Tales of Magic Swordsman
295 Arena Duel 7
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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295 Arena Duel 7

Auron ignored the merchant's mock. He began to chant a [Fire Bolt] spell. However, The merchant saw it and didn't let Auron to chant freely.

The merchant threw another potion. This time, he didn't use the [Throw Item] skill since it was still on cooldown. Inside the potion, there was a boiling red liquid. It was a flame potion.

After throwing the potion, the merchant dashed towards Auron immediately. He wielded his hammer tightly.

When Auron saw a potion was thrown at him, he stopped his chanting and moved to the side to avoid the potion. After that, Auron took out his dagger and moved to the side while casting another spell.

The merchant also saw Auron was moving, he changed his direction to where Auron was. Then, when his [Throw Item] skill's cooldown had ended, he used it once more.

Of course, it was tough to throw something at a moving target. Moreover, the one who threw the item also moving. The potion missed the mark.

However, the merchant was really a battle merchant, he focused out his attribute points into strength and agility. The merchant's agility attribute was higher than Auron.

The merchant arrived in front of Auron and used his hammer to pound Auron's stomach. However, before the hammer came, Auron had finished chanting his spell.

An [Ice Bolt] was shot towards the merchant. Since it was released in such a short-range, the merchant could not avoid it. Instead of dodging the [Ice Bolt], the merchant chose to exchange blow with Auron.

The merchant gripped the hammer tightly and maximized his power. Boom... Both of the attacks hit their target. The [Ice Bolt] hit the merchant's body while the merchant's hammer hit Auron's stomach from the left side.

The merchant's attack produced more damage than Auron's attack, so Auron thought, "If this continues, I would be the one who loses. I had to make some distance."

Auron tried to move away from the merchant. However, he could not. He was surprised to find out that his character could not move.

Auron looked at his character's status. There was a notification that appeared saying that his character had been stunned for a second.

This was also the result of one of the merchant's passive skill. When the merchant used a hammer, there was a small chance to make the target stunned for one second. Unfortunately, Auron was getting stunned at the first blow exchange with the merchant.

Seeing Auron getting stunned, the merchant used this chance to use [Throw Item] skill. He chose to throw the frost potion once more.

The potion was thrown at Auron in a short distance. Auron could not move because of the stun effect. He could only move when the potion was about to hit him.

In such a short distance and time, Auron could not avoid the potion. He got hit by the light blue colored potion. Auron received some damage.

However, the damage was not that serious. Auron thought that it must be because the merchant's skill level was low. Of course, the popular skill like this one must cost a lot. It happened not just to the merchant class but to all of the classes.

The frost potion had low damage, to begin with. However, what dangerous about the frost potion was the 20% slow. There was only a few skill and item that slow the target for above 20%.

This 20% slow made Auron could not react in time when the merchant threw another potion. This time, there was a green-colored liquid inside the potion bottle. An acid potion was thrown at Auron. When the acid potion hit him, the green liquid splashed onto Auron.

Acid potion didn't damage the target. However, a number was shown besides Auron for one minute. During that one minute, if Auron was hit by another acid potion, then the number would rise to two, and the duration would extend by another minute.

When the number reached four, then one of Auron's equipment would be destroyed and had to be repaired for further use. Auron kicked the merchant's stomach, who was ready to hammer him once more.

The merchant quickly blocked the kick with the hammer. However, Auron used the hammer as a foothold to jump away from the merchant. With this jump, Auron made some distance from the merchant.

Fortunately, the slow duration was about to end. The frost potion had only 10 seconds slow. When Auron landed on the ground, the slow duration had ended.

As soon as Auron regained his speed back, he moved further away from the merchant while casting another spell. The merchant chased Auron.

However, it took some time for the merchant to reach Auron. Auron had finished casting his skill when the merchant had arrived in front of Auron.

This time, Auron had learned from the previous lesson. He didn't use any [Ice Bolt] spell. Instead, he used [Fire Lance], which had more firepower and could blast the merchant away.

Just like before, the merchant wanted to exchange blow with Auron. However, when the merchant was hit by the [Fire Lance], he was pushed several meters back. Because of that, his hammer missed the target.

Auron used this chance to move to another place while casting another spell, [Sloth]. White mist covered the arena duel. This time, the merchant was the one who was being slowed.

With the merchant being slowed down, Auron began to gain the upper hand. Auron used the same strategy. He would move backward while chanting a spell. When the spell hit the target, he would move to another direction and made the same move.

The merchant also frustrated. Because of one wrong move, the advantages he got disappeared. He had already tried to move further away from Auron to get out of the spell range. However, Auron saw that and began to move towards the merchant.

At the end, when the [Sloth]'s effect was ended, the merchant had only less than 50% of his health left.
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