Tales of Magic Swordsman
327 Ancient Ruin 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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327 Ancient Ruin 2

The Second Prince and the Fourth Prince had split into two groups. The Second Prince would go to the ruin from the entrance that Felice and her group entered. Meanwhile, the Fourth Prince would go from the Cursed City's door.

Auron, who belonged to the Second Prince's group, went to the ruin's entrance that Felice had used. With the Second Prince's group in the lead, they pushed the monster quicker than the Fourth Prince.

It was expected since the Second Prince was older, which means he had trained longer than the Fourth Prince. The Second Prince's class was an archer. However, he was not like an ordinary archer. Each time the Second Prince attacked, he would shoot out three arrows from his bow.

Not only that, but each arrow was also heavier than an ordinary arrow. As a prince, his safety was also ensured. Royal guards were guarding him at the front.

\"Spread out! Don't let any single monster escape!\" The Second Prince shouted.

The area that had impacted by the monster was large. That was why they had to be really careful to sweep the area, or there would be monsters left.

Fifteen minutes later, the Second Prince's group had arrived in front of the ancient ruin's entrance. The entrance had been changed. Previously, it was a path that led to the underground tunnel. However, right now, the path was missing, and there was a portal above it.

The monsters kept on spawning from the portal endlessly. Not only that, in front of the portal, but there were also two giant 'butterflies' monsters that guard the portal. The wings behind its back were bigger than normal monsters.

When it flapped its wing, the wind it produced could blow a small chick away. The two giants only stayed at the portal without moving. However, when the Second Prince's group arrived in front of the portal, both of the giants started moving. Each step it took, created a footprint on the ground. 

[Giant Papillon] (Epic Boss monster)

Level: 520

HP: 1000000000/1000000000

MP: 12000000/12000000

Skills: Summon Papillon, Papillon's Roar, Gust of Wind, Fly, Earth Slam

Description: A giant 'butterflies' monster. Guardian of the ancient ruin. Although its body is big, but its speed doesn't decrease at all. Beware! It can fly!

\"One Billion!!!\" Auron was surprised when he saw the guardian's health point.

As a boss, the defense would be high, so a billion health point was huge. Moreover, there were two bosses with the same health here. Fortunately, this boss could be fought with many people, as this was an open field.

However, all of the thought immediately dispersed. One of the bosses directly flew to the sky and used [Earth Slam] and pounded the ground. The ground shook and vibrated significantly

With this one attack, several hundred soldiers and players died. Of course, the one that died was the weaker one. However, it significantly impacted the troop's morale. 

Auron also felt nervous. Cold sweat began forming on his forehead. Fortunately, he was not near the impacted place, or else he would become one of the victims.

Meanwhile, at the Fourth Prince's location, the same situation also happened. The path that led to the city hall was blocked with a portal. And, it was the same as what happened here, the portal kept on spawning monsters while there were two giants guardian that barred the portal.

Fortunately, the guardians at the Fourth Prince's location were much 'calmer' than the one at the Second Prince's place. It didn't use a skill immediately and only using a simple attack.

\"Tanks, go tank the boss. Healer focus on the tanks!\" The Second Prince shouted.

The boss swung his punch, and it hit several people. Some died immediately. However, some managed to hold on.

Seconds turned into minutes. After half an hour fighting against the boss, many people died. The players and soldiers had been naturally selected by the boss's power. The weaker died while, the stronger survived.

However, not all of the weaker ones died. Knowing that they could not survive against the boss, the clever one didn't dare to go near the boss and fought against the monster at another place. Auron was one of them.

As he knew that he could not survive, Auron stood at the back and saw the battle from far away. Not only that, but he also told his mage character to go to the safety. However, at first, by doing that, he was hated by his group. He was labeled as a coward.

But, a few minutes later, Auron proved that his decision was correct. His group's melee died while only the ranged soldier that survived. 

Seeing this, the Second Prince had commanded the weak to scatter around and waited at the back. This move managed to save some soldiers from becoming a corpse.

One of the boss's health had already decreased by 10% while the other one only had been reduced by 5%. It was thanks to the Second Prince's attack and several large guild's members that participated in the battle.

Roar... One of the giant used the [Papillon's Roar]. It decreased the attributes of the players and soldiers nearby while enhancing the boss's attack. Meanwhile, the other boss also used its summoning skill.

More than 20 monsters were summoned because of the summoning skill. These new monsters were more durable than the ordinary monster. Not only its speed, but its power was also more substantial. As soon as these 20 monsters summoned, they flew and scattered everywhere.

The frontlines were busy fighting against the boss and didn't have time to handle the scattered monsters. They could only leave it to the others at the backline.

Auron controlled his swordsman character and blocked one of the newly summoned monsters. Not only him, but there were other players as well that tried to use this opportunity to land a hit. By doing that, they could get some of the monster's contribution points.

Auron jumped and slashed his sword towards the monster's right leg.

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