Tales of Magic Swordsman
143 Operation 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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143 Operation 1

It had been more than two weeks since Auron started to study in the library. During that time, Auron only gained three levels since he focused more on studying instead of hunting. For hunting, he just let his swordsman do the hard work.

Of course, for safety, he would only let his swordsman to hunt in the safe hunting spot. That was why he only gained three levels. On the bright side, he didn't consume much money to spend for potions since it was safe.

That was from hunting side, on the other hand, Auron who was studying in the library and practice what he had studied gained more that what his swordsman already gained. He get another advanced spell, [Revoke].

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This was one of the wind advanced spell. It didn't damage the enemy. Its used was to clear all positive buff on the targeted enemy. Although, it didn't have much impact on low grade monster, it still had impact on high grade monster and boss monster. Moreover, against NPC and enemies player.

The cool down time for the spell was brief only 10 seconds. However, the down side was, the chanting process was pretty long, also as an advanced spell, it consumed much more mana point than ordinary spell.

Except gaining an advanced spell, Auron also got a raised on his elemental understanding. His fire elemental understanding raised by 1% became 2%. Unfortunately, it didn't have many impact on his [Fire Combination] skill that he learnt from Alice.

The other thing was he got a new elemental understanding, earth elemental. Earth spell was the most spell he used after fire spell, so it was no surprised that he gained earth elemental understanding first than wind elemental and water elemental.

And, the last but not least was, with wide collection from the academy library, he gained a lot of level in terms of his spell. Most of his ordinary spell already reached level 25. Some spell even almost reached level 30. All of this without spending single gold on buying skill book.

Which mean, Auron still had a lot left from 10 thousands gold that Jaden gave him. He intended to use the money to provide his equipment and weapon. However, it was not easy for him to search good low level equipment or weapon.

Fortunately, today, he found a good dagger and sword which then he bought it. He bought level 70 rare grade dagger for 120 golds and level 70 rare grade sword for 150 golds. After buying two weapon he immediately went to the meeting point with his roommate.

At the meeting place, Auron met up with two of his roommate, excluding Keiran who already been expelled from academy. Auron talked with his roommate for a few minutes. He observed that their level already went up a lot.

Right now, both of them had level more than 100. Reihan was level 130 while Borad already level 140. Auron shook his head, he knew NPC would gained level faster than player, but still it was depressing. However, when Auron looked at his roommate's equipment it was ordinary. Most of them only wore common grade equipment with some uncommon grade.

With his roommate's background it was no surprised that they didn't have enough money to get expensive equipment. Since Auron got a lot of money left from Jaden, he tried to help them with this matter. However, he didn't tell them where the money came from.

At first, both of his friend refused Auron's good intention. However, Auron reasoned them that if they could change their equipment better, they could picked better mission for them later. With that reason, Borad and Reihan gave up.

They went shopping a bit to find equipment for both of them. After a few hours of shopping, both of them already geared better than before. With rare grade level 130 equipment, although it was not a set but it was better than their equipment before.

After all of this, Auron lead them to the mission tower. The month already changed, so their point was reset back to 0. By doing one mission, all of them didn't entered the top 10 ranking, they didn't even entered top 200 ranking. However, they were still safe from the punishment since they already got point more than 100.

Arrived at the mission tower, Auron felt weird. There weren't many people on the first and second floor. However, they still went to the receptionist.

"Don't you guys heard the news yet?" The receptionist confusedly asked.

Feeling weird, Auron looked at both of his roommate. Seeing their confused face, Auron knew they also didn't knew. Auron shook his head to the receptionist.

"It had been a week since no academy's student allowed to take any mission" The receptionist explained.

Auron felt awkward. Since, he was at the library immersed in his study he didn't know the news. Moreover, when he was shopping in the city, there was no one talking about it. Meanwhile, both of his roommate just got back from hunting so they also didn't hear any news about it.

What Auron didn't know was the news was a secret and only announced internally, so there would be no ordinary citizen knew about it. Moreover, it had been one week since the news announced.

"Do you know the reason?" Auron awkwardly asked.

"I don't know the detail. What I know is this was related to some big operation that the academy would assign you to do. I don't know the details. I just told that the details would be announced tomorrow. So, to make sure there were no student absent from the announcement tomorrow because of a mission, they banned any student from taking it since a week ago."

Hearing this news, Auron thought, "Is this the reason why there was heavy atmosphere in the academy lately."

Since they could not took any mission, they could only return back to the academy. The spent of their time to talking and sharing their hunting experience.

A day passed by, and the day of announcement came.
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