Tales of Magic Swordsman
205 Bleamen 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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205 Bleamen 1

Just like before, the swordswoman had a difficult time because of the demonic monster's raw power. However, thanks to the cleric, she still could live. Julia, who had already regained back some of her strength, began to help.

Julia began chanted several debuff spells. The debuff could not stop the demonic monster's ferociousness. However, it could help lessens the swordswoman's burden. With the help of Julia, the swordswoman began to have spare time to take a breath.

The demonic monster, who had the advantages before, became more angry. Its benefits were gone. A little bit more before the demonic monster could kill Julia, but that chance had now gone. How could he not be furious?

The demonic monster's attack became more aggressive; he tried to change his way of attack and combined more patterns. He hoped by doing that. He could confuse the swordswoman and made her made a mistake that he could use to kill her.

However, what the demonic monster hardly to be happened. Since Julia was injured, almost facing the death god, the swordswoman became more focused. She exerted more strength than before. Her focused mind made her became better than the previous encounter. Unfortunately, she was still at a slight disadvantage.

The players inside the town became little, the longer the three women fight against the demonic monster. Right now, there were only less than ten players inside the town. Auron, who was thinking of helping the three women before, had a conflict inside his heart. He began to rethink his choice.

After looking closer, he could do nothing to help the three women fighting against the demonic monster. Since he was using his swordsman character, he had to go to fight in close combat battle if he didn't want to expose his mage's ability. However, if he went to the front, he would die by a simple attack from the demonic monster. Well, he was a little bit stronger than an ordinary player, so maybe it would take two attacks instead of one.

Because of that, Auron had a conflict inside his heart. He wanted to run away and left the women. He thought that maybe the women would forgive him since Julia would probably know his level. Auron had stayed beside Julia, who was busy chanting her spells.

Auron looked at Julia and saw her struggle in helping her companions. He gritted his teeth and started to turn away from her. He wanted to leave. He just hoped that she would forgive him. When Auron was about to leave, a notification sound to all of the players. All of those who were still inside the town, including Auron, received the notification.

[The town's head has reported the situation in the town to the military. The military has decided to send reinforcements. A new quest 'Hold Bleamen!' has been generated ]

[Hold Bleamen!]

Countdown before the reinforcements arrive: 29 minutes 59 seconds

Description: The town's head has reported the situation in the town to the military. The military has decided to send reinforcements. The Third Prince leads a troop to kill Bleamen. Hold Bleamen until the reinforcements arrive in 30 minutes! Then, work together with the military to execute Bleamen.

Quest Clear Conditions:

Sub Quest 1 - Hold Bleamen:

1. Hold Bleamen until the Third Prince, and his troops arrived in 30 minutes.

2. The Third Prince has to see Bleamen

3. Players have to be in a maximum of 10 meters from Bleamen when the Third Prince saw Bleamen to be eligible for the rewards.

Sub Quest 2 - Kill Bleamen:

1. Fight Bleamen along with the Third Prince and his troops

2. Bleamen's death.

3. Players have to be in a maximum of 10 meters from Bleamen when Bleamen dies to be eligible for the rewards.

Quest Clear Rewards: 

Sub Quest 1 - Hold Bleamen:

1. Level + 1

2. Attribute Book (common grade)

Sub Quest 2 - Kill Bleamen:

1. Level + 5

2. Attribute Book (rare grade)

3. A reward from the King.

Quest Failure Punishment: None.

Auron, who was about to go, halt his steps. He scanned the quest's descriptions and found that this quest had only benefit. He also found out that the demonic monster had a name. Bleamen was the name of this demonic monster.

The quest had two sub-quests. Although the second sub-quest was difficult since it needed to kill Bleamen who Auron knew how strong he was, but the first sub-quest was easier. They only needed to hold Bleamen for 30 minutes until the Third Prince saw Bleamen, and they would clear the first sub-quest. As stated in the quest's clear's condition, they needed to be in a maximum of 10 meters when that happened to be eligible for the rewards.

The rewards were tempting even for him. He didn't need to fight up in the front and support the three women from the back with his consumable items. Auron, who had decided to leave before, undid his action and decided to stay.

Auron turned back again and faced the three women who were fighting against Bleamen. He thought genuinely about what he could do and how he could ensure that they at least could complete the first sub-quest.

Fortunately, Julia was too focused on the battle and didn't see that Auron had tried to abandon them else; she would be disappointed in him. The three women also received the quest. However, they could not read the quest since they could not be distracted from Bleamen even for just a few seconds.

They didn't even know what the notification's content. Julia and her teammate kept on battling against Bleamen and still tried to look for a way to escape. This time, they needed to plan their escape plan thoroughly, or else they would suffer like the previous escape, which almost resulted in Julia's death.

Suddenly, Auron had an idea about what he could do. He commanded his mage's character to go to a consumable shop and waited there for his next command. He was ready to go broke this time. Then, Auron took out an item from his inventory.
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