Tales of Magic Swordsman
185 Assignment 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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185 Assignment 1

"No way!! You only give me this many soldiers?" A senior sergeant furiously shouted.

"There is no way this many soldiers can complete this operation. Look at their strength! I request for more"

"Based on what we know, although the demonic stick could do nothing, we don't know how strong the demonic monster was. From the recent report, there already several villages destroyed under their attacks. There was even 1 town that was destroyed. And, all of that happened in just one night." The other sergeants nodded their heads, agreed to what that senior sergeants had said.

"But, we can not spare any more soldiers. There were many of them were focused out on cleaning the spy and stabilize the situation at Bridge World." One of the personnel division's staff trying to explain the situation.

"Especially, the Bridge World, the enemy there had already gone mad. They increase their attack's power. We are lack of manpower right now. Please understand!" The other personnel division's staff added.

Inside the room, there were 16 people, 1 senior lieutenant, 13 sergeants, and 2 personnel division's staff. Out of 13 sergeants in the room, there were 1 senior sergeant, 8 intermediate sergeants, and 4 junior sergeants.

When the personnel division's staff divided the soldiers, there were rejections from several sergeants. However, not all of the sergeants wanted to voice their disagreement since they still respected the leader of this operation, the lieutenant.

However, not all of them were kind enough to give the lieutenant some face. When they heard how many soldiers each of them got, a senior sergeant immediately shouted out and didn't wait for the lieutenant to voice out his opinions. This action was slapped in the face to the lieutenant.

If the lieutenant were offended, they could be trialed because of offending a higher-ranked officer. However, that senior sergeant didn't afraid of that since he already had his backing. That senior sergeant deliberately did that action.

Inside the military, there were many factions. Although the royalty, the king and the princes still commanded and conquered the top of the pyramid. However, at a lower level, such disputes commonly happened. That was why some ranked soldiers tried to look for backing from higher-ranked soldiers.

By joining a faction, they would get their backing and safeguard from the upper level. They would also get a huge amount of resources and prizes if they could contribute to their faction's leader. This practice was commonly happened inside the military.

However, not all of them had the same thinking, a small group of people were still didn't join any faction. There were many reasons like they didn't want to serve anyone except the royalty, or they felt that the faction only going to destroy Gaia. Some didn't want to join the several factions war.

Of course, the one that didn't have any faction had their hard time in the military. They didn't get the full amount of their resources, or they were bullied by their peers who had their backing and they didn't even dare to fight back else their consequence would be more severe. Also, most of them would have a hard time to raise their ranks. So, most of them would have low rank and stuck at the sergeant level.

However, an anomaly suddenly emerged and disrupt these pyramids and ongoing traditions that already last for several years. A rising star emerge and paved up his way to the top very quickly. When the various factions, heard about what was going on, they already extended their invitation to that star.

In the end, all of their invitations were declined and that star stayed factionless. Of course, like any other factionless soldier, he was getting attack by the one in the factions. However, they didn't know how, but that star repelled their attack and still could rising, broke the norm and became a lieutenant.

Just recently, that star was promoted to become a senior lieutenant and was the leader of this operation. From that 13 sergeants, 12 of them were members of a faction including that senior sergeants.

That senior sergeant was put here under the order of his faction. His goal was to show how incompetence the lieutenant was throughout this operation. That was why that senior sergeant harshly rebuked the personnel division's staff to show his stance. He also wanted to see how this lieutenant resolved this problem.

Fortunately, from 12 sergeants who had their faction as a backing, not all of them were making the lieutenant time hard. Several factions employed a friendly approach so they could invite gain the favor of the lieutenant. Some sergeants were told by their faction to ridicule the lieutenant but they refused to do so because the lieutenant had help and saved their lives.

The situation heated by that senior sergeant's action trying to mess up the situation. The personnel division's staff also could not do anything and they could only look at the leader of this operation, the lieutenant, signaling for help using their eyes.

The lieutenant kept his calm and was about to say something when suddenly, a knock was heard by the door. Then, the door was opened and a man was coming inside the room with a piece of paper in his hands. That man was Auron.

Auron looked at the situation. It was awkwardly silent. All of the eyes inside the room were focusing on him. He felt that he entered at the wrong time. Auron didn't say anything and went to one of the personnel division's staff and handed out the paper in his hands. Then, stood beside the personnel division's staff, waited for any order.

Auron finally had his time to look at all of the faces inside the room. Surprisingly, out of 16 people that were already inside the room before Auron came, He knew 3 of them. Two people were the personnel division's staffs and the last one was the one who gave him the chance to join the academy, Kajo.


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