Tales of Magic Swordsman
370 Second Match 4
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Tales of Magic Swordsman
Author :GreatArk
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370 Second Match 4

Auron was lost in strength from the last encounter. However, he did not lose that miserable. He still retained his balance and not fall down from the clash.

Auron looked at his enemy who was still chasing him. His opponent's sword was already shrouded with a purple aura. He bashed his sword at Auron.

Jumped... Auron jumped backward to avoid the sword. Then, he chanted a [Fire Lance]. As the fight had already progressed to become like this, he didn't have to reserve his power anymore.

The [Fire Lance] flew fast to the enemy. This [Fire Lance] was easy to dodge. With a slight step to the left, Auron's opponent could dodge it. However, what happened was different. The enemy took the step a second late. So, he could not dodge the spell completely.

Deep inside, Auron smiled. It was just like what he had thought. The enemy's reaction to a spell was late. However, to be 100% sure, Auron thought that it would be better for him to try twice or three more times.

Actually, Auron didn't have to try anymore. The enemy really could not deduce when the spell formed. It actually happened because of the way the enemy fought all this time.

Auron's current enemy was a group player. So, his enemy was not used to fight in a one on one duel like this. Moreover, when he was fighting in a group, there would always a cleric for support. He would be the most prioritized for the heal.

Combined with the fact that Auron's opponent's highest attribute was vitality. He didn't even bother to dodge a harmless attack. This made his fighting sense rather dull compared to an agility type swordsman.

Auron's opponent moved a second late. Because of that, the enemy's hand grazed by the [Fire Lance] and got a burned scar.

But, it didn't stop Auron's opponent from attacking. Using the other hand, he used [Bash]. Auron raised his dagger and received the attack.

Bang... It was heavy. Auron's straight arm bent a bit. His knee also bent because of the impact. Auron gritted his teeth. His arm almost numb because of blocking this attack.

Seeing his attack was blocked, Auron's opponent threw a punch using his burned hand. He aimed at Auron's unguarded stomach.

Auron turned his body to dodge the blow. The punch missed the target. Auron chanted and released an [Earth Spike] from the enemy's back.

An [Earth Spike] showed from behind the enemy and attack the enemy's back. Auron's opponent was caught unguarded by the [Earth Spike].

The [Earth Spike] could not produce high damage but it pushed the enemy's body forward. Auron's opponent limped forward because of the impact. 

Auron already ready. He slashed his dagger in front of him. The enemy's chest was left open. And, because his balance was off, he could not block the attack.

Using this moment, Auron didn't let the opponent regained back the upper hand. After the slash, he followed up with a punch to the opponent's face.

Then, Auron chanted another spell, [Flame Pillar]. He chanted it below the opponent's location. Before he threw the [Flame Pillar], Auron jumped backward to avoid the [Flame Pillar] damaging himself.

A flame burst out from below the opponent's location. The opponent screamed out in pain. But, Auron didn't leave the opponent just like that. From far away, Auron used another flame spell, [Fire Bolt].

Auron's opponent gritted his teeth in pain. Despite the fact that the damage was low, he could not hold the intense pain from being burned. Fortunately for the enemy, there was no burn effect. So, after the flame burst out, it quickly dissipates and gone.

Auron already charged once more behind the flying [Fire Bolt]. Although Auron was currently used his mage character, but both of his character shared the same attribute. His swordsman was inclined more to the strength and agility type like his previous swordsman character. That was why, Auron's mage also as agile as his swordsman.

The speed Auron showed was much faster than before when he was acting out. The opponent already knew this when he realized that Auron was acting out. However, he never thought that it would be this fast.

"A weird mage." This was what popped out inside the opponent's mind.

A mage with such speed was never heard before. With Auron's level, there would be two way, Auron invested all of his attributes to agility or he used equipment with movement speed buff.

However, for the first thing, it should not be the case. Because his magic damage and strength also quite high. He could only achieve this if he had spent a lot of money to buy attributes book, so he would have a lot of attribute points.

But, looking at Auron's equipment, it was not possible to think that Auron had that lot of money. Since if that was the case, then why would he not upgrade his equipment either. Hence, only one sentence that could describe Auron, a weird mage.

This also showed up in everyone's mind. Not only the spectator but the referee as well. Actually the previous referee had warned the today's referee to pay a special attention to Auron. However, the today's referee didn't heed that warning a lot. But, now, after he saw all of this, he changed his mind. 

Auron didn't let the opponent regained the upper hand back. Even though, his damage was low, he kept on dealing the damage while carefully dodging or blocking the enemy's attack.

This went on for about another 10 minutes. Auron's opponent's health only had been reduced by 20% from this long fight.

However, during those 10 minutes, Auron's opponent was helpless. He could not damage Auron at all.

In the end, Auron's opponent who was cornered by Auron jumped out of the arena even though he still had a lot of health left. Yes, Auron's opponent had given up. Seeing this, the referee only could announce the end of the match and the winner, Auron.

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