Tales of Magic Swordsman
262 Escape Plan 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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262 Escape Plan 2

When someone went into a prison or some sort of detainment place like that, they would not be able to send a message outside. Even for players, they could not send any message out from in-game.

When a player was captured, there were some restrictions on them. Their private message function would be disabled for a moment. They also could not delete their character until they were freed from the prison.

However, there was still a way for a player to spread the news outside. They could log out of the game and told their friends about the story. Then, their friends would log in to the game and spreads the news.

But, by doing this, there were some disadvantages. It would take some time for the news to spread. If your friend had a significant influence or position inside the game, then it would be easy for the NPC or other players to believe them.

However, if they were not, then it would be challenging to make the NPC believe them. Moreover, they could even be capture because of spreading a hoax news.

When a player was in prison and logged out from the game, then their character would stay inside the game until the time they were freed. This could be a benefit for the people who were only had light punishment.

They could log out of the game and avoid wasting their time inside the prison and doing nothing. When the player's punishment time almost finished, they could log in back to the game and continued their activities as usual.

However, if they did something substantial, then there would be a chance that it would be harmful to them. For example, if another player was in Auron's place right now. He could choose to log out. However, his character still stayed in the game, and all of the process continued as usual.

The player could choose to come back when the punishment almost finished. However, he would never know what would happen during the time he was not in the game. There could be some event that made the punishment accelerated.

There was also a chance that there would be another trial to redetermine their punishment. However, since there was no one to control the character, then the character could not say anything at all. They could not speak their defense. This could lead to an unpredictable end. Mostly, it would lead to the worse one.

Auron's mage character still got the same restrictions as the other players. He had already tried to send a private message to Roan, but it was useless. There was a notification that the game blocked the message function until he was freed.

When the other players could only have one way, which was to tell their friends outside the game, this was not the case for Auron. He could switch to his swordsman character. Auron had tried it before. That was why when the man was telling his story, Auron was mute previously.

After switching to his swordsman character, Auron could just do what he wanted. He could go and tell the military about this place. If it was other players, they had to rely on their friend's information to lead the army to this place. However, this was not the case for Auron. He could directly lead the military to this place.

"Really? But I don't believe you." The other prisoner said.

"Even if you really can create a commotion. How big the commotion that you can create from inside the prison? It has to be big enough, or else the plan will not be working."

"I can lead the military to this place!" Auron said confidently.

When the other man heard what Auron had said, his eyes became bright, "Really?"

"Yes, I am 100% confident that I can lead the military here. However, I can just lead the soldiers here and cannot guarantee that the military would bring a lot of people here."

"If they decided to bring only a few people, then we still should rely on ourselves to escape. However, I believe the commotion created because of the few military people knew this place, would create a huge commotion you needed."

Just like Auron had said, he could lead the military here. However, it would be difficult for him to ensure that the military would bring a lot of their soldiers here. The army had to be careful about the false news. If not, they would be lured into a trap.

That was why, usually, the military would send a few people to verify the news first. Then, after that, they would hold a meeting to decide their plan. It took a long time for them. Moreover, for this important news about the bandit's headquarters. They would even be more careful when they heard about this news.

However, Auron didn't have that much time. He only had slightly more than 20 hours. He also could not urge the military, or they would feel suspicious.

"How many soldiers can you bring here? If it was only one or two, then you better forget about it!" The man said.

Auron was pondering, "Can't we use your name? To make them send more people?"

"No, it will only bring the opposite effect. The army should already believe that I was dead because I haven't sent them any news at all."

"Then, it will be difficult. How many soldiers do we need to create the commotion you needed?"

"From my calculations based on what I know, you will need at least 100 soldiers. To be safe, give another 100 soldiers. So, you will need around 200 soldiers here. However, the more soldiers you can bring the better."

"Although they could not trample this headquarter, at least, they can create the commotion we needed."

Two hundred soldiers was not an easy task. If it was only 50 soldiers, then he could still do that. However, it was four times that number. Auron began to think about how to persuade the military.
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