Tales of Magic Swordsman
181 New Equipment 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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181 New Equipment 1

After spending all of his points, Auron just had to wait. The item bought will be delivered to the address in 30 minutes. Since Auron's address was his dorm, so the items would be delivered to the dorm.

Knock... Knock... A knock was heard at his dorm's room. Auron opened the door and found the delivery courier already arrived in front of his room. Normally, the delivery courier could not go inside the academy to deliver the package. However, since the delivery service was from the military, they had their right to go inside the academy's dorm. Of course, they still need to give out their identity cards for security purposes.

Auron signed some paperwork and received the package. After receiving the package, he closed the door and went to his bed. He was already impatient to open the package.

Auron cut opened the package's wrapper, then opened the package quickly. A bunch of item was inside the package. He checked the item carefully so that all the item he ordered was there else he could file a complaint for refund.

[Skeral Robe] (rare grade equipment)

Type: Body - Upper - Lower

Requirement: 390 intelligence, level 200

Class: Mage, Cleric

Defend: 250

Vitality +50

Intelligence + 50

Set Effect:

2 pieces: Mp + 3000

3 pieces: Intelligence + 50

4 pieces: Magic Attack +20%

[Skeral Headband] (rare grade equipment)

Type: Head

Requirement: 390 intelligence, level 200

Class: Mage, Cleric

Defend: 270

Vitality +30

Intelligence + 60

Set Effect:


[Skeral Gauntlet] (rare grade equipment)

Type: Arm

Requirement: 390 intelligence, level 200

Class: Mage, Cleric

Defend: 250

Vitality +18

Intelligence + 40

Set Effect:


[Skeral Shoes] (rare grade equipment)

Type: Footwear

Requirement: 390 intelligence, level 200

Class: Mage, Cleric

Defend: 250

Vitality +15

Intelligence + 35

Set Effect:


He looked at his newly mage set, Skeral's set equipment. Each of equipment's piece had a fiery red color which made it so eye-catching. Although the equipment didn't gave any mana points besides the bonus set effect, however, the intelligence it is given was high enough that it was enough to cover the lack of mana point attribute. Moreover, there was a boost of 20% in the magic attack which would enhance his attack furthermore.

Auron quickly changed all of his mage's equipment. This set gave him a huge boost of confidence. He believes that if he used this set to the war before, then he would damage Chaotic Death for more or less 300 health points. Although the number was not too high compared to Chaotic Death's health, but if we compared it to Auron damage before, it was more than 15 times than before.

Satisfied with his mage's equipment, Auron continued over to look at another item he bought, a staff to complete his mage's transformation.

[Feul's Scepter] (Common grade weapon)

Type: Staff

Requirement: 400 intelligence, level 200

Class: Mage, Cleric

Attack: 150 - 200

Magic Attack: 928- 1120

Intelligence + 80

Vitality + 50

Dexterity + 20

Fire Magic damage + 20%

Effect: Feul was a fire expert mage from Regalia who died under Gaia's soldier. Her scepter was custom made for her. Unfortunately, compared to its high attributes, it had low grades.

The reason Auron chose this staff was his points. After calculating all expenses, Auron decided to spend less on weapons and focus more on equipment and other things. Fortunately, he could find this common grade weapon.

Although this weapon only had common grade, however, the weapon's performance was great. It gave a huge 20% fire elemental magic damage. So, if the user of the staff used a fire elemental magic, the damage it produced could be compared to the damage if the user using uncommon grade staff. Plus, the price it cost was equal to a high-level common grade weapon.

[Wrath's Skill Book] (common grade skill book)

Type: Skill Book

Requirement: level 150, Wrath's skill level below 10

Class: Mage,

Effect: Increase Wrath's skill level by 1. It can only raise Wrath's skill level to 10.

[Guard Bracelet] (common grade accessories)

Type: Accessories

Requirement: Level 200

Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Mage, Cleric, Archer

Defend: 0

Effect: Provide guard skill which creates a barrier from any kind of damage equal to 5% of the user's max health last for 30 seconds with 6 hours cooldown.

Auron went over to the next items, a skill book, and an accessory. These two items were the one which made Auron decided to reduce his weapon's budget. Although the bracelet only had 0 defense, Auron didn't mind about it since he was looking for the skill from the bracelet. Another barrier equal to 5% of his max health. The only downside was its long cooldown.

There were many skill books in the list. However, this one skill books catch Auron's attention. Not many mages learn this skill, however, Auron believes that he should learn these skills. Auron immediately used the skill book and inspect the newly learned spell.

[Wrath] (Mage's skill)

Level: 1

MP: 10000

Type: Active

Target: Self, other players or NPCs.

Cooldown: 1 hours

Prerequisites: -

Description: Raise the target's keen sense for 3 seconds. Increase 5% of the target's melee damage, attack speed, and movement speed. After the duration ends, the user's movement speed and attack speed will be reduced by 10% for another 3 seconds.

One of the mage's buff spell. For a mage, this spell could only be used for others or when they want to try to escape since there only little mage that have close combat skill. However, for Auron, this was an opportunity. It could raise his fighting skills if used properly. The only downside was its level was too low which reduced this skill for Auron.

However, Auron still chose this skill because of its rarity. After all, a skill book was difficult enough to get without proper money. Moreover, if the skill was used properly, combined with the bracelet he just bought, it could become another live savings skill.

Finished inspecting all of the mage's items he bought, Auron continued and looked at a bunch of equipment and swords. It was his swordsman's equipment and weapon.
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