Tales of Magic Swordsman
156 Defense Battle 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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156 Defense Battle 2

A silent engulfed the village. Everyone inside the village, regardless of noble nor commoner, focused out their attention at road up ahead.

Sound of breathing mixed up with insect's sound was heard across the village. As time ticked by, the atmosphere surrounding the village became heavier. Nervous, Fear, Hope were mixed up inside all of the student.

Although, they didn't run away when given a chance, it didn't mean they didn't afraid. Cold sweat started to form on the student's forehead with weaker mentality. The pressure made them almost lost their mind, however they kept holding on.

Minute by minutes passed by with no movement around the area. Half an hour passed, no attack was coming.

The student's mentality was different with the trained soldier. Under the pressure, the student became exhausted. One hour passed, and there was still no attack.

The student with weaker mentality started to relax to release the pressure. Moreover, with no movement around the area, they believe they could take a little rest.

However, when they started to relax, the Fourth Prince yelled at them, "Don't relax! Keep your guards up!"

With the Fourth Prince yell, the relaxed student became aware of the condition and kept their guards up, didn't dare to relax anymore.

Few minutes later, there was still no sign of enemies attacking, the Fourth Prince frowned his brows while Officer Molke came to him and asked, "Your Highness, there were no movement yet, should we prepare to attack?"
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"No, not yet, wait for another 10 minutes. If there's still no movement, then prepare to attack."

"Yes, Your Highness"

Not long after Officer Molke said that, a movement spotted at the northeast of the village. All eyes immediately looked at that direction.

Then, another sound was heard at the northwest of the village. After that, series of movement was spotted.

"This is the time! Hold your position! For Gaia's glory! For your glory!" Officer Molke shouted out.

Royal troop's mage launched a series of fireball toward the movement's sound under the Fourth Prince's command. However, it missed the target, instead, some hit the trees which burned the trees or hit the ground and died out.

A shadow could be seen when the target was dodging the fireball. The shadow kept on moving fast closing to the village.

At the entrance of the village, royal troops already waited at their position. Behind them, the melee attacker from the combination of students and guards. Behind them, the range attacker was ready at their position to support.

The shadow who was obviously a thief came closer to the village. When they was about to arrive at the range of the melee attacker, they stopped their movement, and moved back.

This made the student in the village confused, how could the enemies backed out without even attacking. "Don't chase them!" The Fourth Prince command.

The battlefield back to silent once more. 10 minutes later, another movement was spotted. It was the same as before, several movement from a thief spotted. And, just like before, when they was about to reach the melee attacker range, they backed out once again.

Then, 20 minutes later, another fake attack was launched again. And, just as expected they backed out.

30 minutes later, movement from the enemies was spotted once again. The student kept on their guards like before. And, just like the two attacks before, they backed out once again.

Seeing this, the student smiled and relaxed their guards waiting for the enemy next fake attack. "Don't relax yet! Keep your guards up!" Seeing the student put down their guards, the Fourth Prince yelled at them once more.

The enemies who was still at halfway of their journey back suddenly turned around and attack faster than before. This time, they are not alone. Behind them, the full force of the enemies was spotted.

The enemies outnumbered them by half. However, that was just a number from the quantity of the enemies. In truth, one enemies out there could compared to two or three students. Thankfully, they had the help of the royal troops.

Although the royal troops number was not a lot, but a royal troops could compared to two or three enemies. Moreover, with the help of terrain and village that had been set up before, they believed that they still win this battle.

Also, thank to the Fourth Prince yelled before, the student kept on their guards up. When the enemies suddenly turned around, they already been prepared. The range attacker like mage and archer, started to launch their attack. Although, their attack was dodge or blocked by the enemies, it could slowed down the march.

Enemies' thieves leads the attack, with their fast movement, for weaker people, they could not kept up the movement.

The thieves' knew that they were not a match for the royals troop, so they didn't care to attack the royal troops. They tried to attack the weaker guards and student to reduce the enemies' number as well as created havoc. However, the royal troops was not a statue.

Moreover, the royal troops was strong enough to know the thieves' movement. They stopped the thieves' advance. Thanks to that, the thief could not reaped the weak guards or students' life.

The thieves' employed a hit and run tactics, they tried their best to pass the royal guards while they waiting for the main force to come. However, it was futile, the royal troop was strong enough to stop them. Actually, they were the one suffered.

There were 5 thieves which died under the royal troops. However, they could not do anything except became more careful.

Under the strength of royal troops and the barrage of spell and arrow, the enemies' thieves casualties started to pile up. From 5 to 10 then to 15.

Fortunately for the enemies, this thief sacrifice didn't continue long. Their main force already arrived and they immediately clashed out with the royal troops. With the cleric behind them, the enemies also didn't easily beaten.

When the royal troops became busy at their battle, the thief who was suppressed before, became free and they showed their fangs and aimed toward the weak.
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