Tales of Magic Swordsman
353 Alchemist Test 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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353 Alchemist Test 1

Auron arrived at the test room. In front of him, there was already a desk and many empty potion flasks on it. To his right side, there was a rack full of herbs. It was the ingredient for the potion.

The alchemist's entrance exam was uncomplicated. It was to create the easiest potion from all, the basic health potion.

Alchemy was different from blacksmithing. In blacksmithing, the blacksmith would need a blueprint, and that said blueprint would also be consumed. However, the alchemy was slightly different.

Alchemy didn't consume the potion recipe that was used. However, the alchemist still needed to bring the potion recipe if they wanted to create some potions. This was also one of the reasons why alchemy was more popular than blacksmithing.

As long as they fulfilled the minimum alchemy's skill level and had the recipe, they could make the potions. Actually, the basic health potion needed one to be a level 1 Junior Alchemist. However, for the sake of the examination, the alchemy's hall already created a simpler formula from it.

And, that formula was the one that was used for this entrance examination, the [Training - Basic Health Potion]. Although it was a simpler one, the difficulty was not that much different from the original [Basic Health Potion].

Auron took the recipe and went to the rack full of herbs. There were two stages in alchemy. The first stage was to prepare the ingredients. Meanwhile, the second stage was the most essential, the creation stage.

Auron never had any experience at all in the alchemy field. However, from what he heard, alchemy was simple and easy. As long as you follow the steps at the potion's formula correctly, it would result in success.

Actually, what Auron heard was half right. The first few potion formulas that could be bought in the alchemy hall was truly easy. However, as the potion level raised, it also became more complicated. Hence, the difficulty increased significantly.

That was also the reason many alchemists stuck at the Medior level and could not increase further. Many of them even became desperate and changed their side class. However, some of them also still satisfied with the income from that few basic potions formula and kept the class.

Auron looked at the potion's formula then at the herb's rack to find the ingredients. The rack was full of herbs. Among them, not all of them were the herb's used for the potion's formula. Some were used for higher-level potions. There even an ordinary wild grass inside the rack.

Even though Auron didn't have any experience in the field of alchemy, but with his experience playing the game, he knew which herb was an alchemy ingredient and which not. Moreover, this potion's formula was not that difficult. In no time, Auron had picked all of the ingredients he needed.

Auron brought all of the ingredients he needed to the work table. Then, he started to work on the ingredients. For this kind of potion, the preparation required was not complicated. Auron only needed to cut some parts of the herbs that were not used. After that, he would need to grind the herbs until it became crushed.

However, what made this difficult was the amount of the herbs that used was a lot. Not only that but the piece that needed to be cut also had to be precise. If it was cut a millimeter short, then the potion would be ruined.

Auron started to take a knife and cut the herbs one by one. He separated the part that was needed and the unnecessary part. There were more than 50 kinds of herbs that he needed to prepare, even though this potion was a lower level one.

Fortunately, since the herbs used was also a low grade one, there was no time limit on how long they prepared the ingredients. Some higher-grade herbs were kept inside a medicine box to prevent the herbs' medicinal effect leaked out. So, if an alchemist was using that kind of herbs, there was a time limit for them for the potions produced to be a good one.

Auron took his time carefully. He wanted to take his time calmly and used this chance to learn about the alchemy world.

Auron measures a part of the herbs using his hands. Then, slowly he would use his knife to cut down the unnecessary piece. After finishing preparing a herb, he would go to the next herb.

After everything being cut, some herbs needed to be crushed until it became soft. So, Auron took a grinder and crushed it until it became mush. Then, he moved to the next herb.

It took Auron for almost 1 hour to prepare the ingredients needed. It was considered a long time for an alchemist to use this much time to prepare these kinds of ingredients.

The examiner looked at Auron carefully. He didn't comment on anything and just took note of his paper. He looked at the time and shook his head.

The examiner felt that the time Auron used was too long. He minus some of Auron's score. Unfortunately, for Auron, his examiner this time was somewhat strict. He would not spare even to a beginner like Auron.

Although Auron's score was reduced. But, it would not affect his passed chance as long as he could produce the potions successfully.

For this alchemy's test, the score from this test would be used to determine how much initial alchemy points would be given to him.

Just like crafting points, this alchemy points would be used to buy the alchemy materials and some recipe in the alchemy hall.

And, Auron had already got a reduced point because of his long time preparing the ingredients. However, Auron would not know that until he received his score later.

After Auron finished grinding all of the herbs, he arranged the herbs around the alchemy pot that would be used for the second stage. Soon, he would go into the second stage of alchemy.

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