Tales of Magic Swordsman
265 Alice“s help 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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265 Alice“s help 2

"Goodbye!" Alice bade farewell to the guards.

"Have a nice rest!" The guards replied.

"Thank you!" Alice went out of the academy.

Alice was not in a rush. So, she walked at an average speed. However, during the walk, she felt something strange. It was as if someone monitored her.

Someone must have followed her from behind. However, Alice didn't look back. She pretended that she didn't know and just acted usually.

A few minutes of walking, Alice still felt a strange feeling. She wanted to look back; however, she tried her best to stop it. In the end, she increased her walking speed.

Suddenly, a hand was touched her left shoulder from behind. She immediately turned back and grabbed the hand with both of her hands. Then, she twisted the hand to the person's back.

Alice also kicked the man's knee joint from the back. The man knelt. Alice didn't stop there. She grabbed the man's hair and pulled it back until she saw the man's face.

The man was in pain because of his hand twisted. Then, the suffering continued when his hair was pulled back.

"AH! Ouch! Wait, I didn't want to harm you." The man spoke in pain.

It turned out the man was Auron's swordsman character. He was in a big headache thinking a way to escalate his report. When he saw Alice, he knew he had to ask for Alice's help.

That was why he followed Alice. When Alice increased her speed, he called her. However, he didn't know that he would end up like this.

Although Auron knew who Alice was, but Alice didn't know who Auron was. Auron was in his swordsman character, and Alice didn't know who it was. Well, nobody knew about this Auron's secret.

"Tch! You follow me from behind sneakily, and you said you mean no harm? All of the stalker always said that!" Alice furiously said to Auron.

"Wa... Wait! I mean no harm to you. I want to ask for your help!" Auron told his intention.

Alice frowned, "Why should I help you? I didn't know you!"

She also twisted Auron's arm harder. "Ouch!" Auron let a pained sound.

"I mean no harm! I am your apprentice's friend!" Auron said.

"Apprentice? I don't have an apprentice." Alice defy Auron's statement.

"Huh?! But, he said that he was your apprentice. You taught him your self made skill. And, he said that you only taught it to him." Auron pretended. He also began to tell Alice his mage character's appearance.

Auron knew that there was no apprentice since he was the one who learned the skill. It was only a reward and not because of the apprenticeship.

Alice tried to remember. A few seconds later, she realized who was the one that Auron mentioned. She only taught her skills to one guy. "Oh, you mean that guy! He is not my apprentice. I taught him the skill because it was a reward I had promised."

"How dare he claimed to be my apprentice! I have to teach him a lesson for using my name." Alice became furious.

Auron shuddered. However, he put it at the back of his head since there was more urgent matter. "Yes, that guy! I am his friend."

"Okay, you knew someone I know. But, it still doesn't mean I have to help you!"

"Wait! Hear my request first. But, can you please let go of me first." Auron pleaded.

Alice just realized that she still twisted Auron's arm. She saw that Auron didn't have any bad intentions. So, she let go of Auron's arm.

Auron got up while holding his hurt arm. His arm was hurt. However, he could not think about it. He immediately said, "Your apprentice... I mean, my friend was in danger! I need your help to help him."

"What happened?" Although Alice was furious because Auron's using his name for his benefit, but she still a teacher. As a teacher, when her student was in danger, she had the responsibility to help him.

"It was like this..." Auron told her the story. Of course, he twisted some truth.

Auron said that He and his friend was captured by the bandits and were brought to a remote place. What surprised them was the fact that there was a hidden machination that could open a secret area. He believed that it was the bandit's headquarter.

Fortunately, when the bandits were off guard, he escaped. However, his friend could not run away. In the end, he could only report it to the military.

However, the staff that he reportedly said that they would need to wait until tomorrow before they check the place.

"So, you want me to escalate your report?" Alice asked.

"Yes, I bet as a teacher at the academy, you have your connection in the military, right?"

"If we have to wait until tomorrow, I am afraid that my friend will be..." Auron showed a pained and sad expression.

Alice said, "I do have the ability to do it. However, I still need evidence. Do you have that?"

Auron shook his head, "No, but I can lead you to the place."

Alice was in deep thought. She didn't know who this man was. Alice had to be careful. What if she fell to a trap?

However, what the man said was so detail that only she and Auron's mage character should know. He even knew the exact date and place when she taught Auron.

She was in a dilemma. What if what the man said was true. Then, it would mean that his student was in danger. As a teacher, she could not ignore that. Should she bring a helper?

Alice looked at Auron's eyes. It was not the eyes of a liar. She decided to believe what the man had said.

In the end, Alice could not help but agreed to Auron, "Okay, lead me to that place! If what you said was true, then I can be your witness to escalate the matter."
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