Tales of Magic Swordsman
201 Hide and Seek 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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201 Hide and Seek 2

Since scattered equipment had gone, there was nothing to do anymore, so the players went to hide once more. They waited until some players died and dropped a piece of their equipment.

However, since the one who was still inside the town had a high level or had a means of escape from the demonic monster, the number of equipment dropped became few. Moreover, the demonic monster ignored the low-level player who still resided inside the town.

Since the demonic monster killed many players in the town over and over again, the demonic monster also grew stronger as it leveled up. Some players who could escape it for the first time had a difficult time to survive now. With the current development, the player began to slowly hid once again and waited until the quest timer finished before logging out or got out of the town.

There were 15 minutes more before the quest completed. And, currently, there were around 400 players still inside the town waiting for the quest to be completed. However, not all of the players were the players who received the quest in the first place.

When this quest started, some players contacted their guild or their friend list and told the situation here. Unfortunately, since there was no teleportation gate to quickly arrived at the town, these new players had to go to the town on foot.

Some players were close to the town and went inside the town. Unfortunately, they didn't get any quest or participation token like the 1500 players, so they could not participate in the quest. However, they still could waited in the town and joined the hide and seek game; it just they would gain nothing.

Some of them refused to leave, although they could not participate in the quest. Instead, the players joined the fray to pick up the dropped equipment. Of course, the players should be high leveled enough to safely getting the equipment.

Meanwhile, Julia and her two fellow women kept on being together for everywhere they went. Since she was the most reliable player out of all the players here, she could freely walk around. Moreover, with the help of the two fellow women who kept on following her anywhere, she could even escape the demonic monster easily.

At first, the demonic monster chased her since she dealt a lot of damage before, and the demonic monster bore a grudge against her. However, with Julia's high level and high-grade equipment, although she could not kill the demonic monster, but she still could escape from dying under the demonic monster.

Although Julia could not escape from the demonic monster's hand, but she could make the chase endless. Moreover, she had help from her two fellow guildmates. The demonic monster who chased her also felt frustrated since he could not kill help. So, he changed his target to an easier target but still gave a lot of experience points.

Julia, who was safe right now, also didn't want to be left out from the equipment picking time. She and her two fellow guildmates also picked up the scattered equipment on the ground. She gained a lot from picking the equipment.

However, that only happened in the first few hours. The demonic monster also gained experience point from killing several players, which made him getting stronger as time goes by. Every time they had a chance, the demonic monster would fight against the three women.

But when the fight would going endless, the demonic monster changed his target and killed the other players, and it happened several times. And, each time, the demonic monster faced the three women. Although the three women still could escape and fight back, but the fight was more difficult each time they met.

Moreover, some high leveled players made a mistake and died under the demonic monster's hand. The players gave the demonic monster a massive amount of experience made him faster to level up. As the demonic monster's level increased, not only his strength increased but also his intelligence.

The demonic monster started to read the player's escape pattern and fighting pattern. He also employed some deceiving tactics. Less and fewer players could escape from the demonic monster, which made them gone to hide.

As the demonic monster's intelligence increased, the demonic monster also began to have the ability to talk in human speech. Before, the demonic monster's laugh would be like a roar, but now its laugh was the same as a human's laugh. The demonic monster also began to learn some human words.

When there was five more minutes before the quest ended, the demonic monster started to kill all of the players randomly. Even the low leveled player who was ignored by him before also could not escape from his massacre. The one who was still save was the one who could escape from him.

With the demonic monster started to kill low-level players, Auron and the other low leveled player who was hiding became nervous. Auron wished that the time would go on faster. He didn't want to die since the death penalty for him was twice the amount of ordinary player's death penalty.

The demonic monster started to wreak havoc. It killed a low-level player who was hiding in one of the corners in the town. And, the corner where that player hiding was in the opposite direction of Auron's hiding place.

Auron prayed that the demonic monster would go on in the other direction. However, the god didn't answer Auron's prayer; the demonic monster was looking at his hiding place. Auron became panicked. 

When the demonic monster set out to Auron's direction, Auron didn't want to stay idle and wait for his death. So Auron went out from his hiding and went to escape. The demonic monster knew Auron went out from his hiding place; he changed his direction and wanted to intercept Auron.

Auron didn't know that the demonic monster wanted to intercept his way. Fortunately for Auron, during the demonic monster way to Auron, the demonic monster met Julia and her two fellow guildmates who were out for another equipment picking.

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