Tales of Magic Swordsman
306 Lost Goods 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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306 Lost Goods 1

Semial told Auron where the old man's house located. He also didn't forget to tell Auron about the old man's character.

Although he only met the old man for not a long time, Semial could see the old man's character. First, the old man was stingy. So, if you asked him about something that related to money, it would be tough for you to get what you wanted.

Second, the old man was always bringing up other people's mistakes. Especially if it came to negotiation, he would always bring up your past mistake to win the negotiation.

Third, if he was in a bad mood, then it would last long, and everything would be impacted. So, if you wanted something, it would be better to avoid when the old man was in a bad mood.

Auron took note of the top three of the old man's worst character. Then, Auron bade Semial a farewell and went to the old man's house.

Near the old man's house, Auron stopped and pondering. Should he asked the old man right now? The old man should be in a bad mood right now because of the last incident. However, Semial had compensated him, and it seems he was happy with the compensation.

Auron was in a dilemma. He decided to move closer to the house and checked the old man's condition first.

When Auron near the old man's house, he heard the old man's laugh. It seems the old man was not in a bad mood. Auron tried to peek once more and saw another man was inside the house. It turned out the old man was receiving a guest in his home.

Not long after, the old man's guards spotted Auron acting suspiciously and questioned him, "What are you doing here?"

"I was looking at the situation. I want to meet the old man. However, from what I heard before, he was in a bad mood. But, I think I was wrong, right?" Auron answered truthfully.

"Why do you need to meet him?" The guards still wary of Auron since Auron's appearance was not a good guy's appearance.

"I heard he was the number one businessman in this town. I have an inquiry for him." Auron was making up an excuse.

The guards frowned. They felt that Auron was a liar. However, their boss had told them that any business inquiry should be treated carefully. As Auron didn't run away or looked like have bad intentions, the guards looked at each other and nodded.

One of the guards told Auron, "Wait here! I will tell the boss first!"

Then, the same guards went inside the house and whispered something to the old man's ear. The old man took a peek outside of the house and saw Auron. Then, he whispered something back to the guard and continued his conversation.

The guard exited the house and told Auron, "Boss was in a deep conversation with the guest and didn't want to be disturbed. Come back tomorrow! However, if your matter really urgent, then you can wait here until he is done."

Auron frowned. He could not wait until tomorrow. Auron raked up his brain and came up with an idea, "I accidentally heard the old man's lost his goods. I was a tracker, and I could try to find the old man's goods for a sum of money."

"Passed this message to him. If he decided to wait until tomorrow, then it is his turn to look for me, and maybe everything will not go as smoothly as today." Auron smiled.

The same guard went inside the house once again. Once again, He interrupted the conversation and whispered to the old man's ears. Hearing the message, the old man frowned. Then, he left his message to the guard and continued his conversation with the guest.

The guard exited the house and invited Auron in. The old man was greedy. So, when Auron told him that he could find the lost goods, his money thought conquered his mind. He had been significantly compensated, and if he could retrieve his lost goods, then he would have a double profit. That was why he decided to invite Auron in.

The guard knocked the door once again and went inside with Auron behind him. Auron went inside the house and looked at the old man.

The old man introduced Auron to the guest, "Come in! Come in! Let me introduce you. This is someone I hired to look for the lost goods."

Auron looked at the guest, and he was surprised. It was Trito. Hearing that Auron was a tracker, Trito frowned for a brief before he went back to his amicable appearance.

"Oh, hello. What a surprise! Are you a capable tracker?" Trito asked Auron.

Auron answered, "I don't know whether I am considered capable or not since I only handle five cases so far. However, from those five cases, all the missing things were found."

"Oh, only five cases so far. I thought you were an expert that had already handled more than hundreds of cases." Trito said to Auron mockingly.

Auron shrugged his shoulder, "Well, even for an expert, he must have been through five cases. There is no harm to try. After all, you only pay me when the lost goods are found."

Trito faced went dark. He stood up and said to the old man, "It looks like you have a more important matter right now. Let us continue our conversation next time."

"You don't need to see me out," Trito added.

When he walked passed Auron, he looked at Auron and warned him, "You better be careful to not poke a hornet's nest."

Then, Trito exited the house. Auron felt confused with Trito and asked the old man, "Why did he threaten me?"

The old man laughed and said to Auron, "Don't mind him. It was already his nature when someone talked back to him impolitely."

"Forget about him. Now, let us talk about our business. Do you really can find my lost goods?"
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