Tales of Magic Swordsman
367 Second Match 1
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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367 Second Match 1

A bright new day had come. Today was the time for Auron's second match to be held. Auron was walking to the arena for the second match. There was still one more hour before the match started but he had come here already.

When Auron came there were already some people waiting. They were the referee as well as some spectators that wanted to see the upcoming match.

The spectators saw Auron came. From Auron, they could see some seriousness in his face. All of them had one thought that this man was really serious about his upcoming match. Their anticipation for Auron grew.

However, contrary to everyone's expectations, Auron indeed looked serious, but it was because he had a serious concern deep inside his mind. A piece of shocking news came to him yesterday when he was updating his opponent's information.

On the day when Auron was applying for the promotion test, he had seen this opponent's information. From that information, he felt that this was the opponent that he could fight and put this opponent on his fight list. Then, his fight invitation was accepted.

Auron thought that everything went normal. However, because of his hard-fought battle on the first day, Auron decided to update his information about this current enemy. And, what he found was shocking.

Two hours before Auron was challenging the opponent, Auron's opponent just had come back from a mission. And, Auron's opponent's contribution to that mission was overwhelming good. That was why, yesterday when Auron was fighting against his first opponent, the one, who was going to be Auron's opponent today, claimed his mission's rewards.

Since Auron's opponent's contribution was great, he received numerous contribution points as well as a piece of an epic grade armor. Moreover, after he knew that he was challenged by Auron, he spent all of his contribution points and upgrade some of his equipment.

Today, Auron's opponent was a swordsman. Auron had picked him because he already saw the opponent's skill and equipment. The opponent's fighting skill was slightly above average. Meanwhile, his equipment was very ordinary. Of course, he still had his level advantages over Auron. However, Auron believed level advantages didn't really mean much for him because of his attributes point.

And then, the news about him getting a piece of epic grade armor came. Auron's opponent also upgraded two pieces of his equipment.

Previously from the 8 names on Auron's fight list, today's opponent should be ranked number 3 from the bottom. However, due to the change in equipment, Auron knew that this ranking was not valid anymore. He felt that the opponent had soared to the number three or two. It was even possible that today's opponent became the number 1 from Auron's fight list.

It was such a misfortune for Auron. However, he could also not complained nor canceled his match. He had to fight to the bitter end. That was why he looked very serious today.

Auron could only rely on his fighting experience and his attributes and combination of his spells. Actually, there was one fortunate thing that Auron didn't know, his opponent had underestimated him.

Yesterday, when Auron's opponent had the chance to observe Auron's opponent he didn't take it. Moreover, he also didn't do what the Auron's first opponent did, researching about Auron's information. Yesterday, after claiming the rewards and upgrading his equipment, Auron's opponent went to party with his friends until night. However, since Auron didn't know about this piece of information, he was gloomy.

Auron chose to sit at one corner of the place waiting for his opponent while calming his mind. His mind had been shaken by the news that he had trouble sleeping last night. Auron closed his eyes and ignored the spectators who scanned him.

There were many spectators today that came to this match. All of them had different goals to come here. Some of them were curious about the match where someone tried to jump level like what Auron did. Actually what Auron did was not that rare however it was also not that often. However, combined with Auron's short time in the military, this news pique their curiosity.

There were also some of the spectators that had the intention to recruit Auron if he was proved to be capable. There were some sergeants and lieutenants that came here. Starting from the sergeant level, one could have the privilege to choose their own subordinate. That was why there was a saying inside the military that your journey had just begin only when you reach the sergeant rank.

If Auron could win this second match, he surely would get a lot of invitation from this various group. However, if he lost then it would depend on his performance. If Auron's performance could grab their attention, then they would still keep monitoring Auron. They could even provide Auron with some help. On the other hand, if Auron's performance was average, he would be quickly forgotten.

Time was ticking by. As it was close to the match time, the spectators' number started to increase. There were even some private that wanted to join today's entertainment.

Then, suddenly, a cheering came from the other side of the arena. Auron opened his eyes and looked at the commotion. His opponent's today had come.

One thing that immediately caught Auron's attention was the sparkling epic grade armor that his opponent wore. With a purple light coming out from it, the armor was eye-catching.

Auron stood up from his place and went forward to the arena. Then, his opponent and the referee also went up to the arena.

Auron's opponent scanned Auron from top to bottom. He wanted to see where was his opponent's source of confidence came from.

The level was low compared to him. So, it must come from the slightly above average set of armor. The opponent smiled mockingly. If it was two days ago, this set of armor would make him frowned or go serious. However, right now, his equipment was better.

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