Tales of Magic Swordsman
296 Arena Duel 8
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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296 Arena Duel 8

The merchant felt sour. He was losing the advantage that he had built on. The enemy in front of him was so strong.

Auron had fought against two other enemies before him, but he still had 50% of his health left. It was a fantastic thing to do. Moreover, Auron was a mage.

The merchant shook his head. He didn't want these things to pollute his mind. He had defeated more than fifty mages throughout his entire time working as the test examiner here.

He thought that although this mage was a little bit proficient in battling in close combat, but in the end, a mage was a mage. Moreover, the mage had a lower level than him.

The merchant raised his hammer again. He had to win no matter what. A second later, he shoves his left hands inside the small bag. He took out two bottles of potions.

One had a white-colored liquid inside, while the other one had a purple-colored liquid. He threw the purple-colored potion towards Auron.

Then, he used the [Throw Item] skill using the white-colored liquid to himself. The purple-colored potion was a confused potion. When thrown at the enemy, it would make the enemy's sixth sense dull for a few seconds.

What made the confused potion special was that it didn't have to hit the enemy directly. When the potion broke, it would release a purple mist around the area that still had the same effect as the potion. However, the purple mist had a small area of effect.

Auron knew what that potion was. So, instead of dodging the potion, Auron shot a [Fire Bolt] at the potion midway and destroyed the potion. A purple mist spread from the potion. However, since it had only a small area of effect, the fog could not reach Auron.

Meanwhile, the white-colored potion was one of the buff potions. It increased the user's sixth sense and damage for a few seconds. As the merchant used the potion using the [Throw Item] skill, the potion's effect increased several-fold.

Auron could not prevent the merchant from using the buff potion. That was why he chose to destroy the purple potion midway instead of dodging it.

After Auron destroyed the confused potion, he looked at the merchant once more. But, he could not find any trace of the merchant in front of him. The merchant had moved.

Auron began to raise his awareness. He noticed something from his right side and looked towards his right side. Then, he found a silhouette moving towards him. It was already closed. Auron tried to raise his dagger to block.

However, he was too late. A hammer hit Auron's right stomach. The hit made Auron pushed back for several meters and was unbalanced.

Auron created an [Earth Wall] at his right side as a countermeasure. However, it was futile. The merchant had already moved beside him and hit him once again. The second hit was more powerful than the first one.

When the merchant wanted to hit Auron for the third time, Auron had used [Aqua Barrier]. The hammer hit the barrier. Then, Auron stabbed the enemy's hand using his dagger. Fortunately, the stab was successful.

Auron's dagger penetrates the merchant's wrist. However, the merchant seems to ignore his injuries and continued to attack Auron.

Auron had no choice but to duck to avoid the hammer. Then, he stabbed his dagger again towards the merchant's leg. The merchant tried to hammer Auron from above.

"It seems the merchant had ignored his injuries," Auron thought.

Auron rolled over to the side and cast a [Fire Lance]. A huge lance made of fire flew towards the merchant.

The merchant blocked it using his hammer. As soon as he blocked it, the merchant immediately ran over to Auron and attacked him once again.

Auron had difficulty when he fought against the merchant who had already ignored his injuries. However, Auron already had a rich close combat experience as a swordsman. Although he still had some lack, but he still could avoid some attacks.

Not only that, Auron could even look for an opportunity to launch a counter-attack at the merchant. Both the merchant's health and Auron's health decreased bit by bit.

However, Auron still the one who had advantages over the other. Fortunately, the merchant, who had been frustrated by Auron, had been blinded by his rage. 

At first, he tried to change several patterns from his attack and tried to attack Auron. However, as Auron still could avoid his attack, his stress began to build up.

With stress and rage had taken over the merchant, Auron began to have an easier time to read the merchant's movement and attack. Auron avoids the attack and even counter-attack the merchant.

Auron began to hold the key to win this battle. As time goes by, the merchant had run out of options as he kept making the same attack over and over again.

Finally, thirty minutes later, the merchant lost to Auron. With this win, Auron had completed his test to join the arena duel.

The staff who brought Auron came over to Auron and began to ask Auron some questions while the cleric heal Auron.

She began to fill in the needed detail like how to contact Auron, what Auron's nickname gonna be, and many other questions.

The staff also gave Auron the device to change his face. However, the device's functionality still lost against the device in the spy department.

Auron received the device, but he rejected the offer to change the name or the appearance. He chose to be this Savage Sickle as his persona in the arena duel. The staff didn't make any fuss, as many people also used their real name and appearance. What the staff didn't know was that this was not Auron's original appearance and name.

After finishing up everything else, Auron took the identity card given by the staff and went out of the room. As soon as Auron got out of the room, he met with the Insanity Gang's member.
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