Tales of Magic Swordsman
134 Orc General 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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134 Orc General 1

Auron chanted [Earth Spike] which could spawned anywhere from the ground around him. A spike sprung up below the boss.

The boss felt the attack. He moved to the side and dodged the spike. Then, he slammed his shield towards Auron tried to stumble him down.

Auron moved backward to dodge the shield. The boss followed the shield with his spear. Another thrust targeted Auron.

Auron knew he could not deflected the spear with his dagger, instead he chanted [Fire Bolt] and aimed it towards the spear's body to deflect the attack to the side.

The boss controlled his deflected spear and swiped his spear horizontally trying to hit Auron with his spear's body.

With the momentum and power from the boss, the spear moved fast horizontally. Auron kicked the boss' shield and used the force from his kicking to dodge the spear backward.

Auron dodged the spear only by a tiny margin. If the force from his kicking was not strong enough he would be grazed by the spear.

Auron was pushed down by the [Orc General] strength. He could only defend and dodge. Sometimes, he tried to launch a counter attack using his [Earth Spike]. However, it was futile. The boss could dodge the spike or blocked it with his shield. When he could not dodged or blocked it, the boss would calmly take hit as the damage would be transferred towards [Orc Shield Bearer].

After 2 minutes fighting against [Orc General]'s group. The boss was still had full health. Meanwhile, the [Orc Shield Bearer] had 87% of his health left. At the back, one of the [Orc Javelin Thrower] had his health full and the other one had 20% of his health left.

It was such a difficult battle. Auron's duo gulped another [Attack Potion] since the previous potion's effect had gone. Then, Auron used his most advanced magic, [Sloth].

A faint white mist spread out with Auron as its center. After using new equipment, [Sloth] didn't directly depleted his mana instead he still had some leftover mana to use another skill or spell.

The white mist only slowed down the boss a little bit. However, it was enough to relieve some pressure from the boss' group.
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Auron's swordsman at the back got a huge help because of the mist. [Orc Javelin Thrower] had slow attack speed and it became slower thanks to the mist.

When Auron who was fighting against the boss trying to buy some time by dodging and blocking the attack, his swordsman already killed one of the [Orc Javelin Thrower]. Now, he was fighting against the leftover [Orc Javelin Thrower].

Of course, he could not kill the [Orc Javelin Thrower] yet, since it was covered up by sacrifice aura. Slowly, but surely, the [Orc Shield Bearer] accumulated damage. His health reduced every time Auron's swordsman attack connected to [Orc Javelin Thrower].

Auron also helped by using some opportunities to launch counter attack against the boss. After another 2 minutes, the [Orc Shield Bearer] finally breathed his last breath.

The purple aura which covered [Orc General] and [Orc Javelin Thrower] dissipated. Finally, the boss could be damage.

100%... 99%... 98%...

The boss' health went down slowly. When the boss had 96% of his health left, Auron's swordsman managed to kill the last [Orc Javelin Thrower]. Without any hesitation, the swordsman directly teamed up with Auron to damage the boss.

96%... 90%... 84%...

The boss' health reduced faster as a result of Auron's duo attack. Now, with the boss left alone, he used riskier move. He tried to exchange attack with the boss to fasten up battle. When he was at critical health, he would change place with his swordsman to tank up the boss while he recovered using health potions.

Soon, the boss' health reduced to 70% of his health. At that moment, the boss using his roar skill, increasing his strength and debuffing Auron's duo.

Auron's switched strategy once more. He didn't use any risky move and instead safely team up with his swordsman and reducing the boss' health while waiting until the debuff ended. The boss' health reduced slower than before.

A fire ball aimed towards the orc's head. The orc raised his big shield and blocked the fire ball. It was completely blocked by the shield. When the orc was blocking the fire ball, from behind, a sword slashed out to his back. The orc tried to dodge that slash, however he could not.

-790. A damage appeared above the boss' head. This was Auron's strategy, one would be face up from the front, while the other one would tried to attack the boss from behind. The boss was outnumbered so he could not easily blocked every attack coming to him. He could only let the attack connected to him while he tried to counter the attack and killed the attacker.

This strategy was somewhat safe for Auron. He could dodge every attack coming to him, however it was different for his swordsman. Since, the system was the one who controlled it, Auron's swordsman still struggle to attack dodged or blocked the boss' attack.

It was because the system's capability to control the swordsman was equal to the system's capability which controlled a slightly talented NPC with the same level as the swordsman. Since Auron was level 51 right now, then the system would treat his character as a slightly talented NPC with level 51.

If the system controlled Auron's swordsman fight against ordinary NPC with the same level, Auron's swordsman would win because Auron's swordsman was treated as a slightly talented which mean it was already stronger than ordinary NPC. Moreover, Auron's attribute and equipment also raised his character fighting capability.

However, right now, the system was against a monster with higher level than him. The level suppression annihilate his attribute and equipment advantage. However, since he had a slightly higher talent over ordinary NPC, the swordsman could dodge the attack although struggling.

Moreover, Auron also tried to ensure his character's safety. For example, when his swordsman had half of his health left and the system wanted to charge towards the boss, Auron would commanded it to back down and restored some health while he would went up to the front.
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