Tales of Magic Swordsman
234 New Assignment 4
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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234 New Assignment 4

It was already more than 2 months from the last time Auron used Alice's self-created spell. He knew that it was just a waste of time if he insisted on using the spell. He lacked the necessary knowledge as a mage.

However, Auron didn't forget about it. Instead, he put it as one of his short term goals. Auron knew that he needed to increase his understanding of elemental first, especially the fire element, before he could proficiently use the spell.

There was still a long way to go before he could achieve that, though. However, Auron already excited before he was one step closer.

But that excited feeling only lasted for a brief. Auron immediately shifted back his mind to the nearest one, the new assignment.

Auron sighed. He was still weak, but he had to meet with stronger opponents continuously. And, it was way stronger than him. If not for his 'cheat' that he could receive twice the attribute's amount than the others, Auron felt that he could not survive the past two encounters.

Auron also felt lucky. From the past two encounters, there was a stronger companion that distract the attention of the demonic monster. When he faced Bleamen, there were Julian and her friends. Also, when he met Monchi, there were higher-level companions and Lieutenant Kajo.

Auron knew luck would not last forever. He had to get stronger. But, it was easier said than done. Auron needed four times more experience point than regular character. Moreover, he had no backup like a big guild or the kingdom.

Fortunately, thanks to him joining the military, he could achieve a pretty good amount of experience point. Also, he could survive through the danger that came with it.

In the end, Auron could only hold on and faced the challenges one by one. Soon, he would need to face another challenge.

Auron went to the gathering point while pondering about which demonic monster he would meet. Is it Bleamen or Monchi, or a new kind of demonic monster. Although Auron was not 100% sure that he would meet a demonic monster in this mission, he believed that he had a 90% chance of encountering one.

After several minutes walked, Auron arrived at the gathering point. A huge crowd already present at the place. There was a little bit over four thousand soldiers in the area. It would be challenging to look for a person inside.

Fortunately, the staff had put a sign and divide the area into four smaller areas. Each area was corresponding to one of the sergeants. Auron went over to Sergeant Richard's area and tried to find his group's members.

After two minutes, he finally found his group's members. Auron immediately went over there. When he arrived, the members began to greet him. Auron also didn't forget to greet them back. Yonta, who was always cheerful and excited, grabbed Auron in the shoulder and made a joke with him.

The atmosphere in the groups was pleasant even though they just experience facing a demonic monster. Moreover, they had to go to another expedition that had a high chance of meeting with another demonic monster.

Auron also talked to several of the girls. He also didn't forget to speak with Lisk, who passively replied to him. Auron could not help but showed a bitter smile. Well, at least, he had tried, and Lisk also responded to him.

Auron also talked to Firze, the most stronger member of the group. Auron still had some suspicion of Firze due to him giving up the leader's position. However, that suspicion feeling lessens a bit. After all, Firze was one of the members that bravely went forward to help him after Auron was thrown by Monchi.

Finally, Lieutenant Kajo arrived at the scene, followed by the sergeants and the corporals behind them. After the big shot entered the scene, the disorder soldiers began to make lines. The sergeants and the corporals also went to their respective places.

With the sign from the sergeants, the corporals began to instruct the squad's leader to check the group's belongings. It was a routine check every time they went to an operation. After all, a deserter would not only reduce their number, but it would also destroy their minds.

After the squad finished their check, it was the corporal's turn to check the squad's leader. After that, it was the corporal's turn to be check by the sergeant. In the end, Lieutenant Kajo checked the sergeant's belonging.

With Lieutenant Kajo finished his checking session, then it would mean it was time to give a general briefing about the tactic to the soldiers. The corporals called up every squad's leader in their respective teams and began to brief them.

Meanwhile, the sergeants and the lieutenant also discussed to perfect their plan. They were also preparing a way out in case there was something wrong happening. The corporals gave tried their best to provide the plan's content as detail as possible.

This mission was deemed relevant by the higher-ups, and failure was not an option. They didn't want because of their mistake in briefing made the mission failed. Corporal Scud even brief the mission's content twice to Auron and the other squad's leader in his team.

Since it was already night, the army planned to move at moderate speed. They didn't want to attract unwanted attention, but they also didn't want to take a long time to arrive at the destinations.

After the briefing, Auron was commanding his swordsman character to buy the [Return Scroll]. After that, he put his swordsman in some low-level hunting spot that he had chosen. Auron hoped that there was no dangerous situation, and he could gain a little bit of money from this farming.

With all of that in mind, the army was ready to depart. The corporal and the sergeants do the last check before leaving. The sergeants nodded to the lieutenant, indicating that they were prepared. Lieutenant Kajo replied with a nod and initiated the departure.
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