Tales of Magic Swordsman
325 Destroy the core II 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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325 Destroy the core II 2

\"How could this happen?\" The king asked all of the people present in the room.

The king immediately held an emergency meeting after hearing the disaster. Inside the room, there were his sons and daughters as well as his trusted general, including General Elbert.

One of the military higher-ups answered, \"Based on what we know, this happens due to an ancient ruin that we had been investigating.\"

\"Ancient ruin?\" The king's eyes brightened when he heard about ancient ruins.

Ancient ruin was not something that could be underestimated. Its presence brought disaster to the world. If they could not handle it correctly, they could have been wiped out. However, with the catastrophe coming, the treasures and wealth also followed suit.

If they could handle the ancient ruin that caused this and get into the treasure troves, all of this damage would be worthed it.

\"Who found it?\" The king asked.

\"It was one of my subordinates that was sent to locate the ancient ruin.\" One general tried to show the king his effort and gained the king's favor.

\"Good... Good... How is the situation?\" The king tried to know about the current condition.

\"Reporting, the ancient ruin sent out many unidentified troops. The troops could fly in the sky and destroy every city it passed by.\"

\"It also attacks when it felt human's presence or other monster presence. Even the elderly and children could not escape from its attack.\"

The king frowned when he heard that it didn't even spare the elderly and children. Then, he continued to listen to the general's report.

\"The impacted area was vast. Fortunately, we could contain the attack to a certain distance from the ancient ruin. However, within that distance with the ruin as the center was devastated. We believed no one survived.\"

\"1 city, 8 towns, and 20 villages are destroyed. Meanwhile, the number of victims was more than 30 thousand live. We are still tallying the number.\"

\"What do we know about this creature?\" The first prince asked.

\"First, it can fly. Its power also stronger than an ordinary monster. Although it was weaker than the demonic monster, but its number was a lot.\"

\"However, the most important thing that we found was its strength was correlated with its distance with the ancient ruin. The farther it goes from the ancient ruin, the weaker its strength. That was also the reason why we could contain the monster from going further.\"

\"How about the number?\" The king asked.

\"We still don't know the exact number, but it seems the number surpassed one million.\" 

\"Very well, then. We will contain and stabilize the situation first while preparing. After everything was ready, we will try to move closer to the ruin. Send the news that we will give a huge reward for everyone who helps us to destroy the monster.\" The king ordered.

\"Son, you lead this operation.\" The king said to the second prince.

\"As you ordered.\" The Second Prince stood up and accepted the order.

\"I want to go as well!\" The Fourth Prince opened the door to the meeting room and declared.

The king looked at his fourth son that was still injured. Although all of the wounds had been recovered, but it was not completely healed. However, overall, the Fourth Prince's condition was in good shape.

\"Very well! You go as well.\" The king agreed to this fourth son's request.

\"Reporting!!!!\" A shout was heard behind the Fourth Prince, who was still by the door.

A soldier came to the meeting room and shout. All of the eyes looked at him, including the king. \"Good news, we saw one of the demonic monsters died under the mysterious monster! It had been confirmed by the soldiers.\"

\"Ha... Ha... Ha... Good news. That was really a piece of good news.\" With that, the king stood up and left the room while laughing happily. At least, there was a piece of good news. He felt that something amazing gonna came up from this incident.

One hour passed quickly. The military base in Miderian was flooded rapidly by the soldiers who were coming because of the orders.

During the past one hour, it was not like the military didn't do anything to contain the catastrophe. They already dispatched several groups of reinforcement to various city which had been impacted.

Not only that, the nearest military base to the impacted place even tried their best to hold on until the headquarter sent reinforcements.

Fortunately, just like what had the general had said. The farther the monster from the ancient ruin, the weaker its get. 

As this was Miderian, the Second Prince came to the military base, followed by the Fourth Prince. Behind them, several generals were assigned to solve this situation.

The crowded base became quiet as soon as this big shot entered. Without any orders, they immediately form a line based on their ranks and wait for their next order.

As Auron was just an ordinary soldier, he was at the back of the line far from the princes' location. The Second Prince and the Fourth Prince started to gather their team and explained what both of them had planned out.

The meeting lasted for 30 minutes before everything settled out. Auron was assigned to a team under the Second Prince's command. This new team was completely new. He never met with any of the team members.

Auron immediately had an idea. With these new members, no one recognized his ability as a mage that could fight in close combat, maybe he could go to the backline and act as an ordinary mage. Then, he could go to his swordsman character and grind the reward from that character.

Auron hoped that he could get huge contribution points that could give him a huge reward. However, he didn't blindly let his mage character went loose. He had decided to play his swordsman character, but he would still hunt near his mage character's place.

\"Yes, that's the only way.\" Auron firmly believed in his decision.

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