Tales of Magic Swordsman
204 Quest Completed 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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204 Quest Completed 2

As soon as all of the players received the notification, they quickly went out of their hideout. All of them immediately rejoiced inside their hearts and quickly left the town, ignoring the demonic monster.

In less than 3 minutes, almost all of the players inside the town already left. There were only around 30 players still reside inside the town. It was not that they didn't want to go, but it was because their hideout was far from the town's entrance. Some of them also saw the demonic monster fighting with the three women, so they decided to take a detour, which lengthens their leave time. Some of them didn't think long and decided to log out of the game.

Auron was also one of the players who immediately went to the town's entrance as soon as they received the notification. However, he quickly changed his mind and tried to log out of the game.

There were several rules for logging out. First, they should be out of the combat state. Second, there would be a 10 seconds delay before he could log out. During the 10 seconds delay, they could not move and attack or used any spell or items, or they would cancel their logged out process. Third, there should not be any battle going on around 10 meters from the logged out place, or they would need to look for another place to log out.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... When the logged out timer was about to go to 5, a commotion was heard near his logged out place. It was the demonic monster and the three women. The three women tried to get away from the demonic monster, but the demonic monster still chased them.

Bang. The demonic monster successfully hit one of the three women. The woman who was hit by the demonic monster's attack flew several meters and hit the ground. The woman's companion screamed, horrified, and tried to help the woman.

However, the demonic monster got near the woman first. He immediately kicked the woman who was still at the ground at the stomach. The woman tried to block the kick, but it was too late, the kick landed first. Auron, who was nervously waiting for the timer, gritted his teeth. He got a feeling that his death was near.

Because of the kick, the woman flew back several meters and arrived near Auron, who was still waiting for his logged out timer went off. His feeling turned out to be accurate. The woman landed near him, which means it canceled his logged out process. He wanted to blame the woman, but he could not. In the end, he could only blame his bad luck.

Since Auron's chance was gone, now, he got two choices. First, he got out of the place and looked out another safe place to log out or immediately ran away to the town's entrance. Second, he could help the woman and tried to look for another way with them. It was a difficult choice for Auron.

Auron thought the first option would be doable. However, there was also a high chance that the demonic monster would kill him first, and he could do nothing to escape. Since killing him was a piece of cake for the demonic monster, there would be a high chance that the demonic monster would kill him first.

In the end, Auron chose the second option. His reason was that with him helping the woman, the group of women would owe him a favor. Moreover, he felt that there would be a higher chance of survivability if he chose the second option.

Looking at the battle that took place before, the three women could almost fight with the demonic monster to a standstill. If he joined into the fight, then he believed that even though his level was low, but he still could use his consumable items to help. To prepare with this, he had already commanded his mage character to go and waited outside an NPC's shop.

Moreover, he had seen one of the women before, Julia. Auron believed that Julia would not forget his help, and maybe if he died, Julia would give him something to repay the favor. After all, he had seen Julia before, and from that, he felt that Julia was a decent woman.

There was another reason which was he already met with Julia once before. If Auron decided to abandon Julia's group, then she surely would hate him. She even could put a bounty on his head and made his life harder. After all, no one likes an abandonment when in dire state.

The demonic monster still chased the woman. He wanted to kill this woman off. It was the first step to repay his grudge by killing one of the women. After that, he would kill the other women to accompany this woman.

However, before the demonic monster could kill the woman, her other companions had already arrived. The swordswoman immediately used charged towards the demonic monster and crashed out with the demonic monster, which made the demonic monster's chance to kill the laying woman gone.

Auron took this chance to go over to the woman who was still lying on the ground. When he was close to the woman, he was shocked. It turned out that the woman on the ground was Julia. He took out some health potions and gave a sign to the cleric to focus on healing the swordswoman. 

Then, Auron feeds on the health potions to Julia. She was in a critical condition. Fortunately, her companion arrived at the right time. With five potions from Auron, she already out of her critical condition, but she was still far away from full health.

Julia had enough strength to stand up. Auron still kept on giving her a bunch of potions, which she immediately took. After taking some health potions, Julia wanted to express her gratitude to Auron. However, she didn't have time for that. Her companions were having a difficult time fighting with the demonic monster
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