Tales of Magic Swordsman
264 Alice“s help 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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264 Alice“s help 1

The man had already shown that he was competent enough to get them out of prison. Now, it was Auron's turn to show that he could invite the military to this base. He needed to bring at least 200 soldiers to this place.

"Yes. Although I don't have the confidence to bring 200 soldiers, but I will try it first." Auron answered.

"Okay, then, we will continue the talk after you can bring them out here!" The man said to Auron.

"Fine! I will try my best now. One more thing, during the process, I might be mute and could not talk at all." Auron explained to the man.

"Tch... I don't care as long as you do your part well. After all, you already ignored me once before."

A few seconds later, Auron went over to his swordsman character. He was in the middle of his hunting place.

Auron didn't waste his time and immediately went back to the town. Right now, time was not his friend. He only had less than twenty hours.

Auron took the teleportation portal to the Miderian. He knew that if there was one place that could save him, it was the military in Miderian. He was afraid that if he reported it to the military branch, then it would take a long time before they said it to the primary office.

As soon as Auron arrived at Miderian, he went directly to the military base. In the military base, there was a place where the citizen could report their problem. Auron went to that place.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The staff received Auron. However, she was yawning since it was already night.

"I want to report something important. Can I see your superior?" Auron asked. He wanted to meet with the one who had the authority immediately.

"Sorry, but you can't. You can report it to me. Then, I will tell them." The staff still answered Auron kindly.

"I can tell you. However, you have to promise me that you will tell your superior immediately!"

"Okay. No problem. You can talk to me." During her career life here, the staff had already seen a lot of people like Auron, who urged everything and tried to meet with the superior. They always claimed that they had an urgent matter. However, when they told their thing, it was only so so.

Nothing extraordinary or urgent as what they already claimed. And, Auron also had the same claim. The staff had previously thought that Auron was probably the same as the other.

Auron moved closer to the staff and whispered to her, "I have a piece of information about the bandit's headquarter!"

"Okay... Where do you find the headquarter at?" The staff asked calmly.

"It was at XXXX near Skemvil village. From Skemvil, you need to go to XXXX. Then, you will find a forest nearby. Go to that forest..." Auron explained the detail to the staff who took note of everything that Auron had said.

After Auron finished his explanation, the staff said, "Okay, thank you for your report. We will send a team to check the place tomorrow. You can go back now!"

"Huh?!" Auron was confused by the staff's reaction. She was so calm. Finding the bandit's headquarter was an important task. How could she delay the matter?

It was like what Auron had thought. Finding the bandit's headquarter was important. It was shown by the huge rewards for anyone that could give a piece of verified information about it.

However, because of the rewards. Many people wanted to get that rewards. They started to mention several places and made up a story. They just hoped that they would be lucky enough to get the rewards.

This was why the military had to verify the information first before making a huge commotion. Auron was stunned by the staff's response. However, he didn't give up.

If the military verified the information tomorrow, then it would take them another hour to come back and bring the full force. Auron didn't have that much time.

Auron decided to urge the staff. "See, this was why I want to meet with your superior directly! This is an urgent matter. We don't have that much time! Call your superior, I will talk to him."

"Sorry, sir! But you can't! You don't have to worry, I will tell my superior tomorrow. And I promised you, he will take your information seriously. So, just come back for now." The staff tried to calm Auron down.

"No, this is crucial matters. I don't have time until tomorrow. You need to check it first!"

"Yes, we will check it tomorrow, sir. Please calm down and go back for now. Don't you make any ruckus like this in the middle of the night."

"No! Where is your superior I need to meet with him!" Auron didn't want to give up.

"Stop, sir! If you continue to act like this, I have no choice but to call the guards!" The staff started to threaten Auron to leave.

However, this was really important for Auron. So, he continued to urge the staff. In the end, the staff could not hold it anymore. She pushed a button, and several guards come inside the place. They escorted Auron out.

Auron was thrown outside of the place. He could not help but stop his action. He knew if he continued to do it this way, then it would not only one or two guards that stopped him. He could even make the whole military his enemies.

In the end, Auron had to stop what he had been doing and began to think for another way. However, it was easier said than done. He had no connection inside the military.

Auron had been thinking for almost an hour. However, he could not find any other way to escalate the matter. When he was thinking, he saw Alice coming out of the military academy. She bade farewell to the guards who were on duty.
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