Tales of Magic Swordsman
251 Hearing 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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251 Hearing 2

"Okay, then. If no one object, then we are done." General Elbert tried to end the hearing.

"Ehm... I have a question." General Kelvin finally took action.

"Yes?" General Elbert looked at General Kelvin.

"Didn't Sergeant Kali got grave injuries because of Lieutenant Kajo's order?"

"So, it seems that he cannot be a lieutenant." General Kelvin tried to hint General Elbert about Lieutenant Kajo's mistake.

"So, what do you suggest?" General Elbert directly asked the point.

"I believe that it was a huge mistake, and we have to demote him instead of testing him." General Kelvin suggested his thought.

"First of all, Lieutenant Kajo didn't do this on purpose." General Elbert started to explain.

"I believe that he could be a lieutenant and a leader's capability. Maybe, he was too excited to be promoted to become lieutenant and become careless." With this sentence, General Elbert also hinted at the others about his side in this case.

"However, I do agree that he had made a huge mistake. That was why I give him a test to make sure I am not wrong. If he could not finish the test, then he would be demoted for sure! Don't you agree?"

With the last sentence, General Kelvin could not do anything again to blow up the case. If he chased the mistake relentlessly, then General Elbert could make him as an enemy. With that happened, it would be difficult for him to raise in rank even gained the king's trust.

Didn't dare to voice out his concerns anymore, General Kelvin said, "I agree. I believe that the test would surely determine his leading capability."

"Great! Then, all of us already agree! Then, this hearing is over." General Elbert ended the hearing.

All of the generals left as well as Lieutenant Kajo who was felt grateful because of this chance. He swore that he would not make the same mistake again. In the end, General Kelvin could do nothing to Lieutenant Kajo. He could only wait until Lieutenant Kajo failed the test.

Auron was still hunting when he saw that it was time to claim his rewards. He quickly stopped his hunting and used a [Return Scroll].

After the dungeon run, his experience point almost filled to full. And, with this hunt, he managed to raise his level.

When he arrived in the town, he immediately went to the military base and claimed his rewards. Although this mission was considered important, however, this mission was regarded as a follow-up task. Moreover, the number of soldiers assigned for this mission was quite significant for a mission.

After claiming his rewards, when he was about to leave the room, Auron was called by the staff. Then, the staff gave him some schedule.

Because Auron was still new, he never got some basic military training. That was why the schedule was his schedule for one month.

Fortunately, he was not trained alone. There was a batch of newly joined soldiers. Auron would be assigned to that group and follow the training schedule together.

However, the bad news was that he would not be trained in the military camp in Miderian. Instead, he would be assigned to a remote military camp, far from the capital.

There were still 3 days more before he was assigned for the training. Auron knew his level was quite low. That was why he intended to raise his level before the exercise. Auron immediately left for another hunting.

Three days had gone quickly. During those three days, Auron spent all of his time hunting. He didn't even go back to his dorm or took some rest.

The only time Auron was resting was when he restocked his potion's supplies. Except that time, he would hunt madly. This time, both of his characters hunting together.

This way, Auron could save some money from buying potion. He could get a full experience point with half efforts.

Fortunately, during these three days, the glasses merchant really didn't forget about Auron. Every time the dungeon's chance reset, he would call Auron for farming in the Devil's nest.

And, just like before, Auron only get the experience points in exchange for doing nothing. Well, Auron still got the dungeon's run rewards.

Auron bought a lot of things to speed up his hunting progress, such as attack potions and buff potions. However, most of his money still spent on health and mana potions. During this time, he really longed for his mage character to get the alchemist as his side class.

However, Auron still didn't have any free time to do it. In the end, he could only frugally spent his money and picked potions that really needed. Fortunately, the dungeon's run rewards could help him finance his need. Moreover, Auron still had some money left from the mission's rewards.

Auron had tried to search for a dungeon party. However, it was pretty challenging to find one. Most of the parties were a farming party. Moreover, they only had one spot left. However, Auron still joined the parties that didn't require him to do anything and leeched the experience points.

With Auron hunting madly, his level also went quite a lot. During these three days, Auron had gained 10 more levels. All of it was thanks to the farming parties that allowed him to leech the high-level dungeons.

Although his level was still low, it was better than before. 10 levels was quite a lot. If not for the farming parties, he would surely get less than 10 levels.

Auron's time was up, and he was preparing to leave for the training's place. Auron already looked at the schedule, and most of it was a regular physical training schedule. Moreover, the first week was full of physical training like when he was training in Peter's class in the academy.

Auron checked his preparation and belongings the last time before he went to the training. After checking everything and making sure there was nothing left behind, Auron departed to the training's place.
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