it should be. Now, he wanted to talk to me." Auron thought in his mind.

The rich man saw Auron furrowed his brows, "Oh yes, I have not introduced myself. My name is Jaden. Nice to meet you! And, beside me is Kemdall. He was my aide assigned by my father."

Jaden offered his hand offering a handshake. Seeing the hand waiting for him to accept the handshake, Auron could not help but became more careful. Ignoring the handshake, Auron said, "My name is Smiling Wizard."

Auron still became careful, when Jaden introduced himself with his real life name, Auron only gave out his character name. Continuing, "Sorry, but I don't have time to talk right now. My friends is waiting for me to continue the hunting. I just dropped by to replenish my potion supply when I saw your stall."

"Whoopsie, I understand. No problem with that, maybe tomorrow we can talk a bit?" Jaden kept on pestering Auron to talk with him.

[Spring of Gold sent you a friend Request]

"Accepted my friend request so we can arranged it anytime." Jaden sent out a friend request.

Auron accepted this friend request as he though it would be rude to decline it when he already received the money from the overpriced skill book. "Okay, I will contact you if I have time tomorrow."

"No worries, just finish your business first. I just hope that you will contact me as soon as possible." Jaden assured Auron smilingly.

Auron prepared to leave the area with a lot of money in his pocket. Jaden did not leave it just like that as he escorted Auron until he left the market area.

[Chile Pep sent you a friend Request]

Only a few step out of the market area, Auron received another friend request. Auron wanted to ignored it before the person sent him a whispered, "Hello, I am Kemdall, Jaden must have introduced you about me. Just ignored his ignorance and invitation from before. Take the money and forget everything. Oh yeah, can you accepted my friend request and tell me when he contact you?"

"Interesting" One word popped out in Auron's mind after he saw Kemdall's message. The boss was very friendly to him while the aide was this rude to his boss and him, there must be something interesting going on here. However, Auron did not care about all of this as he decline Kemdall's friend request.

He kept on walking to the potion store as he received another friend request and message from Kemdall. Auron kept on declining the request. After three more friend request and message, finally, Kemdall gave up and just gave Auron one last message, "Do not forget to ignore Jaden's nonsense!"

[Step Heaven sent you a friend Request]

[Scrooge Silk sent you a friend Request]


A few seconds after that, a series of friend requests and messages bombarded Auron. All of them had just 1 main thing in their message, all of them know Auron just got a huge amount of money, so they offered Auron to buy their items or asked Auron to sell out his item to them and they promised that the priced would not be low.

At first Auron ignore them, however as the series of friend requests and messages kept on bothering him, he started get dizzy. He decided to block all of the incoming friend requests and set his message to only received messages from his friend list.

Auron continued his journey towards the potion store smiling while carrying a lot of money in his pocket. Arriving at the potion store, he did not waste any time as he started to pick a lot of potion for his supply. He even buy some higher grade [Attack Potion]. 150 reduced quickly. However, this time, he didn't spent all of the money. He kept a few golds left as emergency.

With abundant potion in his inventory, he was confident to raise his level to level 50. Before he met Jaden, he already pessimistic towards his hunting speed. Since, before, he was nearly failed to clear out the orc's camp, he decided to seek out another nearby hunting ground first until he get to level 50, before coming back to the orc's camp. Sadly, his equipment's loot only sold for some few gold coins, so he could only seek out the relatively easier hunting place which did not require a lot of potion and hope to get a rare loot so he could move to a better hunting ground.

However, with Jaden's strange kindness, Auron could skip the lower hunting ground and move to better hunting ground. And, Auron already had one in his mind, Shallow Lake.

Shallow Lake was quite far from Gancit. It was farther than Orc's Camp. However, in Shallow Lake, there was not countdown thing like in the Orc's Camp. It was rather safe for both of Auron's character than the Orc's camp since Auron's firepower not yet enough to quickly killed the orc in the camp.

After Auron exit the potion store, he went to where his swordsman character was waiting. Auron actually just let the swordsman character waiting him near the entrance of the city. Both of them immediately set out of the city toward their new destination, Shallow Lake.

Their departure was not missed from the eyes of the two gossiper from before, "Look, that friend from before set out again. This time with a companion."

"See what I told you before. He must have been abandoned by his teammate before and now he look for another companion to accompany him. From the look, his companion was around the same level as him. It looks like they are going to the lower level hunting area around Gancit."
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