Tales of Magic Swordsman
311 Missing Clue 4
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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311 Missing Clue 4

Auron gulped a health potion and tried to attack the second bandit. However, the first bandit had arrived at the battle scene. He immediately attacked Auron.

However, before the attack could land on Auron, a [Fire Bolt] hit him first. It was Remus' [Fire Bolt]. The impact made the first bandit limped over a little bit before he could regain his balance.

Auron realized this. He canceled his thought to attack the second bandit and changed to attack the first bandit.

Auron moved and stabbed the first bandit. The first bandit just regained his balance when Auron's attack was about to arrive at him. He hurriedly blocked the attack with his dagger.

The attack was blocked. However, Auron also threw his spell to the first bandit. Unfortunately, the first bandit was not ready with this spell. He got hit cleanly at the face.

The first bandit fell down on the ground. He held his face and rolling over in pain. He was in a lot of pain due to the spell. Auron didn't stop right there. He wanted to finish the first bandit.

Auron took a posture to stab the first bandit who was on the ground. The second bandit saw this and tried to stop Auron, but he was a step late.

Auron stabbed the first bandit's stomach. The first bandit jerked, and a few seconds later, his body twitched lifelessly.

The second bandit saw the first bandit had died. However, he didn't drown in sadness. Instead, rage and fury filled his head. He slashed Auron in full power.

Auron was occupied with the thought of killing the first bandit. When the second bandit attacked him, he was a step late to dodge the attack completely. The second bandit's attack wounded Auron's right shoulder.

A paralyzing effect immediately stopped his action for a bit. The second bandit had already ready with his second attack. Fortunately, Auron still had Remus, who helped him. 

Before the second bandit's second attack could hit Auron, a spell hit the second bandit first. Auron also helped by kicking the second bandit's leg really hard. The second bandit fell down to the ground.

Auron immediately stood up and made some distance from the second bandit. At the same time, a loud shout rang out in the area. It was the third bandit's shout who was fighting against Semial.

Semial finally took the third bandit down. The third bandit had cut all over his body. Moreover, there was a big sword hole in the third bandit's chest. It was the wound that killed him. The third bandit slumped down lifelessly.

Although Semial won the battle, he also didn't leave unscathed. He got a wound on his left arm and right leg. Due to that, he was walking limping towards Auron's location.

The second bandit also heard the shout of his leader. He looked over to find that his leader had died. With the wound he had, he knew that he could not escape death. So, before Auron and his friend could do anything to him, he committed suicide.

This suicide ends the battle that had been going on. All of the bandits' corpse immediately disappeared. And, from the second bandit's location, there was a badge.

Semial and Remus, who was an NPC, didn't wonder about the missing corpse. It was because the game had altered their mind to find that such a disappearing body was common.

Auron went over and took the badge. This was actually a quest item. As a player, he had been guided by the system through the quest. Previously, when he was in the old man's house and stated his intention to look for the missing goods, the system created him a quest.

The quest told him to go to this place and search for a clue. Surprisingly, after searching for more than half an hour, he could not find any clue. This left him confused because the quest didn't say any exact detail.

Fortunately, when he was about to left the place, he met with these three bandits. Auron immediately knew that these three bandits were related to the quest. And, just as Auron had thought, when he picked the badge, his quest was updated.

The update quest told him to inquire about this badge from the adventurer association in Mischelvin. With a new lead, Auron prepared to use [Return Scroll]. He didn't forget to give Semial and Remus a heads up about where he was going.

A few seconds later, Auron, Semial, and Remus came out of the teleportation gate in Mischelvin. Since time was ticking, they didn't dare to dilly dally and directly went to the adventurer association.

The adventurer association in Mischelvin was bustling with activities. It was because Mischelvin was a first-rate town that was about to upgrade to a city.

Auron arrived at the adventurer association and went to the front desk. He put the badge at the table and said, "Tell me everything you know about this insignia."

Auron didn't forget to put some money besides the insignia. The office clerk looked at the badge and the money. Then, he said, "It was not enough. You need to double the amount."

Auron was shocked to hear that. Usually, a normal inquiry would only cost this much. When the amount was doubled, then it means the information was a secret or was involved in a bigger situation.

However, to finish this quest, Auron didn't negotiate at all and just took out the necessary amount. The clerk accepted the money and gave Auron a piece of paper with information inside. Taking the piece of paper, Auron and his group went outside of the adventurer association before reading the content.

After reading the content, Auron was shocked by the information. It was said that the badge belonged to the one and only bandit's group around this area. And, what shocked Auron more was there was a rumor around that the leader of the bandit's group was Trito, the town's head. However, there was no proof of Trito involvement with the bandit's group.
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