Tales of Magic Swordsman
232 New Assignment 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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232 New Assignment 2

Auron frowned. When the staff saw Auron was frowning, she immediately said thoughtfully, "I know what you have been thinking. But I am serious."

"You have been selected for a new mission. Please go to the training field for the detail!"

Outside of the wartime, there were few cases when someone immediately assigned to a new mission after finishing one. Auron knew this was a genuine order from the military, and he could not refuse the request. Although he didn't dare to defy the request, but he had the right to know the reason.

Auron tried to probe the staff, "What happened? I know there must something going on when there is a continuous mission like this?"

"What?! Don't look at me like that. I also don't know the reason. I was informed this morning as well."

"Moreover, the one that informed me was in a rush, and I could not ask for the reason. But, don't you worry, we would not mistreat you." The staff explained.

Auron was still frowning because he didn't get the answer he wanted. Seeing Auron's frowning expression, the staff thought that Auron was frowning because of her congratulatory joke before.

The staff tried to justify her congratulatory actions, "Don't you get it? More mission means more money and more military contribution points. Don't you want to promote quickly or buy that expensive equipment."

"Is this a joke?" Auron thought. However, he didn't dare to say it loud. Auron knew that more mission means more money and more military contribution points. But, more mission also means more danger. After all, the military's missions were not playing things.

Without preparation, even a higher level could get killed. In the end, Auron could only sigh and found out the reason later on. 

In the end, Auron went out of the room and immediately went to the library. He had only less than two hours to visit the library. Auron used these two hours wisely. 

Two hours later, Auron arrived in the training field, as the staff had mentioned before. In the training field, there were already some crowds. Auron already recognized most of the people in the area.

There was even his squad before. So, Auron went to his squad's members and asked them the reason for their gathering. It turned out that the others were as shocked as him. They also didn't know the cause and could only wait until someone explained it to them.

Fortunately, not long after, Lieutenant Kajo walked in with four sergeants behind him. When Auron and the others saw that Lieutenant Kajo went to their front, immediately, most of them knew that this was related to the last mission.

Actually, some of the soldiers already realized that there was something wrong with the last missions. Some of the soldiers had friends at the squad that didn't manage to come back. Because of that, they went to ask the staff about the team.

However, the staff didn't answer truthfully. Part of it was because they still didn't know the truth at that time. The staff dodged the question and asked them to wait until the formal announcement from the military.

Now, that soldier who asked the staff previously already felt suspicious by the staff's behavior. Moreover, there this gathering took place. From the soldiers that gathered here, all of them were part of the last expedition. Also, Lieutenant Kajo showed up.

If this gathering was not related to the last expedition, then there would be no reason for Lieutenant Kajo to show up. Moreover, with 4 generals behind him and this huge crowd.

Two of the four sergeants that followed Lieutenant Kajo was part of the last mission. But, for the other two, they were not part of the previous mission.

Unlike the previous operation where Lieutenant Kajo could not choose his own subordinate, this time, he could choose someone he wanted. So, he picked two sergeants that were part of the neutral faction or the one from the faction that tried to befriend him. Meanwhile, the other two sergeants were some newly promoted sergeant that still didn't have any faction.

As for the Corporal and the Private, Lieutenant Kajo didn't have any preference for this lower position. So, he just told the staff to randomly picked some of the people from the previous mission. And, Auron was one of the soldiers that had been chosen for this new operation.

After Lieutenant Kajo showed up, murmured and whispered began to be heard around the area. Most of them actually were ignorant of the fact that two of the squads didn't manage to come back from the last operation. They tried to speculate on what would happen this time.

"What happen? Why were called here?"

"Didn't the last mission was successful?"

"Maybe the lieutenant wants to reward us?"

Some of these thoughts were what filled everyone's mind. Some of them decided to stay silent and wait until the lieutenant spoke up.

"Some of you..." Without dilly dally, Lieutenant Kajo directly spoke. When he spoke, the murmured and whispered immediately quieted down.

"Some of you may have guessed. This new operation was related to the previous operation."

"I believed you deserved the truth, so I will be frank. Previously, we have sent 13 groups to take down all of the demonic sticks."

"Unfortunately, not all of the groups manage to come back safely."

"Although most of the group managed to come back, but four of the groups suffered an incident."

"Two of which were encountering the enemy's spies. Although they managed to fend off the enemies and destroy the demonic sticks, but they also suffer huge casualties. Both of the groups reduced to less than halves of their original number."

"Meanwhile, the other two groups encountered the demonic monsters and were wiped out. None of them survived from the demonic monster's massacre."

"Although most of us were coming back safely, but the fact that there were two of the demonic sticks left make the last operation could not be considered as a success."
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