Tales of Magic Swordsman
186 Assignment 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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186 Assignment 2

The personnel division's staff who received Auron paper looked at the document then looked back at Auron. After looking at the document and Auron twice, that staff announced, "Sorry for the interruption, the personnel division sent this man."

"He is a new registrant here and brought here to get his assignment to a squad."

"Tch, what is the use of a newbie here. It will not change anything." The senior sergeant mocked.

"Wait, from his profile, although he just register today, he was a senior private." The other personnel division's staff added.

All of them who heard Auron was a senior private on the first day he joined, shocked. Some of them sneered, "So, whose noble's kid is this, and what did he use to get into the senior private rank directly?"

"So, it was just another rich kid using his parent's influence. And, he directly assigned to this operation. I wonder who was the one backing him in the military." The senior sergeant kept on mocking. He also looked at the lieutenant mockingly as if saying that this kid must use the lieutenant's power to come to this place directly. He was trying to probe the lieutenant's reaction.

If the lieutenant got offended, then he could accuse the lieutenant did some dirty work behind their back to immediately gave Auron a high rank.

However, the personnel division's staff was the one that answered the senior sergeant's question instead of Lieutenant Kajo. "Let me check first. He was a recent graduate from the academy. Then, the academy's principal gives him the rank, and General Elbert has already agreed to it."

When the senior sergeant heard the name of General Elbert, his face became ashen. He knew he had done something terrible. No one in the military didn't know who General Elbert was. He was the highest-ranked person in the military.

Although looking at the status ranking in the military, his rank was still below the princes, but even the princes' father, the current king, had respected him. If the General Elbert already agreed to it, then it would have a high chance that the king had also approved of this. So, the senior sergeant's action before had indirectly slapped the face of General Elbert and even the king.

"It looks like it was because of his previous contribution in the Raiding Month. He was one of the survivors in the Fourth Prince's defense group." The personnel division's staff added.

"No wonder, he get this rank. Just by surviving alone was difficult enough; even the Fourth Prince came back heavily injured." The other personnel division's staff murmured.

One of the intermediate sergeant asked, "If you survived the last Raiding Month, you should be able to know how strong was the demonic monster, right?"

After knowing who Auron was, all of the sergeant's attitude immediately changed. Although they didn't flatter him, but they also didn't mock him.

Becoming the center of attention, Auron felt nervous, but he still answered truthfully. He said that he didn't know since he didn't directly see the demonic monster. But, from the demonic's aura he felt from the stick, he knew that the demonic monster would be stronger than an ordinary monster.

Auron also told them what he knows from the forum, like the demonic monster's ability to reproduce and leveled up. He poured out all of what he knew from the forum, which was a useless thing to do since the NPC already knew it beforehand.

"That's all that I know about the demonic monster" After more than 5 minutes explaining, Auron already told everything that he knew.

"The information he provided already the same with what we knew." The senior sergeant said. His attitude changed 180 degrees. He didn't mock Auron, but as a soldier with a higher ranking than Auron, he had his right to act more superior to Auron.

"Okay, thank you. You can leave the room and wait outside with the others. Later on, we will announce which squad will you join in." The personnel division's staff warmly told Auron to leave the room so that they could continue the matter.

After Auron walked out of the room, the senior sergeant continued his grumbling, "What is the use of one senior private? It didn't change the fact that we still lack human resources to complete this operation successfully."

"So, you said that with your current amount of soldiers, you could not complete this task?" Kajo, who was silent throughout the meeting, finally spoke.

Kajo's action shown his charisma and might, and It unconsciously affected the other sergeants. They became restless. However, the senior sergeant gritted his teeth and managed to endure this, and he answered, "Yes, If we continued this operation, although we can win, but the casualties will be high."

After hearing the answer from the senior sergeant, Kajo looked at the other sergeant and asked, "Are all of you agreed to what he said?"

The other sergeant was not as brave as the senior sergeant; they only silent acted like they were deep in thought. One of them timidly said, "I believe if I could get several more soldiers, I can complete this operation successfully."

This operation's goal was to destroy the demonic stick, which they know was not harmful. But, the sergeants still had to be aware of the sudden attack from demonic monster whom they didn't know how strong it was.

They believed that the current amount of soldiers was enough for them to complete the operation. But, they also wanted to be more safe with more subordinates.

Some of them hesitated, in the end, all of them nodded, and they agreed what that timid sergeant had said.

Looking at the direction of the talk, the personnel division's staff interrupted, "But, Lieutenant Kajo, we could not give out more soldiers. We still had to station some soldiers in various towns and cities lest when the enemies spies tried to infiltrate, we can prevent it."

"We also still need to...." Before the personnel division's staff could finish her sentence, Lieutenant Kajo raised his hand, indicating for her to stop.


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