Tales of Magic Swordsman
171 Devil“s Pill 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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171 Devil“s Pill 2

Wall made of earth coming out from the ground between Chaotic Death and the Fourth Prince. The wall quickly formed up. However, the wall didn't have any capability to fight against the powered up Chaotic Death.

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Three minutes have passed by since Chaotic Death first used the [Devil's Pill]. His health already went down for another 30% which mean his powered up already went down for another 30%. Right now, his power only powered by 50%.

He had to be quick. This was one of the downside of [Devil's Pill]. His health would gone down by 1% every 6 seconds. So, at most the user of [Devil's Pill] would only had 10 minutes to kill all of their enemies before they died.

Yes, the user would unconditionally died regardless they killed all of their enemies or not. This was the shortcoming of the pill. Usually, this item would be given to the squad with a suicide mission to reduce the Gaia's man resource.

Usually, it would be more effective if it was used for player since they would not suffered permanent death. However, since Regalia had few players in it, then it would be very difficult for them to look for worthy player. Moreover, the player had to be trustworthy or else they would waste this pill.

It was because the material to make this pill was not cheap. To make one pill they needed to gather a material worth with one epic graded equipment. In addition, the chance of successfully creating this pill was only 50%. That was why they had to be picky on to whom they would given this pill.

They also needed to make sure the player would want to use the pill because of the other shortcoming. For player who used this pill, after they had died, they will suffered another consequences.

First, their death penalty would be double from normal. In this condition, Chaotic Death who had used this pill would suffered double the penalty. Moreover, it was a war against other world which mean the penalty already double from normal. So, at the end, Chaotic Death would suffer 4 times the penalty than normal.

Second, after the player resurrected from their death, all of their attributes would temporary gone to 0. Then, they will slowly gained back their attribute by 10% for every week. So, to regain their full capability back they would need 2.5 months. Moreover, they still had to recover their lost level from dying. But, after all this consequences still better than suffering permanent death like a NPC.

Chaotic Death as a trusted right hand man of the Regalia's King surely would not betrayed his king's intentions. Although he knew the consequences of the pill, however he knew for sure that if he could kill the Fourth Prince, then he would gained more than what he lost.

50%... 49%... 48%...

His health kept on going down every 6 seconds. He looked up at the Fourth Prince in front of him. Beside the Fourth Prince was Officer Emshire who tried to stand up. He ignore the officer and went to the Fourth Prince.

Chaotic Death launched an attack. Auron was coming but he still need a little more time to arrive. The Fourth Prince tried his best to lift his broken sword to block the attack. He manage to change the course of the attack.

At first the attack was aiming at his forehead, however because he deflected the attack, the attack cut his left ear. Blood coming out from his left ear. Pain scoured through the Fourth Prince's body.

He tried his hard to stay on consciousness when another attack was coming toward him. When the attack was about to come, Auron who was close used [Charge]. With the added speed, he move fast and bump with Chaotic Death.

- 13. A low damage floated above Chaotic Death as a result of the collision with Auron. The damage was sloppy, but Auron managed to make Chaotic Death limped over. It could not make Chaotic Death fell down but it was enough to make Chaotic Death's missed the target.

"Tch" Chaotic Death furious another fly, he kicked Auron hard. It was enough to blew Auron several meters away.

He looked over to the Fourth Prince once more. Raised his dagger, he prepared to attack once more. Before he could launched it several spell and arrows struck him. It did him several low damage but it managed to distract his attention.

He looked over to the source of the spell and arrows only to find 8 young men stood several distance away. Chaotic Death looked at them.

When Chaotic Death looked at them, fear immediately induced in every of the 8 young men. They cower in fear. There were even some of them who fell on their butt and piss at their pant.

Chaotic Death thought that he would kill all of them after he killed the Fourth Prince. He looked over again at the Fourth Prince. He slashed out his dagger. The Fourth Prince who was on the ground suffering pain from his left ear already surrender his life.

Meanwhile, Officer Emshire could not even stand up and could only screamed. Auron who was blew several meters away had stood back up but with the distance and speed he could not reach in time. And, his groups was useless since all of them was cowered in fear and could not think straight.

Auron didn't want to give up although he knew he could not reach in time he still ran as fast as he could.

The dagger coming to reap the Fourth Prince's life. Clang... it was the sound of metal collision. Auron looked at the situation. A bloodied man stood up and block the attack for Fourth Prince. On his chest, a huge bloody cross mark could be seen.

After blocking the attack, with all of his might, he unleashed all of his strength left and attack Chaotic Death. The attack was blocked by Chaotic Death, but he was pushed one meters back.

Auron looked at the bloodied man and he recognized the man. This bloodied man was Officer Molke.
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