Tales of Magic Swordsman
312 Bandit“s Hideout 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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312 Bandit“s Hideout 1

Auron frowned as well as Semial and Remus. This news was very shocking to them. However, they tried to compose themselves. After all, everything was still a rumor.

Auron thought for a minute, "Maybe, there is a link between the military's suspicion with the rumor about Trito involvement with the bandit group."

"No... No... No... That is too far. Right now, I should prove the rumor first. Even though there is no link with the possible rebellion, but it was enough to punish Trito."

Auron looked at Semial and Remus and said, "Let's go and check the places."

Inside the piece of paper, there was also information about the possible hideout of the bandit. This hideout information was actually not a secret. You could pick a native adult here and ask about this matter easily.

There were several places in the piece of paper. Actually, it was just a deduction from the bandit's operational behavior. 

Actually, the rumor about Trito's involvement with the bandit group started from this matter. It was because the bandit group appeared so suddenly. It was like they came from nothing and appeared at their places.

With the sudden bandit appearance, the town's villager began to feel insecure. When the insecurity level was climbing, Trito started to act. He commanded the town's guards to eradicate the bandit.

From that expedition, the town's guards had brought out several corpses and showed it to the villagers. They claimed that the bandits had been killed. The villagers cheered up.

However, two days later, the bandit group appeared once more. The villagers started to feel insecure once again. Then, Trito stated that a new bandit group had appeared and started another expedition to clear the bandit.

These incidents repeated for more than three times. At the fourth incident, a villager braved himself and reported it to the military's branch at the nearby town. 

The military acted swiftly, the next day, the military had sent a group of soldiers to help the town. Unfortunately, after three days of patrolling the area and searching the places, there was no sign of any bandits at all.

This sudden disappearance was really weird. Moreover, the soldiers had tried to disguise themselves as a traveling merchant, but it was futile. What made this more unbelievable was after the soldiers were pulled back, the bandit started to appear once more.

From that point, the rumor about Trito's involvement in the bandit group appeared. However, none of them dared to accuse someone without any proof. Moreover, their suspect had a higher status level than them.

The military also didn't want to let this situation. That was why they sent the military's intelligence division to find the proof. Hence, Auron was assigned to this mission.

10 places were stated in the piece of paper. Auron, Semial, and Remus started to visit each of the locations. 

The first place, no sign of bandits. It was also the same for the second and third place. At the fourth location, Auron and his group met with a bandit group that was in the middle of raiding a traveling merchant.

There were 8 of the bandit who was raiding a group of 5. The traveling merchant had hire 4 mercenaries to protect him. He also deliberately walked in a small group to avoid bringing any attention. However, who knows that the bandit still got to them.

Fortunately, Auron and his group saw this. The three of them went and helped the traveling merchant group. They worked together with the traveling merchant's mercenaries and fought against the bandit.

At first, the bandit acted cockily. Not only, they had stolen the merchant's belonging, but they also bully the merchant's group. However, Auron and his group came to the rescue. 

The sudden surprise attack made the bandit caught off guard. They immediately lost two of their members from the surprise attack. With the situation turned around, the bandit tried to escape.

However, Auron's group had worked together with the merchant's mercenaries. They managed to capture three bandits, killed two bandits, and the last bandit managed to escape.

Auron had wanted to interrogate the three bandits. However, shockingly, the three bandits committed suicide by killing each other using their hidden weapon.

As they lost their newly found lead, Auron and his group could only continue to visit the other place. At the fifth and the sixth location, they found nothing. Auron had thought that it was because they let one bandit escape.

That bandit must have told their friend and hid. Surprisingly, at the seventh location, Auron found a large group of bandits gathering at the place. Looking at the large scale group, Auron didn't dare to come to close with only the three of them.

Auron took a careful look at the group of bandits from far away. He saw that some of the bandits carried a heavy bag. Then, one of the bandits who seems to be the leader said, "Hide the goods at somewhere safe."

Then, that bandit continued, "The leader has stated that there might be a tracking dog looking for these."

"Also, five of you go and look at the place where we got the goods. Find those three people that I sent previously. During that time, if you meet with the dog, don't forget to kill him. You will get great rewards!"

After saying this, five of the bandits separated themselves and went away with eyes full of greed. On the other hand, Auron heard everything. Now, he was 100% confident that this was the place where the goods were kept.

Auron looked at Semial, and Remus then nodded. Their task had been over. It was time to report back to the old man. Swiftly, Auron went back and reported back to the old man.

However, the old man's reaction was not as Auron had thought. The old man was shocked as well as skeptical. It was too quick. It was only half a day passed, and Auron had found the location. What if this was a trap to kill him?
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