Tales of Magic Swordsman
219 Demonic Stick 5
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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219 Demonic Stick 5

"Keep on going! 18% more!" Colonel Scud shouted.

The soldiers were in high spirits. They were happy that this mission would end soon. It was not as dangerous as it seems. Previously, they were nervous when ordinary monsters surrounded them.

However, after they managed to drive the monster away, everything seems back to normal. And, soon, the mission would be over. How could the soldiers were not happy?

18%... 17%... 16%...

"Maintain your vigilance!!" Lieutenant Kajo still reminded them.

When the demonic stick had 12% of its health, it renewed its shield once more. However, it did not stop the soldiers' happiness. Instead, it drove the soldiers madly to finish as soon as possible.

It didn't take that long for the shield to crumble. With the colonel and Lieutenant Kajo helping the damage, the protection quickly crumbled.

Without its shield, the demonic stick's health began to decrease once more. This time, the soldiers were quite lucky. Many of them produced critical damage, which quickly chunk some part of the demonic stick's health.

With 4% of its health left, the demonic stick used its shield ability once more. By calculation, this should be its last time to use the shield. After this shield crumbled, the demonic stick should be death, and the mission would be over.

The shield's health bar began to decrease. "Don't stop! Obliterate this stick!" One of the colonels shouted.

And, the fated time for the demonic stick had come. Its last shield crumbled. "Now! Use your full power!" The same colonel encouraged the others to hurry up.

"Huh? What's that?" The colonel, who was assigned to the perimeter team at the northern side, wondered.

From far away, the colonel saw a silhouette that was coming to his direction. At first, the silhouette was walking with its two feet. Then, in the next second, the silhouette began running with high speed. It was so fast that the silhouette looked like teleporting. 

"Enemy's spy! Prepare to receive the attack!" The colonel warned his teams.

When the soldiers heard their colonel speaking, they began to shift their sight and looked at the silhouette. It was just a single silhouette. They looked out at the surroundings and found no one helping this silhouette.

One thing appeared in many of the soldier's thoughts, 'A suicidal person.'

However, contrary to what they were thinking, the silhouette gave them a surprise. Its speed was so quick that in no time, the silhouette already arrived at the soldier in the front line. The soldier was still busy fighting against a monster.

As soon as the silhouette arrived, it didn't give a chance for the soldier to run or put up a fight. The silhouette immediately launched his attack and penetrating both the monster and the soldier. The monster instantly died due to the attack. Fortunately, the soldier didn't die since the monster had reduced the attack. However, he still in critical condition.

"Argghh!!" The soldier who was attacked shouted in pain.

However, the attacker didn't give time to the soldier to beg. The attacker directly launched another attack and finished the soldier. After the soldier died, the attacker smiled widely and began to move to another soldier.

The pained shout from the soldier garnered everyone's attention. They looked at the attacker, and a weird feeling surfaced inside them. What they saw was not a human despite it stood on its two feet.

The soldiers saw a creature with a horn on its head. It also had a round head with most of it was covered in fur. Moreover, it also had a long tail that wagging around. It jumped actively to the left and right as if it was excited.

"Stop that thing!" The colonel shouted.

The colonel's shout snapped the soldier from their shocked. However, it was too late. The soldier who was being targetted next by the creature could not react in time and suffered a miserable death.

"Fight in a formation! Don't fight alone!" The colonel shouted a command.

The creature was too quick. After killing a soldier, it moved to another soldier. A series of shout began to be heard in the area. After twelve soldiers' death, that the situation started under control. The soldiers already formed a formation and made the creature hard to assassinate them.

Since the creature had a difficult time to kill the soldier in this end, it looked at another place, the demonic stick's spot. Then, it widely grinned and zoomed to that place. Fortunately, the colonel had already read the creature's mind.

The first time the creature looked away from them, the colonel had began to move to block the creature. And, it turned out the colonel's decision was correct. He could manage to prevent the creature from advancing.

The soldiers who were a step late could also regain their place because of the colonel's decisive decision. They surrounded the creature who was trying to getaway. Its power was not a joke. Fortunately, the soldiers were also not weak.

With the equipment provided by the kingdom and their formation training, the soldiers managed to block the creature's advancement. The soldier's training bore fruit. When the attacked soldier was attacked and blown several meters back, the other soldiers immediately covered the spot. They didn't let the creature killed the soldier.

The creature tried to get away from its left, a group of soldiers blocked him. Then, it tried to get away through its back. However, it was futile, another group of soldiers blocked him. The creature tried hard to escape this cage.

"Quick! It moves to your way! Blocked it!" A squad's leader shouted.

"It moves to your place! Don't let it get away," Another squad's leader shouted.

"Heal the injured!" 

Meanwhile, at the demonic stick's spot, Lieutenant Kajo and the attacking team still attacking the demonic stick. It only had a sliver of its health left. The commotion that took place at their northern side began to slip into their attention. Lieutenant Kajo and the colonels looked at the confusion and found the creature.
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