Tales of Magic Swordsman
256 Exposed 3
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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256 Exposed 3

Auron went in the direction of the two escaping bandits' course. He was in a great hurry. It was because it had been several minutes since the two bandits escape.

Right now, Auron could not even see the escaping bandit's shadow. He could only go in the same direction as them.

After several minutes of chasing, Auron found a forest nearby. Auron thought, "That forest should be where the bandits escaped."

With that in mind, Auron went inside the forest. Fortunately, his guess was correct. At the entrance of the forest, Auron found a trace of footprints. And it was still new.

Auron's confidence rose up. With high confidence, he followed the footprints and went inside the forest. Inside the forest, Auron kept on pursuing the footprints until, at a certain point, the prints split into two directions.

Auron didn't have the luxury to choose which footprints he would follow. Time was ticking, he quickly chose one of the footsteps.

A minute later, he began to hear a panting sound. Finally, Auron could catch up with one of the bandits. He quickly raised his movement speed.

With the increased speed, Auron saw the back of the escaping bandit. The bandit looked back, and he became panic.

In a hurry, he tried to increase his speed. However, he could not escape from Auron's clutch. Auron managed to cast an [Earth Spike] and aimed at the enemy's head. However, the bandit realized it and tried to dodge it.

The bandit avoided the [Earth Spike]. However, he could not prevent it completely. The [Earth Spike] thrust the bandit's lower calf.

The bandit screamed in pain. In a split second, blood gushed out of from the bandit's lower calf. The bandit was rolling on the ground, holding his calf.

He knew that his death was near. But, the bandit didn't want to die yet. Using all of his effort, he tried to stand up.

The bandit tried to run away limping. Unfortunately, all of his effort was in vain. Auron arrived beside him and stabbed his dagger towards the bandit's stomach. 

Auron also cast a [Fire Bolt] and aimed at the bandit's head. In no time, the bandit died. Auron deliberately attack fiercely since he still had one more bandit to chase.

Auron retraced back the path up to where the footprints split. Then, he took the other route and followed the footprints once again.

This footprint's owner had more time to escape. Several times, Auron had increased his speed. However, he could not see the silhouette of the bandit. Auron began to panic.

If he could not kill the last bandit, then there would be a high chance that his secret would be exposed. Auron kept following the footprints.

In the end, Auron arrived at the side of a river inside the forest. The footprints stopped at the river bank.

The river's current was not too heavy. So, the bandit must be crossing this river. Auron crossed the river quickly. It was not too challenging to cross this river. The river he had to pass when he still in the academy was more challenging than this river.

After crossing this river, Auron continued his search. He began to go deeper and deeper inside the forest. But, there still was no trace on the escaping bandit.

However, Auron didn't give up. He still kept on searching when suddenly he heard a bustling sound near him. He went to the source of the sound.

When he arrived near the source of sound, Auron finally saw the bandit who was running towards a cliff. Auron felt confused. Why would someone escape to a dead end?

Although Auron felt confused, but it was different with the bandit. He found out that Auron had already near him. He became more panicked. Quickly, he ran as fast as he could to the cliff.

The cliff was very steep and full of vines. Moreover, the cliff also very high that you could not see the top from the bottom. When the bandit arrived at the cliff, he hit several places on the cliffs. After five hits, the cliff shook.

Then, from the seemingly rocky cliff full of vines, a part of the cliff which, as big as two adult humans, automatically moved. In front of the bandit, a passageway was formed. The bandit quickly went inside the passageway and tried to close the passageway.

However, since it used an old mechanism, the speed it closed was slow. The pace was just like when he opened the passage. Auron, who saw this, didn't stay still. He chased the bandit into the passageway.

The bandit kept on pushing the button to close the passage. However, it was futile. The closing speed didn't get faster or slower. He did that just because he was panicked.

When the passage was halves closed, Auron had already arrived in front of the passage door. The bandit who saw Auron was near him, ignored the closing button and ran away inside.

Auron quickly went inside the passage and chased the bandit. He slashed his dagger towards the bandit's back. The bandit didn't try to avoid the attack. His mind only full of a wanted to escape thought.

He also ignored the pain in his back and kept on running. Auron launched his second blow. With this second attack, the bandit fell down.

The bandit was in fear of death. He cried and begging Auron while, at the same time, also tried to run away. However, Auron could not have any mercy on him. He immediately launched several attacks and killed the bandit.

With the bandit died, Auron's secret should be safe. Now, it was time to get out of this unfamiliar place. Auron went to where he was coming. However, he found out that the passage door was fully closed.

Clang... Auron tried to used his dagger to break the door. However, it was futile. The door didn't even have any scratch on it. He also tried to use his spells.

In the end, it also didn't work. There was something that nullifies Auron's spells. Oh no, he was trapped.
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