Tales of Magic Swordsman
135 Orc General 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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135 Orc General 2

Auron continued to use his strategy. By, attacking from two different sides, it made the boss slightly confused.

After several moments passed, the boss' health reduced to below 50%. At that moment, the boss finally used his summon skill. Another three orcs popped out, [Orc Shield Bearer] and two [Orc Javelin Thrower].

As soon as the three orcs being summoned, they immediately went forward engaging Auron's duo. Now, Auron's duo could not use his strategy before since there were many monster around the boss.

Auron could only use the strategy when he first fight against the boss. Auron went forward and fight against the boss, while his swordsman would fight against two [Orc Javelin Thrower]s at the back.

Fortunately, this time, the [Orc Shield Bearer]'s sacrifice skill targeted both of the [Orc Javelin Thrower] at the back which mean, Auron could skill damage the boss.

49%... 48%... 47%... 46%... 45%... 44%...

The boss health, slowly went down. Although, Auron still could reduced his health, but it went down much much slower than before.

It took Auron almost 5 minutes to reduced 5%. However, the bright side was his swordsman already killed the [Orc Shield Bearer] and, now, he was in the a fight against one of the javelin thrower. One of the still had full health while the other one only had 10% of his health left.

It took no much longer to finish that orc and turned towards the other javelin thrower and started to reduce its health.

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-1300. A critical hit appeared when Auron's [Earth Spike] connected with the [Orc General]'s thigh. The orc roared a moment before returning the attack. He stabbed his spear.

Auron swayed his body a bit to dodge the incoming spear. The boss became furious as he stabbed his spear multiple times.

With this multiple attack, Auron could not help but swayed to the left and right, and rolled or ducked to dodge the spear. He also didn't dare to counter attack or the consequences will be severe.

The boss suddenly used his roar skill once more. A buff's effect showed on the boss and his subordinate. Fortunately, there was only one [Orc Javelin Thrower] with 30% health left. Auron felt that his swordsman would not fall into crisis.

And, it turned out to be true, although the [Orc Javelin Thrower] got buffed, his swordsman didn't have any trouble to fight against it. Several attack was connected to his swordsman but it was still at the safe line.

Soon, the [Orc Javelin Thrower] died and it made the situation went back to 2 vs 1. The boss' health started to reduce faster.

40%... 30%... 20%... 10%... 5%...

Another 5 minutes passed and the boss was near dead. Seeing the boss, was in his last breath, Auron's duo became fiercer. They unleashed all of their power.

At last, a sword slashed out the boss' head which flung and blood spurted from it. His big body lifelessly fell to the ground and slowly disintegrated. A bunch of loots took over the boss' carcass place.

When the boss died, a yellow light also surrounded Auron's duo. Auron got enough experience from the boss to gain a level. Unfortunately, Auron could not cleared all of the orcs here else he would gained another bonus experience.

Auron took up the loot and inspected it.

[Orc General's Shield] (Uncommon grade equipment)

Type: Shield

Requirement: 120 Strength, 50 Vitality, level 90

Class: Swordsman, Merchant

Defense: 135

Vitality + 30

Health + 5000

Effect: When equipped gain a 1% physical damage reduction.

There were only one equipment and it was a shield. Auron didn't need this shield, he will keep it and sell it when he back to town later.

It was long battle, Auron needed a lot of time to kill the boss. Fortunately, he already change his equipment, also he chose to directly face the boss instead trying to clear all of the orcs. If not, then he would not be able to kill the boss within time.

Auron looked at his potion supplies. There were enough potion for another 3 medium camps. Then, he went to another medium camp beside his place.

It was a smooth journey, just like before he looked for the camp's leader position and directly went to face the boss. Fortunately, the boss place was near the entrance. Auron cleared out the surrounding monster near the boss. When it was cleared, he fight against the boss.

Auron spent half of his time just to kill the boss. But, it was still under Auron's calculation. However, when he went to the second medium camp, it was almost a disaster.

The boss' place was near the entrance however, because of the landscape inside the camp, Auron need to take a detour before he could arrived at the boss' location. Because of the detour, Auron wasted more time before he could arrived at the boss.

When he finally arrived at the boss, Auron looked at the timer. Auron calculated and the time left would not be enough to kill the boss if he took it slowly like before.

Gritted his teeth, Auron's duo became more and more bold. Before, Auron would dodge the boss' attack while waiting for an opportunity to launch a counter attack. However, because of the time pressure, he would intentionally let one attack hit him so he could launch an attack.

This also made, Auron to waste more health potion than what he had calculated before. Fortunately, he could finish the camp before the time runs out. However, because he waste many health potions on the second camp, he didn't have enough potion to run over the third camp.

Auron could only use his [Return Scroll] and back to Gancit. However, he still grateful with his progress. After clearing two camps, he only needed a few more experience points to gain another level. Moreover, at the second camp, he got another equipment that he could sold. Although, it was still not enough to cover his potions expenses but it was better than nothing.
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