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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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159 Plan 2

Although Auron's side had fewer number, however they managed to push the enemies front line back. But, they didn't go to far from the village.

After pushing, the enemies attack back for 1 kilometers from the village, they didn't chase the enemies, instead they maintain their position and took care of the injured. This was what Fourth Prince had ordered.

They feared the sudden ambushed if they had went to far. Since they didn't know the situation out there, they didn't want to play at the palm of their enemies hand. That was why the Fourth Prince only ordered them to push as far as 1 kilometers from the village.

Seeing Auron's side didn't chase them out of 1 kilometer, the enemies felt confused as well as relieved. Moreover, the enemies upper high didn't gave any command, so they didn't dare to backed out and attacked once more.

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Because of this, the front line became like a game. The enemies pushed Auron's side until they almost arrived at the village's entrance. Then, Auron's side will turned the situation and began chased back the enemies. If the enemies managed to run until 1 kilometer from the village, they were saved, if not they would died.

This game continued for another 3 times more. Obviously, casualties could not be avoided. However, Auron's side had the advantages at the count of casualties. When it was the third time, casualties started to appear in the royal troops side. 5 royals troops died because they were exhausted and not careful.

When the front line was about to do this game for another round, the enemies' player who killed the deserter before raised his hand. It was a sign, a sign to stop what they were doing.

All of the enemies know what this sign was and they stopped to chase. However, Auron's side, just like before, had already backed out until at the village's entrance. They already prepared to received the enemies attack only to find out the enemies didn't chase them.

The Fourth Prince who was the strategist in this war didn't surprised at all at this sudden change. Instead, he observed the enemies to know what they will do next, so he could come up with a counterattack plan.

The fight became stalemate. The enemies didn't move neither Auron's side. It was like there was a wide thick wall between them.

Although the enemies front line didn't move, however at the back line there was a huge commotion. All of the enemies general circled the player who raised his hand before.

"What will we do? We have suffered a lot." One of the general spoke.

"It looks like the rumor about the genius Fourth Prince was true" The other general followed.

Yes, just as what Fourth Prince had predicted, the enemies already prepared an ambush for them. So, when the enemies already moved out far away from the village, the prepared ambushed troops would attack from their back and circled them. With this, they would cut their retreat path and wiped out Fourth Prince.

However, all of this was for naught, the Fourth Prince didn't take the bait even though they had sacrifice to do this strategy three times to make an illusion that there was no such ambush like what they had thought.

Because of the Fourth Prince didn't even take the bait, that player stopped that strategy. With calmed face, wave his hand. With that wave of hand, the endless talk between the general immediately stopped.

Although this man was a player, however he had the highest authority at this place. He was actually the leader of all the player in Regalia. Of course, to be the leader of all player in Regalia, he could not just self claimed that title.

That title actually was given to him by the Regalia's Kings. With the support from the king, strength-wise, he was the strongest player in all of Regalia. Meanwhile, on authority-wise, as he already served the king very long, he had a high authority in Regalia.

His position in Regalia, his authority only beneath the king. Only the Regalia's king can command him. For the other who had similar authority as him, they could only provide him some suggestion, whether he would take the suggestion or not it was up to him.

This player was here at this place was because of the command of the Regalia's King. No, actually, it was because he volunteered to come to this place.

Their plan was to give all out on attacking while gave all out their best at defense in the Bridge World. However, with limited troops, to gave an all out attack they need to sacrifice their defense on the portal. Yes, Regalia, didn't even defense portal and let their outskirt village be destroyed.

The reason they want to give their all in attacking was because they had a secret weapon. They found out an ancient ruin at the world. Inside, they excavate several ancient weapon there. And, this was their secret weapon at defeating Gaia.

Of course, they already calculated that this strategy would meet a retaliation from Gaia, that was why at the last day, they didn't attack instead they hold their power while spying who the enemies sent out for reinforcement. And, at last they will wiped out the all of the enemies all at one wave of attack.

This player was supposed to be at Bridge World to lead the troops there. However, surprisingly, Gaia, sent out their Fourth Prince here. This was a chance to deal a huge blow to the enemies. This was why this player volunteered to lead the attack here. They also believed with the secret weapon they found at the ancient ruin they could kill the Fourth Prince.

Even without the Fourth Prince, they believed that they could already gain what they lost from the destroyed village. Furthermore, if they succeed on killing the Fourth Prince, their gain would be even larger. This player knew the importance of the Fourth Prince dead, that was why he volunteered to lead the attack even though he know he would died at the end. They could not missed this chance.
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