Tales of Magic Swordsman
168 Clearing Out 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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168 Clearing Out 2

"Thank you young man!" Officer Emshire thanks Auron.

He looked at the group Auron brought. There were 7 mages including Auron and 2 archers. Combine with his group, they had 7 mages, 2 archers, 2 clerics, and 2 swordsman, the officers.

Despite having low number in the group, the enemy also had low on number. With the enemy they faced already dead, they left with 3 enemies including Chaotic Death who was chasing the Fourth Prince.

"Quick, we need to save the Fourth Prince!" Officer Molke reminded them.

All of them quickly left and chased after the Fourth Prince. They didn't even have any luxury to healed their injuries first.

"Damn, I'm out of mana potion. Can you guys gave some for me?" One of the cleric shouted and asked the others while running.

"Nope, I am also out of mana potion" The other cleric responded him.

"Me, neither. I didn't brought a lot of mana potion. But, I still had 2 health potions if anybody need it!" One of the archers said.

The group was almost out of their potion supplies. While they were chasing, they also distributed the potion they had left on them. Since, there were still a lot of red potion, they quickly healed their health easily.

Unfortunately, for the mana potion, the supplies didn't enough for all of them. Moreover, there were 9 magic class, 7 mages and 2 clerics. The officers even had to give their mana potion supplies, but it still could not satisfy the demand.

At this time, Auron said, "Don't worry! I still had mana potions left! Here you go!"

Auron distributed his mana potions supplies. Actually, he also almost emptied his mana potions supplies. But, before the enemies used their [Sacrifice Scroll], Auron had commanded his swordsman character to buy him some supplies. Luckily, this initiative from him saved them from mana potion trouble.

"Quickly, I am afraid the Fourth Prince was in trouble!" Officer Molke was nervous since he was afraid that the Fourth Prince would be in trouble.

A few minutes after they running towards the direction the Fourth Prince escaped to, they heard a battle sound. With this sound, both of the officers became more agitated. They quickly used their movement speed and zoomed out to the battle place.

Auron actually wanted to do the same, but he couldn't do it since he had to lead this little group. If not, Auron believed they would run away or deserted and it would reduced their chance to save the Fourth Prince.

He could see some nervous and afraid on some of the member's face. With the officers left them out, some of them even had the thought of running away to save their life. But, before they could do it, Auron said, "Quick, we need to chase the officers. We have gone this far, if we could save the Fourth Prince, the king would gave us an abundant rewards, not only point, we even could get high grade equipment!"

Auron deliberately shouted this to entice the one who was thinking of running away with some rewards. Although this strategy was not too effective, but this could put out their thought of running away. When there is no one who made the first move, then there would be less chance for the other to run away.

A minute later, they got nearer. Although the still a little far from the battle place, the battle was at their sight. They could see the officer already arrived at the Fourth Prince's place and already in battle with Chaotic Death and the his two subordinate.

Two thief who was accompany the Fourth Prince also dead near the battle. Their corpse was miserable. Meanwhile, Auron also saw that the Fourth Prince was injured once more. This time, it was not only his right arm, but his left leg also injured which made the Fourth Prince was lying on the ground.

"Quick!" Auron urged his group.

When they were closer, Auron said, "Clerics! go and heal the Fourth Prince! The others follow me to help the officers. Wait for my sign and act like before!"

Both of the cleric obeyed Auron's command and went to the Fourth Prince who was lying on the ground. Meanwhile, Auron led the rest to help the officer who fighting against the enemy.

While Officer Molke fought against Chaotic Death, Officer Emshire fight against the other pursuers. Officer Emshire blocked the attack of one of the pursuer. But, another attack came from his back from the other pursuer. Fortunately, he managed to block the attack in the last seconds. However, another attack already come at him.

This time, he was late by split second, the attack connect with him. It was difficult for him to fight against two players who know how to work together. Moreover, the players used strategy to attack him from the front and his back.

Injured, Officer Emshire limped over almost fell down. However, he could not let that happen, he tried his hard to stay still and face the incoming attack. Several attacks coming at him almost continuously and simultaneously.
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He tried his best to block what he could. Unfortunately, it was not easy. He successfully blocked several attacks, but he there were more that he failed to block. On the brink of death, several [Earth Spike] and [Fire Ball] launched at his enemies which made them had to stop their attacks.

A figure leaped out beside the officer who was about met the maker. He took out a health potion and pour it onto the officer's mouth. That figure was Auron. He knew that one potion still not enough to save the officer's life but it was enough to bring him out of dying state.

Auron quickly put the officer at his shoulder and brought him away to the clerics. He left out the officer with one of the cleric while the other one still heal the Fourth Prince. Meanwhile, after delivering the officer to the cleric, Auron looked up and saw the battlefield.
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