Tales of Magic Swordsman
305 Trito 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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305 Trito 2

Trito, with a darkened face, went closer to the old man. He faced the old man and furiously said, "How can you!!! I have wasted my time coming here, and you simply say that the goods were stolen?"

"Also, what about my down payment?"

The old man tried to appease Trito, "Sorry, town's head. I have paid a lot to hire a reputable mercenaries."

The old man looked at Semial and his brother, "Who knows it turned out to be a fake."

Then, the old man turned back again and faced Trito, "How about this? I will return the down payment. Double!"

Trito looked at the old man intensively. After a few seconds, he said, "Okay, fine! As you are one of my townfolks and I don't want to celebrate upon you misfortune, I will take your offer."

"Thank you... Thank you..." The old man hurriedly thanked Trito, afraid of him changing his mind.

"Let's leave," Trito commanded his guards behind him and left the place. At the door, he turned back and said to the old man, "I hope you didn't make the same mistake."

"Sure... Sure... Thank you for your graciousness." The old man kept bowing and thanked Trito.

After the old man settled his business with Trito, now, it was time for him to settle his business with the root of the cause, Semial and his brother. 

"So, how will you compensate my loss?" The old man didn't dilly dally and directly asked Semial and his brother.

"We will compensate for all the goods as well as the down payment." Semial also directly said.

Meanwhile, Remus, who heard his brother's intentions, looked at his brother. He wanted to say something, but he canceled his thought. This would cost them a lot. It could even break them up. However, his brother had said it, and there was no turning back.

"It looks like you are not a retard. Look here!" The old man took a piece of paper and began to elaborate on the cost. After elaborating on all of the expenses, he calculated all the costs and showed it to Semial.

"Here, can you pay this amount?" The old man aggressively asked Semial.

Looking at the numbers, Semial frowned. It was not because they could not pay the price. However, it was because the goods' price was higher than the market's price.

Seeing Semial frowned, the old man knew what Semial had thought and only said one sentence, "At least, you have to compensate for my loss of face."

Hearing that Remus triggered, he wanted to punch the old man in the face. However, Semial quickly stopped him, "Yes, that what we also thought. Here's the money!"

"Hmph... At least, you still have your conscience." The old man signed a piece of paper and gave it to Semial. Then, he left the place without even thanking Semial.

Receiving the paper, Semial sighed. He looked at his brother with a dejected expression. They had spent almost all of their fortune on this.

Auron had looked at how things turned out from the side. He felt pity towards Semial and Remus. However, it was not because they had been ripped off by the old man. But, it was because he knew that this was the end of Semial and Remus's careers as mercenaries.

This line of career was very harsh. They didn't care how great you were. It only took one big mistake to destroy you. 

However, Auron still respect Semial's choice. At least, he still wanted to take the responsibility. In fact, Semial had two options. He could report back to the one giving them mission and took the responsibility like they already did, or they could just leave everything and ran away.

Although he had to pay a sum of fortune, at least, he still could roaming around the city and town. If he chose the latter option, they would become a fugitive and could not wander around the city or town.

Right now, with the signed paper, they had settled their issues with their employee, and they could still enter the town and city.

However, Auron knew although their issues had been settled, but they still lost their jobs. Nobody would trust a mercenary group that had failed miserably. But, what's done had already been done. They could do nothing about it.

Auron went closer to Semial and Remus and greeted them, "Hey, we meet again."

Semial and Remus looked at the one who greeted them and found Auron, "Hey, what are you doing here?"

Semial also followed with, "Do you really don't want to accept your payment?"

Auron said, "No need, I have seen what happened just now. I believe you need that money more than I do."

Just like Auron had said, they really need the money, so they kept the money. They didn't forget to thank Auron, "Thank you!"

"So, what are you gonna do right now?" Auron asked.

Semial and Remus looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. They didn't have any plans yet.

"I need your help!" Auron said.

"Do you know someone who had been living here for long enough?" Auron directly asked Semial and Remus.

However, Semial and Remus was not local here. So, they didn't know anyone else besides their former employer, the old man.

"Well... We only knew the old man. However, as you can see previously, it would rather be awkward for us to introduce you."

"Yeah, you are right. Do you know where he lives? I will think of a way to start a conversation with him." Auron didn't give up.

Semial and Remus were confused. They didn't know why Auron really need to be introduced with a local here. However, as he had helped them a lot, they told Auron the old man's address.

Semial and Remus felt awkward. They were Auron's superior before. But, now, they became Auron's helper. However, they didn't mind at all. After all, without Auron's help, they would have already been dead.
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