Tales of Magic Swordsman
346 Sckilemd Ruin“s Core 3
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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346 Sckilemd Ruin“s Core 3

The Fourth Prince decided to trust Auron. After all, if he failed, he would die. So, if he was being scammed or not, in the end, he could not bring his money with him. Moreover, what Auron had said actually made sense, given if he was truly looked at Auron's condition.

\"Give this to the bank and withdraw 500 million golds. Use all of that money to buy the mana potions.\" The Fourth Prince said to Auron while handing him a token.

[You have received the Fourth Prince's token]

Auron received the token politely and put it inside his inventory. He commanded his mage character to go to the bank.

However, the general, besides the Fourth Prince, was shocked. He looked at the Fourth Prince, then looked at Auron furiously. He was very sure that Auron would scam the prince.

But, as the Fourth Prince already decided what to do, the general could not do anything. He could only help the Fourth Prince to watch over the money.

\"So, how long will it take for the mana potions to be delivered?\" The general asked Auron.

\"It depends. I don't know whether the bank's management would act quickly upon seeing the token, or they will take their time. But, I can guarantee you, after I get the money, at most, it will only take 10 minutes.\" Auron said.

\"10 minutes? It is too long. Not to mention the time it will take for the bank to verify the token.\" The general said with a high tone. 

\"I will do my best to reduce the 10 minutes, but I can't help with the bank verification.\" Auron shrugged his shoulder. \"Now, if you will excuse me. I need somewhere quiet.\"

Auron started to walk to the back, outside of the dried lake. Meanwhile, the general gritted his teeth and looked at the Fourth Prince. All of this time, the Fourth Prince kept on looking at Auron. As he sensed the general seeing him, the Fourth Prince looked back at him and nodded.

Then, the Fourth Prince turned around and faced the terrible battle that was still going on. Meanwhile, the general bowed to the Fourth Prince and followed behind Auron.

Meanwhile, Auron already stayed at the back and went over to his mage character. When he took control of his mage character, he was already in front of the bank.

Auron took a step forward and went inside the bank with charisma. He walked calmly to the bank clerk and said, \"Ask your manager to come, quick!\"

The bank clerk was astonished with Auron's bold action. As it was a bank, they had a standard operating procedure (SOP). They could not just call the manager for menial things, so she tried to explain to Auron.

However, Auron, with his arrogant attitude, didn't bother explaining and showed over the Fourth Prince's token. The bank clerk saw the token and could see the royal symbol engraved in the token, she immediately stood up and went over to call the manager.

Not everyone would dare to counterfeit a royal symbol since it would mean death. However, there were still people who brave enough to try this. That was why, based on the bank's SOP, it was not the clerk's responsibility to identify it.

The manager quickly came with the previous bank clerk. Then, the manager looked at Auron and observed the token in his hand. \"Who gives you this?\" The manager said.

\"The Fourth Prince,\" Auron answered short.

The manager frowned. He already knew about the expedition, so he knew that the Fourth Prince joined the expedition. However, he didn't know that no one could come or exit the ruin until everyone inside died or cleared the ruin.

The manager hesitated. Seeing the manager hesitated, Auron said, \"I know your procedure. However, can you be quick? I was under the Fourth Prince's order to withdraw 500 million golds. Do you dare to make the Fourth Prince wait?\"

Hearing Auron's words, the manager woke up from his thought. He had already saw the token, and it was very genuine. However, he still had his doubt as he looked at Auron.

The manager could not help but said politely, \"We have to verify the token first to the royal family. Would you mind waiting?\"

Auron frowned. This was what Auron had afraid of. Although on the outside, he was arrogant and calm, but inside, he was nervous. After all, this situation was an opportunity, as well as a challenge. 

If he could use this chance well, he would gain the Fourth Prince's favor. Auron threw back a question to the manager, \"Yes, it was not a problem for me. However, I don't know whether the Fourth Prince would mind waiting?\"

The manager knew that Auron could always use the Fourth Prince's name to pressure him. He was in an awkward position because of Auron's question.

However, before he could say anything, Auron said, \"How about if we do this, give me 10 million golds first, then I can give it first to the Fourth Prince while you are verifying the token.\"

The manager saw hope through Auron's words. Seeing Auron wanted to cooperate, his impression of Auron rose. \"Okay, I agree with your suggestion.\"

The manager called out another bank clerk to bring the money. Then, in no time, the money was already in front of Auron.

Auron took the money and said to the manager before leaving, \"I have to use this money to buy something for the Fourth Prince. If you don't believe in me, you can ask someone to follow me so I would not escape. However, as this was a secret task by the Fourth Prince, I asked you to maintain your distance.\"

Auron left the Fourth Prince's token and brought the money with him. Then, he went to the potion's store.

All this time, Auron had using a disguise to prevent his identity known. However, as he bought a cheap disguise tool in the black market, it had low quality. As he left the bank, Auron's face had revert back to his original look.

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