Tales of Magic Swordsman
199 Defend the Town 3
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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199 Defend the Town 3

Auron was watching the scene where the monster had dodged the attack from several players and still could attack the town's shield. He also saw how skillful Julia when she was chanting her spell and attack the monster.

This view was such a new experience for Auron. With his low level, there was nothing he could nothing which made him had a lot of time to observe the situation. He learned a lot by learning the demonic monster movement and way of surviving the bombard through a lot of players. Of course, most of it was thanks to the enormous health pool of the demonic monster and its high defense, but Auron could still learn one or two things from this.

Crumble. The town's shield began to crumble due to the demonic monster's intense attack. The demonic monster directly went inside the town and tried to punish everyone who had already bullied it before.

However, before he could go to the one who bullied him, many swordsman players already blocked his pathway. Of course, Auron was not inside the mass. He still kept on observed from far way and maintained his distance.

The demonic monster attack once more. However, just like before, there were no player casualties. With many clerics at the place, the swordsman's health up in the front kept at 100%.

The demonic monster became frustrated as it hadn't killed anyone since it destroyed the town's shield and entered the town. The demonic monster roared. The roared produced a shockwave that staggered the nearby players. However, the players quickly regained their composure and attacked the demonic monster once more.

The demonic monster attack once more. The players up in the front ignored the strike since they had cleric backing behind them and continued attacking the demonic monster. However, this time, the attack was exceeding their imagination.

With that one attack, the one who still had sliver health left before, could not handle this attack and died. The one who had halves of their health back then, with this single attack, they had a sliver of their health left.

This change shocked the players and the guards. Suddenly, the demonic monster's damage rises, caught them off guard. They confused how could this happened. The players up in the front became panic with the enormous damage. The clerics at the back also panic because they could do nothing to the player who got one hit kill by the demonic monster.

After a few more attacks, the high level and more experienced players realized a fact. Although, the demonic monster's damage went up by a considerable margin, however, his speed noticeably became slower than before.

"Be careful! The monster could switch to damage mode or speed mode!" One of the high-level players who notice the change in the demonic monster warned the other.

However, it was too late. The demonic monster already wreaked havoc at the frontline. A lot of melee players and the guards at the front died — Player's equipment scattered at the ground. If one could take all of the scattered equipment on the ground and sold all of it with halves of the market price, they could gain more than 500 golds in one swoop.

However, none of the players had time to do that. The demonic monster continued his attacks. With every attack, the frontline began thinner and thinner. When the frontline had few players left, the demonic monster charged to the players at the back.

Fortunately, its speed had become slower than before. So the players at the back had time to react to the attack. Some of them dodge. Some of them chanted several spells like [Earth Wall] to hinder the demonic monster's advancement.

It had successfully slowed the demonic monster's progress. Then, several players who had died before had already resurrected and joined the fight once more. Right now, they became more careful. Since they knew the demonic monster was in the damage mode, they tried to dodge the attack.

Because of that, the number of casualties lessens. Time kept on ticking, the fight continued. With each time a player died, they would be resurrected at the town's resurrection point and joined the fight once more.

However, this multiple died also cause the player who suffered from it became stressed out. There still halfway before the quest was complete, and they had already died four or five times. It made them stressed out. Moreover, they didn't know if the quest's reward would be worthed enough with their sacrifice.

Each time they died, they would lose a level and one equipment. The players could recover the equipment by looting it back since they resurrected near the equipment dropped. However, it would be difficult for them to recover the lost level.

Some of them became desperate and didn't want to continue this quest anymore. Instead of resurrecting, the players immediately logged out of the game and wait until the quest was over in the real world, or they just went idle and hid inside the town.

From the original 1500 players, it dwindles to 1400 and 1300, and it continued going down as the quest time progressed. As time goes on, the players slowly became desperate and felt that killing the demonic monster was an impossible mission. So, instead of joining the fight or logging out of the game, they went hiding.

With one player doing a freeloading action, several players followed suit. Auron was also one of the players that went hiding. Julia, who has still had a fighting spirit, also could not help but followed the majority since she could not kill the demonic monster alone.

She went on hiding and worked together with two women who followed her here. Fortunately, the demonic monster already ignored chasing the villager. Instead, he focused on finding and killing the players inside the towns.

Since all of the NPC guards already died, the first intense battle with the demonic monster slowly changes into a game of hide and seek battle between the demonic monster and the players.
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