Tales of Magic Swordsman
150 Raiding Month Begin 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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150 Raiding Month Begin 2

With no chance to escape, the two enemies struggle hard to live as long as they could and killed as many as they could. Even though, the enemies level was way higher than the student, it was still 2 vs 120. Moreover, with the officer presence, their pressure gone way higher.

At the end, both of the enemies died under the barrage of attacks. Still, the one who does the most damage was Officer Sathire. And, next in line was the groups of nobles.

Meanwhile, Auron's group also didn't leave unscathed, they suffered 18 casualties. All of them were from commoner groups.

"Come, let's go to Emsire's side and look at their side" Sathire didn't give the group even one second to rest or mourned the fallen comrade, he immediately issued another commanded.

Auron's groups could only do as what they commanded. They went to Emsire's side with full speed.

Fortunately, when they arrived at Emsire's side the battle had just finished so they didn't need to went into another battle.

Emsire's group suffered more casualties that Sathire's group. In his group, there were 39 casualties. With 3 of them were nobles' children.

Sathire and Emsire talked about what their next plan. At the meantime, all of the student was exhausted from battling and pressure from their enemies. After seeing their friend died under only one attack from the enemies, their fear intensified. It puts more pressure to them and weary them a lot.

Some of them even had a thought of deserting the battle. However, they quickly dismissed the idea, since they were dreaming to get high point from the enemies. With their number advantages, they thought that as long as they were careful enough they could get a piece of the pie. Moreover, with the officer battling at the front and lessen their pressure a lot, their hope of collecting point rise.

And, after the battle finished, when they looked at their collected point on their device. Some of them cheered while some of them also felt dejected.

However, the student joy and sorrow could not caught the eyes of the officer, since they wore a serious expression while discussing.

"Damn! Just as I thought! Our battle standard too low. Look at our casualties just to deal with 6 enemies." Emsire cursed.

"This is just the beginning. There would be a lot more casualties"

"What can we do? We cannot abandon this operation or the village will get destroy and they could get deeper to our area." Sathire tried to calm Emsire down.

"We can only hope that everything goes like we had calculated before."

"I hope that the enemies will slow down their attack, so our boys can mature a bit before their final attack" Sathire silently looked at their student.

Since, the difference in level was a lot, the experience their student will get also high. It was enough for some of them who dealt high damage to gain a level even two levels.

If the student could kill the enemies alone they would not only gain just one or two level, they could even get 20 levels at once. However, since the experience point they gained diluted to more that 100 students, they only left with little bit. Moreover, the officer took a lot of the experience point since they dealt the highest damage.

This could be seen from Emsire's group of student who dealt with leftover enemies. That group of nobles who put up the fight at front dealt most damage among the student. Some of them gained 5 level from killing that enemy while they were already at above level 240.
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If they could repeat this several times more, they could raised their student level quicker. However, they also sighed at the sight of the casualties.

"What should we do now?" Sathire asked Emsire.

After long talk, Sathire and Emsire decided to join together and immediately depart to the portal's location. They hoped that if they joined their group, then they could killed the enemies quicker so they could avoid more casualties.

They also didn't forget to send one of the student back to the village to gave the information about the battle they just did.

One hour passed when they arrived near the portal. In war, the enemies didn't dare to be reckless, so the enemy's player also didn't dare to be reckless. They waited until their reduced attribute to recover for one hour.

However, there were occasionally enemy's player who were hot blooded. One of the player died under Emsire's nobles went immediately after he resurrect. He tried to seek a chance to infiltrate passed the defensive group.

Unfortunately, he met with Sathire and Emsire big group on the way. With reduced attributes, he was weaker. This time, he didn't even manage to kill any student before he died once again. After that dead, he didn't dare to be reckless and waited until he recovered his reduced attributes.

Meanwhile Sathire and Emsire group arrived at the portal's location. However, they could not destroy the portal since it was made invulnerable to any kind of damage. They could not even damage it let alone destroyed it.

Usually, the defensive's group would camped out the portal. So, when the enemies was teleport here, they could not go anywhere and had to win over them first before they could go anywhere.

However, Sathire and Emsire group didn't camped out at the portal, instead they were at some hidden place nearby and waited for a chance to ambush. Sathire and Emsire didn't want to sacrifice a lot of the student. If they camped out and the enemies decided to launch a huge scale attack then, their student could be wiped out instantly. So, they chose to camped nearby and prepared to ambush the enemies.

Their plan works out. Several times, the enemy's player successfully got ambushed. However, after several attempt the enemies became more careful. Moreover, higher leveled enemies started to be seen although they still had low number in their group.
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