Tales of Magic Swordsman
163 Chaotic Death 3
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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163 Chaotic Death 3

As expected, as a royalty, the Fourth Prince had safety measure given to him by his Royal Father. Unfortunately, the scroll activated by Chaotic Death made this safety measure useless. He didn't panic at all.

From the encounter before, the Fourth Prince felt that although Chaotic Death was stronger than him, he still could handle him. Moreover, he still winning the last encounter. So, a useless safety measure didn't affect him too much.

However, when Chaotic Death used the potion, the Fourth Prince became serious and frowned his brows. 30% increased in fighting capability seems not too much. However, if the user was high leveled, then 30% means a lot.

A wind of nervousness entered the Fourth Prince. He didn't dare to be careless. He glanced at his comrade. The one of the two royal troops already killed his enemy and, right now, he was helping his royal troops friend to kill his enemy.

Meanwhile, the 3 officers and the royal troops leader faced 8 enemies. Out of that 8 enemies, 2 of them already dead. But, the royal troops leader had been wounded by the enemies. Although, the wound was not serious it was also not light.

From 3 of the officers, Officer Sathire was in dire state, although he had only suffered light wounded, but he obviously in need of help. If the situation continues to going this way, soon or later he would be wounded more seriously, he even could be killed.

Officer Molke's strength, who was the strongest out of the three officers, proven to be true. He already killed one of the enemies he faced and he didn't suffered any injuries at all. Looking at the situation, he tried to kill his enemy as fast as he can. Moreover, he saw the Fourth Prince was not in a good situation.

The Fourth Prince tried to seek for help, however, he knew the other also had their own problem. He didn't want to waste this item. But, he didn't want to die either. So, out of option, he took out an item from his armor.

It was a scroll. Obviously, this was not an escape scroll as all means of using escape scroll already rendered useless by Chaotic Death's scroll before.

As the Fourth Prince took out the scroll, he immediately used the scroll. The scroll tore out into two. From the tore part, a blinding light was formed and it shot towards Chaotic Death.

[Great Weakness Scroll] (Epic Item)

Type: Scroll

Target: Single Target/Multiple target

Class: All Class

Effect: Decrease all enemy's attribute for one enemy by 50% for 1 hour or decrease 5 random enemies' attribute within 1 kilometer from the caster by 10% in 1 hour duration.

This scroll used was to weaken the enemy's attribute. It had two mode that the user could choose. The first that it was to decrease enemy's attribute by 50% for single enemy. The second choice was to decrease 5 random enemies within one kilometer from the caster by 10%.

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The Fourth Prince felt that the officer and the royal troops could defeat their own enemies with their own time. It was only a matter of time. So, the Fourth Prince decided to choose the first option to decrease a single enemy's attribute by 50%.

The target of this scroll was his enemy he faced, Chaotic Death. The blinding light hit Chaotic Death. The increased attribute of Chaotic Death felt down much more than before.

Seeing his attribute getting down, it was Chaotic Death's turn to frown his brows. He took out another scroll and used it to the Fourth Prince. It was a similar scroll by what the Fourth Prince had used before a scroll to weaken the enemy's strength.

However, Chaotic Death's scroll was not as strong as what the Fourth Prince had used. It only weaken the Fourth Prince strength by 30%.

After these series of scroll using, their situation was came back to stalemate once more. He faced the Fourth Prince furiously, he gritted his teeth and he charged toward the Fourth Prince. The Fourth Prince stood at his place with his sword at his hand prepared to receive the attack.

A shadowy blur moved fast toward the Fourth Prince. The Fourth Prince focused out his attention to the shadowy blur tried not to miss the shadow's movement.

50 meters... 40 meters... 30 meters... 20 meters...

When there was still 20 meters distance between Chaotic Death and the Fourth Prince, Chaotic Death suddenly turned to his left. He went to the royal troops. Chaotic Death was changing his strategy. He knew with the Fourth Prince's nature he would not left his companion if it was not his last option.

The Fourth Prince caught off guard with the sudden event. He chased Chaotic Death from behind and tried to shout out as loudly as he could to warn his companions.

But, it was too late. The two royal troops had just killed the enemy, when they began to turn around and tried to help the other, a shadow attack them. One of them got wounded by this sudden attack. And, Chaotic Death didn't missed his chance.

As a thief specialize in assassination, he should know how to kill stronger enemy quickly without the enemy's could retaliate. Moreover, the target he faced now was weaker than him. In no time, one of the royal troops died.

After the royal troop died, Chaotic Death began to change his target to the remaining royal troop. However, he didn't manage to kill this royal troop only injury him as the Fourth Prince already caught up with him.

Facing two enemies, Chaotic Death backed out. However, the Fourth Prince stick to him and didn't let him get away. He smirked evilly. This was what his target, to make the Fourth Prince chased him instead he chased the Fourth Prince. To make this camouflage better, he still kept on pretending to back out and went to the officers' battleground. The Fourth Prince was still chasing behind his back and the wounded royal troop slowly followed behind the Fourth Prince as he was injured.
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