Tales of Magic Swordsman
139 Bazaar 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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139 Bazaar 1

Jaden realized his mistake, "Oops, please keep this as a secret and don't tell anyone."

"Arghh.. All of this was because my father and that younger sister of mine" Jaden still could let go of his fury when he though about his family.

"Forget it, it was my family problems. I will do what I can."

"Wait a minute... you said that you played Two Worlds to relieve your stress. Then, what's the need to buy all of that expensive stuff before?" Auron asked

"I told my father that I wanted to create a new business inside Two Worlds. I heard that a big farming guild could earn a lot here. Moreover, with the conversion ratio between gold and real life money, it could gave a massive sum of money. So, how could the leader of a farming guild be weaker than its subordinate. It was why, I started to raise my level also to invest some money to make my farming guild."

"So, when I told him about it, he agreed to support me, but he also put Kemdall beside me."

"But, he didn't know my true objective. My real goal was to expand my bakery business here. With the situation out there, with almost all of the people in the world played this game, in addition, with the solution's price getting cheaper each years, my bakery's sale got reduced"

"If this continued, my bakery store would go bankrupt. Before that happened, I want to expand it here. I heard that to learn high leveled cooking skill, I will need certain attribute to reach certain number. And, that was the real reason why I am starting hunting" Jaden grinned evilly as if he was happy that he fooled his father.

"It had been one hour since I left my hotel. I have to get back soon, as I am afraid Kemdall would looking for me. Well, he probably already looking for me."

"For your money, I didn't bring that much money with me right now, I will sent it to you through system's mail later. I gotta go or else Kemdall would know about this meeting. Oh and I will try to look for information about the auctioned item. See you soon" Jaden bade Auron farewell.

Auron could only stood there until Jaden out of his sight. "Everyone had their own problem" Auron thought after hearing Jaden's trouble.

Not long after, Auron received system's message about someone sending his money and he needed to redeem it through Royal bank. Auron went to Royal bank branch in Gancit and took out some of the money.

Then, Auron message Jaden sending his thanks and said that he will pay it as soon as possible. A few seconds later, another message from Jaden came and it said no need to bother with it, and told Auron that he could pay it in installments when he had spare money.

With some money at his hand, although he could not participate in the second event, he still could participate in the first event and there was still more than 4 hours before the first auction's event to begin.

However, Auron suddenly remember, if he convert all of this gold to real life money, then he could almost paid of his debt.

"Should I pay some of my debt?" Auron thought.

"Nope, there is still less 10 years left to pay my debt" Auron rejected his thought.
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With 10 thousands gold in hand, Auron began to feel that his debt was not that much. Moreover, with 10 years time, he believe he could pay it off and didn't need to rely on reward for completing the game.

Auron began to feel he was lucky enough to meet with Jaden. It was a mere coincidence. At first, he just want to scam the guy for money. What surprise him was that Jaden really had pure intention to befriend with him. Moreover, Jaden's background shocked him even more.

The more he thought about this matter, the more he realized how silly he was back then. He was shocked by the amount of debt he suddenly get, but after more deep and careful think, it was actually not a big deal.

Before, his character equipment and skills worth a lot more than what his debt right now. Moreover, it didn't include his daily expenses for consumable item. Rather than starting over once again, he throw tantrum and closed his easy way to get out of his debt. If it was not because his best friends, Roan, he would already work to dead for 24/7 and still could not pay his debt.

However, Auron didn't want to admit how silly he was and thought that it was very reasonable to throw tantrum after he lost everything he had built. If he looked around him and some news, there were even sillier person than him who suicide after broke up with his girlfriend.

He thought that he was still better than them. After all, he didn't think about suicide. With the debt matter was out of his head, he slightly more relaxed. He still didn't forget about his revenge to Raging Bull and Cold Candle, however it was still long way to go. After all, he was still alone while both of them had guild backing their back. Moreover, their level alone was surpassed his level by a lot.

His first step right now, was to chase that level first and also made some foundation for him. He decided to fully used his newly earned 10 thousands gold to help him reach that goal. He will use the money and went to the first auction's event. Hopefully, he could find some good thing to help him level further.

Since it was still more than 5 hours before the bazaar started, he decided to log out. It was because it's been a long time since the last time he log out. Also, he needed some break after the continuous hunting. He would rather chose to log out for break so he would not consume his nutrient solution for doing nothing.


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