Tales of Magic Swordsman
342 Summoning Portal 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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342 Summoning Portal 2

The summoning portal was glowing red. Then, one [Giant Papillon] emerged from the portal. The [Giant Papillon] was not the same as the [Giant Papillon] that they met outside. The [Giant Papillon here had a higher level compared to the previous [Giant Papillon].

Not only that, but the summoning portal also spawned the monster faster. Previously, it would summon a monster every 10 seconds. But, now, the spawning time reduced by 50%. Moreover, every 5 seconds, it would summon two monsters.

The Fourth Prince led the troops and charged towards the [Giant Papillon]. However, before they could attack the [Giant Papillon], they still needed to clear the path first.

There were still many monsters gathered in front of the summoning portal. Although Auron joined the Fourth Prince's party, but he didn't go to the front. He was on the second line from the front. It was because of Auron's level.

Auron was still level 233, but the monsters here were already above level 500. Of course, Auron could only participate in the battle passively. Not only Auron, but there were also some people that like Auron. 

That was why, despite the fact the number of people here pretty huge, but the number of people that could participate actively in the battle not much, especially the melee class.

Actually, Auron could participate in the battle since he could use his magic spell. However, of course, he would not use it here where the place was crowded with people.

Fortunately, the Fourth Prince was a compassionate man. He didn't force people like Auron since he knew that it would be no use if they participate in the battle. Of course, he was also a fair man. The Fourth Prince took note of their contributions to the struggle. People like Auron, who passively participated in the battle, would receive lower rewards.

\"Clear the small fry first!\"

\"Tanks! Make the boss busy until we cleared all of the small fries around the area!\"

\"Block the monster from the left path!\"

The Fourth Prince shouted out a series of commands. His plan was to clear the small fries first around the area before killing the boss. Not only that, besides the summoning portal, there was a path that lead to the other corner of the place. Monsters were coming from that path. That was why he had to assign several people to block the monsters' path.

Auron joined in the group that attacked the portal. He looked at the crowded battle. As a swordsman, he should be battling at the front. However, because of his level, he could not.

However, Auron didn't want to participate in the battle passively. A battle like this would give a lot of experience if he could land a hit on the monster at least once. He thought hard on how to achieve that feat.

A thief could use a bow to attack from far away while a merchant could use its [Throw Item] skill to participate in the battle. Meanwhile, a swordsman didn't have that luxury. Fortunately, some of their ability, such as [Wind Slash] or [Wind Cutter], had a good range. It could be used to attack the monster in front of the user.

Auron decided to use that skill. Of course, he could not participate well enough in the battle by only relying on those skills. However, it was still better than doing nothing.

Auron unleashed several skills. Then, he waited until all of the skills off cooldown. And, he unleashed the skills once more. Auron did this several times.

After several times, the other swordsman players who also had a level below 500 also started to notice Auron's action. They immediately followed Auron's action by using their skills. This way, the damage went up. Although it was not a lot, but the damage was decent.

The [Giant Papillon] roared and summoned its minion. Twenty minions soared from the [Giant Papillon]'s back and immediately attacked the front line. Seeing the fast minions, Auron moved back. He had already know the power of these minions from his previous encounter.

Previously, he could still manage to hold one or two attacks from the minions. However, as the [Giant Papillon] had an increased level, this means that the minions' level also increased. Though Auron believed he still could hold one or two attacks from the minions, but he didn't want to test it yet.

In this chaotic battle, a simple attack could lead to a grave situation. Moreover, the [Giant Papillon] had an area attack. Also, the monsters from the portal started to stack up.

The royal guards and the Fourth Prince kept on pushing the monster's horde. Fortunately, the speed that the monsters died was faster than the summoning portal's rate. This way, the number of the monsters reduced. Slowly, the path to the boss became clearer and clearer.

Meanwhile, the other path that led to the other summoning portal was crowded with monsters. There were a bunch of groups that stationed there and hold the monsters. The monster's number surpassed the people that guarding the path.

However, it was still enough to hold the monsters advanced. After all, their task was only to keep the monsters until the portal destroyed.

\"Keep attacking the boss! Some of you go help the blocking team!\" The Fourth Prince commanded some of his royal guards to help the blocking team.

The battle was already going on for 10 minutes since the first time they attacked the summoning portal. After these 10 minutes, the [Giant Papillon]'s health already reduce by 3%. Because of no siege machine, the damage output surely decreased. But, there was only one [Giant Papillon], which made all of the participants here focused on it.

With the small fries cleared out, the damage output on the boss surely increased a lot. However, they still needed to be careful as the boss was still powerful enough.

Meanwhile, the situation at the Second Prince was better than the Fourth Prince's place. More strong guild leaders assisted the Fourth Prince compared to the Second Prince.

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