Tales of Magic Swordsman
169 Clearing Out 3
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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169 Clearing Out 3

A chaotic scene was played in front of his eyes. Although, it was less chaotic than before since the battle scale was not as big as before, but it still gave a sense for someone that this was the aftermath of a huge battle.

Auron looked at the two pursuers he saved whom he saved Officer Emshire from. They were agitated as the mages and archers in Auron's group kept on launching their attack on them. 8 ranged attackers against 2 melee attackers.

It would not a surprised for the 2 melee attackers to have their disadvantages, they dodged around and blocked as hard as they could. Nonetheless, it was difficult for them to dodge or block all of the attack.

An attack connect with one of the pursuer. A low number floated above his head. When the enemy who got hit saw this, he immediately shouted at his other friend, "The enemy's attack is weak. Go attack them don't mind the damage"

In war or chaotic battle, they could not just looked at their enemies appearance to decide their enemy was weak or strong. However, they could also not let him receive their enemies attack to determine the enemy's strength.

What if the enemies attacking was strong enough that it could kill you or critical you in one attack and you let them attack you freely. It could result in their death. This was why, the enemy didn't dare to ignore the attack of these 8 members of Auron's group.

But, when a low number shown as a result of the attack, the enemies became calm and more courage. They directly went out at these 8. They still tried their best to block and dodge but they didn't really care about the attack if it hit them.

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Dang.. another damage floated again as another spell connected to the enemies. However, this time the damage was above the one before although it was not a lot, but it could be considered as a mediocre damage in this war. This made the enemy stopped for a bit before continuing once more.

Yes, this was not a strategy but only just luck. From the survivor on Auron's side, out of the 8, seven were nobles and one were commoner. This one commoner had his own luck to actually survive until this stage of battle.

Before, the low number was a result from him attacking. Although, he already gained a lot of level during this war, but he could not change his equipment which made him produced such low damage.

However, thanks to this, it made the enemies went up to the disregarding the attack. When the enemy received another attack from the nobles and produced way more damage than the commoner, this made the enemies confused and hesitated.

This slight hesitation was what made the enemy stopped for a bit before continuing to attack. Before, Auron left the group to save the officer. He felt that his action could lead the group to doom. However, he still got to do it since the officer could change the tide of the battle.

That was why Auron tried to save the officer as fast as he could so he could save his group from doom. Without a tanker up in the front, a weak archer and mage would definitely died quickly. Fortunately, the slight hesitation from the enemies caused by the damage could buy him more time to reach his group.

Auron arrived at his group before the enemy killed their way through to the group. When he arrived at the group, he immediately looked at them for a brief and nodded at them. As they had worked together before, they immediately understand the sign.

Auron moved forward and faced the two enemies. With his group behind his back kept on launched their attack non stop, Auron went sheathed out his dagger out while also chanting another spell [Sloth].

With such huge support behind him, he don't even need to damage them to kill them. He just need to hinder them a bit so his friend's attack could successfully connect and kill their enemies.

Auron's went and slashed his dagger out towards the enemy in the front. Such a frontal attack could be easily block. And, it's true, the enemy blocked the attack. But, this was not Auron's intention, instead the [Sloth].

The enemy suffered slowed in their movement and attacking speed because of the spell. With the slowed speed, the enemies still was way faster than Auron, however Auron used his swordsman movement skill to raise his speed.

All movement skill when used was not giving a huge special effect. So, it was hard for them to know if they used a movement skill or not.

With the movement skill, Auron could kept up with the enemies' speed. However, he knew this movement speed would not last long. He needed to kill the enemy fast. Auron moved out quick and raised his hand.

A sign was on. The group who before threw their spells at the enemies without thinking anything, now with Auron's sign they launched a concentrated attack toward the enemy in the front.

The enemy in the front who was caught off guard by the sudden concentrated attack, shocked. He was in the middle of attacking Auron, but this attack had to change from attacking to defend. It was late, the attack passed the defend and connect with him.

Auron didn't let this chance move away from him. He, immediately, attack continuously with the support from his group that man died. Meanwhile, the other enemy who was left alone didn't back out. He attack Auron.

Auron who had his movement skill's time ended, felt slowed down. This time, he had a hard time to follow the enemy attack. Auron moved back closer to his group for help. With the help of his group and Auron who was trying his best to tank for the group manage to kill the last enemy with difficulty.

Auron heaved a heavy sight after killing the last enemy. He took out health potion to recover his health. Before, he could gulp the potion, a deafening sound was heard from Officer Molke direction.
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