Tales of Magic Swordsman
244 Infighting? 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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244 Infighting? 2

"Hurry up!" The sergeants shouted out.

With fewer monsters coming, the sergeants decided to help the attacking team. All of them moved out and began attacking the demonic stick. Lieutenant Kajo also felt nervous. He wanted to stop the sergeants. But he could not.

In the end, Lieutenant Kajo didn't stop the sergeants and focused out on the demonic stick. The demonic stick's health dropped fast.

50%... 49%... 48%... And it continued to go down at a visible rate.

Auron led his squad to stop the monsters horde. As there was fewer monster, Auron and his team didn't have anything much to do. He had heard the previous roar and knew that it was a demonic monster's roar. Not just Auron, but everyone who was participating in the last operation also knew.

There was a demonic monster nearby. Unconsciously, all of the soldiers gripped their weapon tighter. They had mixed feelings, including Auron. Fear seeped into their hearts. However, not just fear, there was also a feeling of furious and anger.

They wanted to kill the demonic monster to appease their fury. Moreover, the soldiers who had friends that had been killed by the demonic monster. Their anger even suppressed their fear. However, they still could calm themselves and not crazily chase the demonic monster.

The army heard another roar, followed by the second roar. Lieutenant Kajo and the sergeants became more nervous. They could not back down now since there was only 40% of the demonic stick's health left. If they ran away soon, then all of their efforts were in vain.

When Lieutenant Kajo and his subordinate still could calm themselves, the enemy's spy could not. Although he was a prisoner, Lieutenant Kajo could not waste any effort to escort him back first. That was why the enemy's spy was just tied up and brought into the battlefield.

When the prisoner heard the first roar, his face became pale. He was scared. However, he could do nothing since he was a prisoner. If he tried to run away, then there would be no doubt that he would die immediately.

However, if he stayed, he was afraid that the demonic monster would wipe them out, including him. Although he never witnesses the demonic monster's strength directly, he had heard the rumor that already spread among the Regalia's soldiers.

When the second and third roar sound, respectively, the prisoner became more panicked. However, he could not run away. In the end, he shouted, "Hey! The demonic monster is nearby! Quick, let us escape before it came to us!"

However, none of the soldiers answered him. All of them ignoring him. There were even some soldiers that want to shut him up, but without their superior's order, they didn't dare to do it.

Seeing he was getting ignored, the prisoner kept on shouting. He even shouted and cried louder. In the end, Sergeant Richard could not stand with the prisoner's cries. He moved to the prisoner and punched his face.

"Shut up! Your cries didn't change anything, so just shut up!" Sergeant Richard reprimanded the prisoner.

With that one punch, the prisoner became silent. However, he felt that he was mistreated. "If you guys didn't want to run, then just let me run away." The prisoner thought in his mind and didn't dare to say it out loud.

Sergeant Richard ignored the prisoner's anger and went back to attacking the demonic stick. However, before he was gone, he reminded the prisoner once more, "Shut your mouth okay or else I will feed you to the demonic monster."

It was a childish threat. However, it worked. The prisoner didn't dare to make a sound and just grumbled.

The demonic stick's health was dropped to 30% before a shield went up. The soldiers began to attack the guard and destroy it. Another roar sound. This time it was several continuous roar followed by a sound of battle.

Lieutenant Kajo heard there was a sound of battle and immediately thought, "Huh, is there any troops that fight against the demonic monster?"

His thought began to point at General Kelvin. It was weird since General Kelvin's target was supposed to be far away from here. However, Lieutenant Kajo didn't think it for too long. He had to complete his goal first before thinking about other things.

After all, everything was possible to happen. What if General Kelvin and his troops saw the demonic monster and chased it up to this place or maybe the Third Prince's soldiers that supposed was the one that engaged in battle.

Lieutenant Kajo shouted out and pushed his soldiers once more, "Quick! This mission almost over, and we all can go home!"

30%... 20%... 10%... When the demonic stick's health was going down to 10%, the roars sound continuously. This roar made all of the soldiers increase their firepower.

"5% more!" Lieutenant Kajo shouted.

When the demonic stick's health reached 3%, another shield sprung up and covered the demonic stick. "This is the last shield! 3% more!" Lieutenant Kajo shouted once again.

After this shield went down, the demonic stick supposed to go down afterward. The troops' morale went high. In no time, the guard destroyed.

When the army destroyed the shield, a shadow moved out of the forest. Lieutenant Kajo had continuously monitored the forest. So, when this shadow was coming out of it, Lieutenant Kajo immediately reacted.

Lieutenant Kajo moved up and took the front position. He was ready to fight against the demonic monster. "Keep on attacking!" Lieutenant Kajo ordered the other to stick on the mission.

There was still quite some distance between the shadow and Lieutenant Kajo and his troops. Just as they had predicted, the shadow was a demonic monster. It moved swiftly to Lieutenant Kajo's position.

Lieutenant Kajo looked at the demonic monster and found that there was blood on its body. Besides, there were also a few injuries on its body. "The monster must have a tough battle." Lieutenant Kajo thought. He prepared to receive the demonic monster's attack.
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