Tales of Magic Swordsman
177 Bad News 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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177 Bad News 1

When Auron regained his sight, he was in front of his dorm's room. He was preparing to contact Keiran. However, before he could contact Keiran, he received a message from Keiran.

"I know why you wanted to meet me, but I don't think, we have to meet" Keiran started on his message.

"You don't have to blame yourself for their death. When they chose to enter the military, they should already know that they could be dead at any moment."

"So, you don't have to be sad, instead you have to be grateful that you still survive the war when even the Fourth Prince was in his deathbed"

"I don't want to meet you or else you will feel guilty. What I want you to do was to turn that sad or guilty feeling you feel became your motivation to get to the top and make sure that you revenge and destroy that Regalia's scum."

"Lastly, I know someday you can compete in the rank. Be strong!" Keiran ended his message.

Auron stood still for a few minutes after reading the message. He didn't know what to do. He felt stupid after reading Keiran's message. Well, feeling sad because of an NPC was already stupid in the first place.

Auron didn't reply to Keiran's message. Instead, he was preparing to go for another hunting. Although he gained a lot of levels from the war, he was still weak compared to another player. Auron looked at his status.

[Smiling Wizard]

Level: 203

Exp: 24%

Hp: 54800

Mp: 78660

Strength: 413

Agility: 408

Vitality: 257

Intelligence: 522

Dexterity: 407

Luck: 206

Elemental Understanding:

Fire: 3%

Earth: 1%

Water: 1%

Attribute point: 0

Auron felt that his status was somewhat okay compared to anyone who was at the same level as him. He even felt that he was slightly stronger compared to the average level 230 player. What hinders his strength right now was his equipment.

Although, the Esitem's set equipment was good but it was for level 50. Meanwhile, his swordsman set equipment only so so. If he could find stronger equipment he believes he could contend against level 300 player with average combat skill.

However, he didn't have to worry much about the equipment since he joined the war, he got a lot of contribution points. From what he heard, the contribution point could be exchanged with equipment from the military. And, that was what he needed right now. He just has to wait until the point exchange time.

After looking at his status, Auron setting off to the hunting place. However, he was stopped at the dormitory's receptionist's desk.

"You are Smiling Wizard right?" Asked the receptionist.

"Yes, I am" Auron answered.

"The principal told me to tell you that he was waiting for you in his office."

"Ehrm... okay thank you for the news" Auron was shocked because the principal waiting for him, but still he thanked the receptionist lady.

Auron changed his direction, instead of going out of the academy, he went to the principal's office. Along the way, he still thinking about the reason why the principal asking him. He didn't make any mistake, so in the end, he concluded that this must be have something to do with the latest war before. The highest probability was it was the time for exchanging points for rewards.

With that in mind, Auron became excited. When you in urgent need of something, and that something unexpectedly coming to you by itself, surely would make you happy and anticipated forward to it.

Knock... Knock... Auron knocked at the principal office's door.

"Come in!" There was a voice from inside the room permitting him to go in.

Auron opened the door and went into the room. Inside, Auron saw there were ten chairs inside with one of the chairs were taken. He recognized the man who sat on the chair. It was also one of the survivors, the commoner archer.

Seeing him here, made Auron felt that his guess was true, this was the time for rewards distribution. Auron could not help but automatically smiled. "Come take a seat" The principal saw Auron coming inside and invite Auron to take a seat.

"We still have to wait for the other. While waiting, just relax, okay" The principal voice was warmed and comfortable. Auron greeted the principal and also the commoner archer before taking the seat.


"And, so that was the story" Officer Molke finished his story. During the past minutes, he already told the story carefully. He didn't want to miss any detail for the people in the room.

Inside the meeting room, beside the king, there were several other people and if you look at their status, they were way above Officer Molke. Not to mention, the King's bodyguard, there was even the king himself in front of him.

If he didn't heed and giving some misled he could end death. Moreover, the king already in a bad mood due to the Fourth Prince in critical condition. Although the Fourth Prince was now in stable condition, he still haven't regained his consciousness.

With this grave matter, the king put on a high importance on this matter. When he knew it was due to the Raiding Month, he conduct a closed meeting to get to know about the detail of the story. He also didn't forget to invite several other important players.

So, he invites all of his royal son and daughter to attend the meeting, he also invites the highest-ranked person in his military who already followed him since his father still in reign, General Elbert. When all of the invitees including prince and princesses received the invitation, they quickly dropped all that they were doing and went to the meeting.

This was a shocking matter for them to invite all together at the same time. So, they know how important this meeting was. Moreover, this meeting was after the raiding month and after the news that the Fourth Prince came back in near-death state. They knew only bad news that going to wait for them.
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