Tales of Magic Swordsman
213 Blacksmith Insignia 4
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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213 Blacksmith Insignia 4

Dang. Dang. Dang. A hammering sound resounded in the examination room. Auron was still on the process of hammering the iron mold. A little bit more, and he would finish beating the iron mold.

Sure enough, after 5 minutes, he finished emptying the iron mold's health bar. As soon as the iron's mold health bar hit zero, a blinding light shone from the iron mold. It was just for a short moment before the light disappeared.

When the light had gone entirely, the iron mold had gone, and nobody could not see the trace of iron mold. In return, at the place where the iron mold should be, there was another item that took its place. It was a sword.

When the hammering process had ended, the iron mold who had 'died' would magically transform into an equipment the same as the blueprint. If the blueprint were a sword, then the iron mold would turn into a sword. If it were an armor, then the iron mold would become an armor.

[Common Sword] (Common grade weapon)

Type: Sword

Requirement: level 5

Class: Swordsman

Attack: 5 - 10

Effect: Don't have high hope! It just an ordinary sword!!

Created by Sword Of Life.

Auron took the sword and scrutinized it. At the bottom of the sword's description, there was his character name printed on it. Then, he looked at the other information. Since he was using a common grade blueprint, He would get a common grade item as a result. It was no surprise for him.

For a piece of crafted equipment, the basic attribute and requirement of the equipment would be the same as a piece of ordinary equipment with the same grade. If said equipment needed a player to reach level five, then the crafted equipment would also have the same requirement.

What made it different from the ordinary equipment was the additional attributes you could gain through the material. However, to obtain the additional attributes for a crafted equipment was easier said than done.

The blacksmith would gain an additional attribute for his equipment depending on the ratio between the iron mold's health the blacksmith depleted with the maximum health bar an iron mold with the highest grade could possess. Since the highest grade equipment right now was a mythic, then the iron mold would have seven health bars.

Meanwhile, the additional attribute a crafted piece of equipment would receive was depending on the ratio of the iron mold's health that gone and seven health bars. For example, all of the material's attributes combined gave an iron mold that would give 50 strength and 30 vitality. If a blacksmith could empty three and a half health bars during the hammering process, then the crafted equipment would receive 350% divided with 700%, which equals 0.5 of the attributes given.

Then, the resulted piece of equipment would only get half of the iron mold's additional attributes, which equivalent to 25 strength and 15 vitality. An important thing to note was the blueprint used would limit the crafted equipment's max grade. Which means a common blueprint would only give 0.14 of the iron mold's additional attributes.

Auron looked at the sword he crafted. Sure enough, the sword didn't have any additional attributes. Before, he only got an iron mold that gave three strength and one vitality. If both numbers were multiplied by 0.14, then it would result in 0.42 strength and 0.14 vitality.

Since the numbers were not in integers, then the system would round down the number to the nearest integer. After rounding down to the nearest integers, the previous iron mold's Auron worked on would give him 0 strength and 0 vitality. Hence, he would not get any additional attributes in this work.

It was not surprising to not get an additional attribute when working with a common grade blueprint. It was because a common grade blueprint would only give a low percentage number for the extra attributes.

If the blacksmith wanted to, he could achieve an additional attribute when creating using a common grade blueprint. But, to accomplish that, he should use higher-grade materials only to gain a little portion from it.

There would be no one who wanted to use a higher-grade material for a common grade blueprint. That was why there was no common grade crafted equipment that would give additional attributes since it would only be a waste.

Auron took his crafted sword and gave it to the examiner. The examiner had already seen Auron's process of making it. And, he knew that Auron had the experience, so he didn't need to examine the sword and directly nodded. Then, he gave Auron the sword and a piece of paper that contained his exam result.

Auron bade the examiner a goodbye and went back to the receptionist before to get his blacksmith insignia. After getting his blacksmith insignia, a notification appeared for Auron.

[Congratulations! You have passed the test and get Blacksmith as your side class. Now, you are a Beginner Blacksmith]

[You have received Blacksmith's eyes skill and portable crafting equipment]

Auron gained a [Blacksmith's eyes] ability and his portable crafting equipment. As mentioned before, the [Blacksmith's eyes] skill's function was to see the material's attributes. Auron also got mobile crafting equipment. The mobile crafting equipment consisted of furnace, hammer, and anvil.

Auron could use the portable crafting equipment to craft anywhere. Of course, if he crafted in the middle of a dungeon and got attacked by the monster, it would cancel his crafting process and immediately failed.

The blacksmith insignia was bound to Auron. He could not trade it or dropped it, but he could choose to destroy it. However, if Auron destroyed the insignia, he would lose his blacksmith side class and had to start over from the start.

The blacksmith insignia was also a tool to differentiate between a blacksmith and the others. The blacksmith could use the insignia to get a discount when buying in all of the blacksmith guild. As a beginner blacksmith, Auron would get a 10% discount when he was purchasing material or blueprint in the blacksmith guild
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