Tales of Magic Swordsman
319 Dark Ancient Plant 3
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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319 Dark Ancient Plant 3

There were actually two ways of fighting this boss. The first one was what Auron and his group had done. They used one person as a bait while the others would attack it from far away. This strategy needed a capable bait.

The bait needed to focus so that he could avoid making mistakes. He needed to walk around the hall and also required to come back when his buff would end. Meanwhile, the damage dealer's task was very simple. They just needed to attack the plant using their full force from far away.

The second way was to overpower the plant. Actually, the plant boss only had 16 roots. So, if there were 17 people inside the circular hall, there would only 16 roots. So, they could just destroy the roots one by one.

 Each root had its own health point separate from the boss's health. Also, the roots were actually weaker than the boss. Although it was weak, the root had it owns functionality. When the enemy got hit by the roots, it would paralyze the enemy. Then, it would throw the enemy away from the hall.

However, that was not all. When the boss threw the enemy away, it actually recovered 5% of its max health. So, if the bait was not capable, the boss could recover endlessly.

The fight already lasted for 15 minutes long. And, Auron and his group could only decrease 5% of its health. It was because the boss had a tremendous amount of health. Its health was over 10 million. Moreover, its defense was quite sturdy for a plant type.

Auron and his groups could only damage the boss for 1000 - 5000 for each attack. This made the fight lasted for long. Not only that, but Auron had also spent quite a large sum of money. In the end, Auron had to borrow some money to Roan. He just hoped that what he got from this would worth it.

Another 15 minutes went on, and the boss had 91% of its health. It was not a surprise since the boss should not meant to be defeated by 7 people. Even for 17 people, it was still pretty tricky for them to defeat the boss quickly.

After 30 minutes into the fight, Semial's movement started to become slower. He began to feel exhausted. To focus out for 30 minutes was really difficult. Fortunately, as a cleric, Felice could recover some of his fatigue. Although, it could not wholly chase the fatigue away, but it was enough for Semial to fight again.

As Auron was fighting against the plant boss, at another place, a man was waiting anxiously. He walked back and forth with his arms behind his back. This man was Trito.

Previously, he had sent a messenger to the bandit group. However, it was already over an hour, and he still got no response from the messenger nor the bandit group. Combined with the fact that the old man dispatching a large amount of unit made him more anxious.

Trito opened the door and asked the maid at the front, "Is there any guest coming to me?"

"No." The maid answered politely.

Then, Trito went back inside the room while biting his fingernails. Five minutes later, he went outside once more and asked the same question to the same maid. He also got the same reply from the maid.

As Trito was anxious for the news, at the bandit's hideout, the old man's trusted guard commanded the hired troops to sweep the bandits. However, it was not easy.

Although they were called bandits, but in reality, they were a trained troop by Trito. Just as what the information had said, Trito had prepared a bunch of soldiers for his own use. He wanted to rebel.

However, to make his action hidden, he told the soldiers that he trained to become bandits. This way, he could also collect funds from raiding the merchant. 

Unfortunately, everything could not go as he wished. The kingdom started to feel suspicious about the anomaly that happened in the area. At first, he could still escape by hiring real bandits from somewhere and sacrifice them. However, it was not for too long until the kingdom sent Auron here. 

Since the bandits were actually trained soldiers, it was not easy for the old man's hired mercenaries and guards to defeat them. However, it was not impossible.

As the old man's guards and hired mercenaries launched a surprise attack, the bandits were not prepared by the attack. Some of them even didn't hold their weapon when the enemy attacked. After half an hour fighting, the bandits started to lose their position.

Some of them escaped saving their life while the other still tried their best to fend off the enemies. In the end, the bandits had to taste the bitter feel of defeated. The guards sent a messenger to the old man while the others were securing the bandit's hideout.

Inside the hideout, there was a massive amount of treasures. The hired mercenaries' eyes were bright because of the wealth. However, they didn't dare to take it. As mercenaries, they had their own code of conduct and waited until the old man came.

The old man was happy when he came here and looked at the treasures. However, he didn't stop there, he had to know who was the one that sent them. So, he interrogated one of the bandits.

When he knew that Trito was the one behind the bandits, he was so furious. He went on a rage for several minutes until he calmed down.

Suddenly, the old man laughed excitedly. He knew this was a chance for him to blackmail Trito. It had already been for long that he hate Trito. Now, he got the opportunity to pay him back.

The old man only took his goods that were stolen. Then, he distributed the other treasures to the hired mercenaries and his guards equally. He came back to the town with an evil grin.
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