Tales of Magic Swordsman
271 Escape 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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271 Escape 2

Auron and the man moved to the underground prison's door. The man took the key and opened the lock.

Click... After opening the lock, the man signaled Auron to be ready. Then, Auron opened the door. 

"Are you done? What happened inside?" Two guards were stationed to look out for the door. They thought that their friends were the ones who came out of prison.

However, they were wrong. As soon as the door opened, the man immediately attacked the guards. The guards were caught in surprise and could not avoid the attack. They fell as a result of the impact.

The man took one of the guard's weapon and used it to finish the guards. It was quick. The guards wanted to scream, but they could not. The man already killed them.

After killing the guards, the man took the other guard's sword and threw it to Auron. "Can you use it?" He asked Auron.

As Auron was in his mage character, he could not use the swords. "No, I am a mage," Auron revealed his class.

The man looked at Auron in surprise. Although he hadn't look at the way of Auron's fight, he could sense that Auron was proficient in close combat fight. So, when Auron revealed his class, he was shocked as close combat mage was rare.

However, the man could not think about it for too long and just accepted the fact. They were in a hurry to escape. The man exchanged the dagger in his hand with the swords in Auron's hand. 

After going out of the prison, it was also the first time Auron saw the man's appearance. The man had a shabby look. Maybe, it was the result of staying in prison. Auron estimated the man was in his late forties.

However, Auron could only look for a bit before the man started to continue. Because Auron didn't know the plan, Auron could not help but follow him.

Both Auron and the man went upstairs and arrived on the fortress's first floor. The situation was still normal. There was no uproar since the military hadn't come yet.

Auron could see a bandit was patrolling around the first floor. However, they were already yawning as their shift time almost over.

One of the bandits who were patrolling stretched his body as he said to his friend, "Ah, I am so sleepy. After this, I will go to sleep. What will you do?"

"Me, too. I haven't had a good sleep these days. I am thinking of applying for..."

Before the bandit could finish his sentence, a sirene rang loudly. All of the people inside the fortress could clearly hear it.

It was an emergency sirene that rang all over the place. As soon as the sirene rang, the commotion started to take place inside the fortress. Many of the bandits came down from the fort and confused about what happened.

However, they didn't dare to stay still and went as they had been trained. All of the bandits went outside and left the door to the outside wide opened.

The man and Auron knew that the military already launched their attack. This was why the man needed a commotion to be created. It wasn't easy to open the door on the first floor. There was an automatic lock and camera.

If it was a bandit that got close to the door, then the door would be unlocked automatically. Otherwise, the door would be locked. The man and Auron could not carry a dead bandit's body since it would draw attention.

However, if there was a military attacking, then all of the bandits would be deployed to the battle. The door would be left wide open to make it easier for the bandit's movement. This was the man's goal.

However, there was one thing that foiled the man's plan. The number of bandits inside the fortress was way over that what he had predicted. Bandits kept on pouring out.

If they went out right now, they would get caught. The man went back to the underground prison with confused Auron following from behind. After that, the man said to Auron, "Quick, disguised yourself as a bandit."

The man's plan was for him and Auron to take the bandit's equipment and clothes and disguised as the bandit. Auron could only follow the man's order and started to disguise as a bandit.

Auron felt uncomfortable because the bandit's clothes size was not fit for him. Fortunately, it didn't draw attention too much. 

After finished disguising, the man reminded Auron, "Remember, acted like you were in a rush!"

The man and Auron ran back to the first floor and towards the door leading to outside. The bandits were in a hurry that they could not know there were prisoners among them.

The managed to go out of the fortress smoothly. However, there was still a long way from the fort to the exit passage. Since the fortress was on top of a hill, Auron could see the battle that was going on.

The military's soldiers were pushing until midway before they encountered a vast number of bandits. They could not advance more and had to fight there.

Meanwhile, Auron followed the man and went down the hill to where the fight took place. Indeed, everything would not go as smoothly as they had already planned.

Auron and the man had only covered one-fourth of the hill went a bandit near them suspicious to them, "Hey, who are you? State your identity!"

The bandit was recognized Auron's face, but he still wasn't confident enough, so he asked. However, the man and Auron pretend not to hear what the bandit had said.

Unfortunately, the bandit didn't give up, he went to Auron and patted Auron's shoulder while asking, "State your identity!"

The man gave up all of the pretentious act and immediately attacked the bandit. The bandit was aware of the attack and could avoid it. Then, he immediately shouted, "Prisoners escape!!!"
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