Tales of Magic Swordsman
252 Bandit Alliance
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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252 Bandit Alliance

The meeting place was at the village where the training held. This village was picked because of a particular reason. It was because the village was far too remote to the nearest city or town. Moreover, near the village, there was the one and only bandit alliance in Gaia.

Although there was only one bandit alliance, this bandit alliance was a joint group by the four most prominent bandit groups in the entire Gaia.

At first, the bandit group was operated on their own. They created havoc all over Gaia. From pillaging a village, until extorting the noble.

The royalty and the military began to feel uncomfortable with the bandit group's presence. They announced a purge operation and recruited a lot of players.

With the help of players, the purge started. One by one, the bandit group destroyed. After several months of purging, from more than two hundred bandit groups, there was only less than halves of it left.

Throughout the entire Gaia, there were four most prominent bandit groups. They were Spring Bandit, Summer Bandit, Fall Bandit, and Winter Bandit. These four bandit groups felt disturbed by the kingdom's purge.

Feeling threatened by the condition, these four groups held an important meeting. And, from that meeting, they announced their alliance with these four groups as the leaders.

Before these groups created an alliance, each of the groups already huge on their own. When they joined the coalition, it evidently became bigger.

The kingdom's purge threatened the smaller bandit groups. They wanted to seek shelter for the alliance. However, from the meeting, these four groups already created a rule. If other bandit groups wanted to join their union, they had to become the subordinate of one of the leaders.

The small size bandit groups didn't really care about it. However, the medium size bandit groups ultimately rejected the idea. They didn't want to become someone else subordinate.

However, the purge still continued, and it began to become a threat to the position of the medium size bandit. In the end, some of the bandit groups gave up and agreed with the rule.

When the other bandit groups started to join the alliance, it began to become bigger and bigger. The kingdom could not help but begin to take this matter more seriously.

The kingdom poured out more and more resources to hunt the bandit as well as strengthen their defense in various cities and towns. Unfortunately, because of the limited resources and many places to defend, not all of the locations could be protected completely, such as remote villages.

Although the kingdom still tried their best to give help in defending the place, however, the number was limited. That was why there were still many villages that were raided.

The military turned to think hard how to diffuse this matter when they heard a rumor. The rumor said that the bandit alliance's headquarter was located near the area where the village that become Auron's training destination this time.

The military began to pay attention to the rumor. Several investigations started to take place. The result was that they believed the news was a truth.

Several reasons supported their belief. First, the place a too remote that it was a correct choice for this shady alliance. The next reason was that from the data there collected,  most cases were originated from this area.

Although the military still didn't find any evidence or the headquarter exact location, they already sure the headquarter was located in this area.

The military began to concentrate their military power to this area. However, the bandit also realized this change. They started to spread out their operation and reduce the activity in this area.

Once the four bandit's leaders felt they were strong enough to fight against the military. However, they proved to be wrong. They suffered a serious defeat. Fortunately for the bandit, that most of their important assets and information were safe 

With that incident, the bandit's leader also decided to stay low and just let their subordinate group took the credits. Without the big fish taking any action, the bandit activity slowly became normal. The military also began to shift their resources to another place.

However, they still didn't forget about this place and taking their time to investigate. Assigning a training session in this area was one of their effort to locate the bandit's headquarter.

The military most wanted target was the four bandit groups that led the alliance. They believe that if they could take down just one of the four, the alliance would crumble by itself since the balance was broken.

However, to do that was not easy. Each of these four bandit groups was strong. They could even destroy a town and small city on their own.

However, they didn't do that because the bandit groups still tried to create a solid foundation first. Moreover, the way each of the groups operated was different.

The Spring bandit group attacks by using a concrete and precise plan. They would let their men infiltrated their town target, and from inside, they would destroy their target.

The Summer bandit group was more frontal. They attack their target directly without using a sly tactic. However, they already picked their target carefully. They would only attack a target that was weaker than them or had a lack of security.

The Fall bandit group used a slow attack method. They would harras their target little by little. They put pressure on their target and tried to break their mentality. This bandit group would slowly destroy their target.

Meanwhile, the Winter bandit group used every sly tactic they could. They would use extortion, kidnapping the family member of the person in charge, until blackmailing or induced a rebellion. 

Each of these four groups were professional in their own methods. That was why they could rise up to their position right now.

This time, the military also hoped that the training batch had some fortunate members that could find the bandit's headquarter.
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