Tales of Magic Swordsman
304 Trito 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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304 Trito 1

Semial's brother, Remus, told the story of how they survived. His brother had already tried their best to fence off the enemies. However, the enemies were too many.

Moreover, the enemies were not as weak as they had thought. The battles started to go south went Semial could not hold much more. He killed many enemies, but, at the same time, he also received many injuries.

Seeing that the situation didn't turn right, the other guards started to escape. Remus also urged his brother to escape. However, his brother was stubborn and didn't want to leave.

In the end, Remus had to make him unconscious. With the help of the injuries, Semial could not hold his brother's surprise attack and fell unconscious. His brother swiftly piggybacked him and ran away.

Fortunately, the enemies more concerned about the goods rather than them. So, the enemies only dispatched two pursuers, which Auron had killed.

"So, what now?" Auron was confused at what he had to do right now.

Remus also confused to find out for the answer. He tried thinking hard. However, before Remus could answer, Semial made a sound. Both Auron and Remus looked at Semial and saw that Semial was beginning to regain his consciousness.

"Where is this?" A few seconds later, Semial asked weakly.

"It is alright. We are somewhere safe." Remus answered his brother.

"What about the goods and our members?" Semial asked.

However, Remus changed the topic and said, "You need to rest to recover. Get some rest, we will talk about it after you are healed."

The weak Semial fallen asleep once again. However, a stream of tears showed in both of his eyes. He was not a kid anymore, so he knew the answer from his brother's response.

A few hours later, the morning came, Semial also woke up feeling better than before. He looked at his brother and Auron. Then, although he already knew the answer, he wanted to know the full story.

Remus told his brother what happened until they met Auron. In the end, Semial sighed dejectedly. He said, "I want to see the place."

Semial wanted to see where they were being raid. Auron and Remus thought that it was already morning, so the bandit would not camp there and wait for them. After thinking that it was safe enough, they also agreed with Semial's request.

The three of them went back to the place where they were being raid. A trace of bloody battles could be seen here. There was blood and corpses all over the areas. All of the Insanity Gang's members had died with no one survived.

There was also no trace of the goods. There was only the horse's corpse, which was used to pull the cart.

Semial cried out loud, seeing the corpse of his comrade. Seeing such a scene, although Auron was not received well by the gang, he could feel the loss that Semial felt.

A few minutes later, Semial had finished crying. He had to let go of the death. Then, with Remus help, Semial stood up and said to Auron, "Thank you for your help. But, I think this is where we have to part ways."

"Here, take this! You can exchange this with the promised payment at the town." Semial gave Auron his proof so Auron could take his payment.

However, Auron refused to receive the payment and gave it back to Semial. He didn't want to hear of Semial's rambling. So, he immediately used [Return Scroll] to go back.

Meanwhile, after getting refused by Auron, Semial wanted to chase him and insisted Auron to take the payment. However, Auron ignored Semial and kept moving on. In the end, Semial gave up and kept it for himself. Then, he went to help his brother to bury Insanity Gang's members.

Auron arrived at his last save point. Right now, he had to think another way to complete his spy mission. However, after a few minutes of thinking, he could not find any. In the end, Auron decided to go to Mischelvin first.

However, before going to Mischelvin, Auron didn't forget to report his status back to the military base. He told the complete stories about how he fought inside the Dark Cave until he had to escape due to the bandit's raid. He didn't forget to tell that someone was paying the bandit to raid their goods.

It took Auron almost an hour to report because he had to report in detail. After finishing his report, Auron was in front of the teleportation gate and ready to go to the Mischelvin.

A few seconds later, Auron had arrived at Mischelvin. After stepping out from the teleportation gate, Auron heard a loud voice. An old man was angry and rampaging everything. In front of the old man, two younger men lower their heads didn't dare to look at the man's eyes.

It was Semial and Remus. The place where they had to deliver the goods was near the teleportation gate. After the products were being stolen, Semial and Remus took the responsibility to report it to the one who gave them the mission.

"Don't you know who the owner of the goods was? I hire you because you said you were the best, but look at this!!" The old man raged.

The old man was the owner of the goods. He had hired Insanity Gang to deliver the goods to him. He intended to sell the products to the others. And now, behind him, there was the buyer for the goods. However, the goods were missing. What should he say to the buyer that had been waiting?

That was why the old man was very furious knowing the goods had been stolen. Moreover, he had lost face in front of the buyer.

After vent out his anger at Semial and Remus, the old man was panting. Seeing angry would not solve the problem, the old man went to the buyer and said to him politely, "Sorry, town's head, It looked like the goods were being stolen. We will compensate you fairly!"

It turned out the buyer was Trito, the town's head.
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