Tales of Magic Swordsman
348 Fourth Prince“s Order 2
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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348 Fourth Prince“s Order 2

In front of the bank, there were already the bank's manager as well as the royal troops. One of the general had led the troops here when they heard that someone claimed to be under the Fourth Prince's order.

That person also brought a token that had the royal symbol engraved on it. Everything related to the royal family would be taken seriously, even though it was just a royal symbol. That was why a general was sent here.

"Where is the token and the man?" The general asked the bank's manager.

As Auron had given the token to the bank's manager for a verification, the token was in the bank's manager's hand. He handed over the token to the general.

The general received it and looked carefully. After several minutes looking at the token, the general frowned. He thought, "This token was really genuine. However, it could not be the case since the Fourth Prince was inside an ancient ruin. So, if this thing was real, how can this be here?"

The general faced the bank's manager and asked with a high tone, "Where is the man who carried this thing?"

Hearing the high tone, the bank's manager felt amiss. "Something was wrong," He thought. Then, he answered the general timidly, "That man claimed that he was under the Fourth Prince's order to do something secret. However, I have got some people to follow him."

"Look! That's him." The bank's manager saw Auron was coming toward them and pointed at him.

The general looked at Auron carefully. The man before him was so ordinary that it would not seems he could steal the token from the Fourth Prince. However, to accept the fact that he was under the Fourth Prince's order was also not possible. There were much more capable man that followed the Fourth Prince to the ancient ruin.

If the Fourth Prince wanted to give some secret order, why should he choose this ordinary man before him? The general was deep in thought when Auron came close to him calmly and bowed, "Greetings, general."

The general asked Auron while showing the token, "Where did you get this?"

"The Fourth Prince gave it to me. Before you asked me further, please read this letter." Auron handed the letter that was written by the Fourth Prince.

Then, Auron looked at the bank's manager, "Have you prepared the money?"

The bank's manager was shocked when he saw Auron's action, who didn't seem afraid even though there was a general here. Although Auron asked him, but he didn't answer the question; instead, he looked at the general's expression.

The general frowned when he saw the royal stamp in front of the letter. The more he read the message, the more his expression became weird. Auron looked calm, even though he didn't know what the letter's content was.

Auron believed the Fourth Prince that he would keep his word and would not make Auron's jobs harder. Not long after, the general looked at the bank's manager and said, "Gave him the money! Everyone disperses, the show was over!"

As the general came here, the commotion brought a lot of attention from the resident here. After verifying the letter, he still didn't want to believe what he read. However, the royal token and the royal stamp had more or less proofed everything. Moreover, the letter's content was what the Fourth Prince would write.

Auron bowed once more to the general, "Thank you, general!"

Meanwhile, the bank's manager hurriedly went inside the bank and retrieved the money. Soon, he brought back all 490 million golds that the Fourth Prince had requested.

The general went closer to Auron and said, "With that big sum of money, let us protect you along the way."

Auron looked at the general and smiled, "Okay, no problem."

Auron knew that the general would do this not to protect him, but to put him under his surveillance. He didn't mind. However, he reminded the general about the same thing that he said to the bank's manager, "This is the Fourth Prince's secret order. So, I hope you can maintain some distance. If you are curious about the order, you can ask the Fourth Prince directly when you meet him."

The general didn't say anything and nodded. Then, he, with his soldiers, followed behind Auron.

Auron walked as if nothing happened. He didn't rush to the potion store and just walked calmly. Fortunately, the potion store was not too far from there. In no time, he arrived at the potion store back.

Before going inside, Auron looked at the general behind him and gave a sign not to follow him inside. Then, he went inside the store.

Inside the store, the store's manager was shocked by the massive crowd outside the store. He looked at the man who was coming inside the store. It turned out the same man as before.

Seeing the vast crowd, the store's manager went forward. However, before he could say anything, Auron asked, "Have you prepared the mana potions?"

"Yes, as long as you have the money." The store's manager said.

"Then, prepare 490 million golds worth mana potions. Also, give me a private room and sent the potions in batches."

The store's manager became more astonished as he saw Auron could take out that much money. He immediately thought Auron's words that he was under the Fourth Prince's order.

With that, the store's manager immediately changed his way of treating Auron and quickly prepared the best reception. He also put this task at the topmost priority, and he even drove everyone else out.

The store's manager led Auron to the private room and waited outside the room while Auron went inside the room.

Inside the room, Auron sat in chair patiently. He also used the disguise tool once more since the effect had gone. Not long after, there was a knock on the private room's door. The first batch of mana potions had arrived. Auron let the store's manager in.

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