Tales of Magic Swordsman
193 Group 13 5
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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193 Group 13 5

However, Firze, the one who the others had agreed as the shadow leader, refused, "No! Can't do it! If we get caught, all of us will get a severe punishment."

"We have to follow the rule. As Smiling Wizard was the one with the highest rank, let him became the leader."

"Although he had the lowest level out of us, it doesn't mean he cannot lead us."

"What if this situation happens to you? What are you going to feel?"

"If you don't want others to treat you like that, just do your best to not treat others like that?"

"Let him try. You need to trust him for a bit more."

Auron felt surprised by Firze's statement. It was not like he didn't want to lead the squad. However, he also knew that if he insisted on leading the squad without agreement from the others, it would lead the squad to its doom. 

That was why he didn't want to push the things and comply with the others. Moreover, when they had known that Auron was supposed to be the leader since he had the highest rank, all of their faces showing an awkward expression, including Firze.

But, contrary to his expectation, Firze, was also the one who rejects the idea and push Auron forward. Auron felt doubt and became careful with Firze. As he had betrayed experience, he had been more cautious for someone else. Moreover, what Firze had said was a cliche sentence that every politician would say to gain support from others.

Auron thought hard for a bit, and he found another reason that could be Firze's reason to reject the offer. A squad's leader had more responsibility. However, they also got more benefits than others. As a soldier in the military, they will get a monthly salary depending on their rank. Also, each time they finished a mission from the military, they could claim rewards. And, when they became the leader in said mission, they will also get another bonus.

If they went with their plan before, Auron became the named leader, and Firze became the shadow leader. The bonus will be given to Auron as he was the registered leader in the squad, but Firze would have more responsibility.

Firze could get the bonus if Auron agreed to give it to him. However, they had to do it secretly, and also, if later on, Auron backed his word, then Firze could do nothing. If he protested to the military, he would not get the money instead of his squad, and he would get punished since they dare to defy the rule and even lie at their superiors.

There were two reasons that Auron came to his mind. However, he still believed that the former reason had more influence than the latter. Auron became wary of Firze, but he didn't say anything and wait for the outcome while Firze asked, "I believe Smiling Wizard can lead us. Whose with me?"

Firze's statement slapped the face of the others. They didn't have doubts like Auron. Instead, they believed entirely in Firze's statement. Moreover, Firze was the one who had the highest level out of them all had said something like this. All they had in their mind was that they would like to evade the chance of being lead by a newbie who had a lower level than them.

They chose Firze as he had the highest level out of them, and they also believed that it would be better if they were the ones that lead the squad instead of Auron. However, all of their thoughts quickly washed away with Firze's statement.

Firze's statement made them felt guilty. Yonta felt guilty, and he apologized to Auron, "Sorry, bro. I know that you got this rank not because you idling at home, and instead, it was also the result of your effort to survive. Before, my pride cloud my judgement. Let me apologize to you."

Then, he said to Firze, "I am with you!"

Lisk, who was a man with few words, still kept being quiet. However, through his actions and expression, one could find out that he also felt guilty because of this matter. He only said one word to Firze, "Me!"

Although Adelina was a swordswoman, but she had a soft heart. She took Firze words to her heart and thought what if she was the one in Auron's position, which made her felt more guilty than the others. She also apologizes and supports Firze's idea.

With Yonta, Lisk, and Adelina turned over, the others, one by one, started to follow. Although not all of them apologized to Auron, however, all of them stated they would follow Firze's decision and support Auron to be the leader.

Auron throughout the conversation only kept silent and wait on how things would turn out. As Auron had predicted, Firze's statement had some charming effect, which made all of them agreed.

Firze concluded, "Okay then, that's the end of our leader's choosing session."

"Congratulations, pal!" Firze patted Auron's shoulder and congratulated him.

Auron didn't utter a single word and protested the results; he just nodded at Firze's congratulatory and thanked him. 

"Thank you all for your trust. I will give my best to be a good leader!" Auron also didn't make any long speeches and just said what he wanted to say.

With the agreement on their new leader, they had completed their tasks from their colonel. Auron, as the named leader, reported it to the colonel. The colonel looked at Auron's report. He checked if there was something that didn't conform with the rule. When the colonel found nothing weird with the news, then, he told Auron to dismiss his squad. However, Auron had to stay and attend for another briefing as he was the squad's leader.

Auron walked back to his squad and told them, "You can leave and go prepare, and you have to gather back here tomorrow at dawn. I have to wait here for further instructions."


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