Tales of Magic Swordsman
329 Giant Papillon 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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329 Giant Papillon 2

Auron went over to the nearby monster. However, when Auron almost arrived at the monster's location, the monster died first. A similar sight happened. All of the players nearby pounced to the monster's loot.

Auron looked at the battlefield. However, he could not find any other monster. The nearby battle started to gone one by one. The fight began to concentrate at one location, which was the portal.

As the battle took place at the portal, when the monster came out from the entrance, it immediately got hit by the area damage from the players and soldiers' attack.

Since there was no monster could escape from the portal, Auron started to move closer to the battle near the entrance. However, he still didn't dare to be very close. Many low-level players had the same thought as him.

Auron saw the [Giant Papillon] tried to chase the intruders away. However, it was also not easy for them. There were more than a million players around the portal. And, it was only the players, not including the NPC soldiers.

As an epic boss, the [Giant Papillon] had a high defense and magic defense. Its intelligence was also quite high. Many of the players could only damage the boss for less than 50. Meanwhile, the top-ranked players could damage the boss for around 100 even more.

The Second Prince also could not deal a severe damage to the boss. Although he was a royalty and his equipment could be considered high tiered, but still, his damage could only be compared to the top-ranked players. Maybe, slightly higher.

An epic rated boss and above had a unique skill compared to the boss below that grade. The boss had a natural regeneration. Moreover, its natural recovery was not low. The boss could recover 1% of its health each minute. So, if the damage to the boss in a minute was smaller than 1% of the boss's health, then you could put away the thought of killing the boss.

The [Giant Papillon] had a little bit of intelligence. The first [Giant Papillon], who was the one that had lower health, began to look at his the other [Giant Papillon]. Meanwhile, the second [Giant Papillon] also looked back at the first one and roared.

The one who tank the second [Giant Papillon] was not as proficient as Iron Wall. So, the second [Giant Papillon] still had a high chance to attack the nearby unit instead of the tanker. This made the second [Giant Papillon] killed quite a high number.

After being eyed by the first [Giant Papillon], the second [Giant Papillon] spread its wing and flew to the sky. It immediately used its [Gust of Wind] skill. However, it didn't target the players that attack it. Instead, it focused on the players that attack the first [Giant Papillon].

A strong gust of wind swept the battlefield. Compared to the other attack, the damage from the wind actually was not high. However, the hurricane that came from the wing was so intense that it made the players had a difficult time to stay on the ground. Some of the players who were caught off guard blown away and hit the other players nearby.

The Second Prince also got hit by the wind. However, as a prince, the royal guards had covered him from the wind.

Because of the wind, the attacks on the first [Giant Papillon] stopped. The first [Giant Papillon] used this chance to fly away and moved closer to the second [Giant Papillon]. 

The wind didn't last for too long. It only last only for 10 seconds. However, during those 10 seconds, there were already so many things that happened.

When the first [Giant Papillon] moved to the second one, it didn't just move quietly. Along the way, it also launched several attacks. It also opened a path for the monster that came out from the portal. Not only that, after it moved to the second [Giant Papillon], it got shielded by the second boss. 

After recovered from the wind, Iron Wall tried to pull the first [Giant Papillon]. However, it failed. He gritted his teeth. As a tank, to lose his target was a humiliation. 

\"Prepare the siege machines!\" The Second Prince shouted. 

The king put this ancient ruin in great attention. It could be seen by the siege machines that were given for this mission. Usually, the siege machines would not be allowed to be removed from the Bridge World except for maintenance.

Although the Second Prince got the siege machines, he actually didn't want to use it. Building a siege machine was not cheap, and it was easy to be destroyed. However, he had no choice but to use it right now.

The two bosses had actually work together. If they didn't resolve this situation quickly, then their effort at this moment would be useless.

With the command from the Second Prince, three giant ballista was moved and aimed towards the bosses.

A few seconds later, all the three giant ballista shot at the same time. Three big iron spears flew towards the bosses at high speed. Since the second [Giant Papillon] was at the front, the javelins flew towards it.

The second [Giant Papillon] was busy fighting against the other player, so it only realized the javelins when it was already closed enough. The [Giant Papillon] raised its hand and tried to block the spears.

The javelins hit the boss's palm and got stopped. Unfortunately, it failed to pierce through the boss's palm and fell to the ground before disappearing.

Although it didn't manage to pierce through the boss's palm, it managed to bleed the boss's palm. A number in thousands floated three times above the boss's head.

The first [Giant Papillon] didn't stay still. It flew above the siege machines before using [Earth Slam] again.

However, before the [Giant Papillon] managed to use its skill, Iron Wall had prepared and used his aggro skill. He pulled the boss's aggro towards him and canceled the boss's ability.

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